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Monday, April 20, 2020

Is the Lock-down a Trial run?

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Is the Lock-down a Trial run?

Our readers may recall that I predicted in January that Dems would seek other ways to bring Trump down after the failed impeachment AND I suggested they’d look into the big vulnerable spot-our economy.  Guess I was right again.  Notice how the ‘lockdown’ doesn’t affect the salaries of politicians or bureaucrats.

Some have suggested that national lock-down is in reality a trial run to see how Americans respond to having their liberties crushed…

In the words of Rahm Emanuel, former Chief of Staff to Barack Obama, “never let a good crisis go to waste.”

Emanuel first said this during the 2008/2009 financial crisis… meaning that politicians can use a crisis as an opportunity to push through radical ideas that would otherwise never be accepted.

Late last month, Emanuel uttered the same words on ABC News This Week, admonishing politicians to not let this crisis go to waste either… and use it as a springboard to pass sweeping policy changes while people are too terrified to care.

And at this point in the pandemic it’s pretty clear that plenty of governments are absolutely not letting this crisis go to waste…despite protests by citizens to lift some or all of restrictions in states such as MI, FLA and elsewhere.

As author Robert Heinlein put it: 

“A human being should be able to change a diaper, plan an invasion, butcher a hog, conn a ship, design a building, write a sonnet, balance accounts, build a wall, set a bone, comfort the dying, take orders, give orders, cooperate, act alone, solve equations, analyze a new problem, pitch manure, program a computer, cook a tasty meal, fight efficiently, die gallantly. Specialization is for insects.”

Here’s a roundup of what’s happening around the world:

Philippines: “Shoot them dead”

In 2016 the President of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte, was elected on a “tough on crime” platform.

He wanted to bring back hangings for criminals convicted of murder and rape.

After being elected, Duterte said that drug traffickers, drug dealers, and even drug users should be shot dead in the street.

Other government officials insisted Duterte was exaggerating, just using theatrics to get his point across.

But sure enough, thousands of alleged drug dealers and users have been killed since 2016. Some were killed by police, and others by vigilantes.

Now the Philippines, like most of the world, is on lockdown to try to prevent the spread of CoronaVirus.

And in Duterte’s own words, “if there is any trouble” enforcing the lockdown, or people who ignore the rules, police should “shoot them dead.”

Hong Kong: GPS trackers

Hong Kong’s government (which at this point is basically an extension of mainland China) is forcing some people to wear bulky GPS trackers on their wrists.

This is happening at a time when Hong Kong is experiencing its second wave of Covid outbreaks. So the government started requiring new arrivals to strap on a wristband in order to ‘geofence’ people into their quarantine areas.

Once you arrive to your destination (your hotel, apartment, etc.) you have one minute to walk around so that the GPS tracker can map out the perimeter. And if you leave the area, the authorities are immediately alerted.

Violators face up to six months in prison and fines up to USD $3,200.

This is probably going to become the standard in the West, and I’ve been told by a source in Hong Kong that the World Health Organization is trialing these bracelets for release in western countries.

India: Flights and trains suspended, supply chain breaks down

India’s government ordered its population to quarantine last month… and then shut down the country’s primary transportation systems.

The government suspended both domestic flights and train travel, apparently not realizing that millions of people would be stranded and unable to return home to self-quarantine.

Unsurprisingly, the WSJ reported earlier this week that supply chains in India have also started to break down, causing shortages of certain foods.

Singapore: tracking everyone else you meet

Singapore’s government is using bluetooth and GPS data from its citizens mobile phones to map who everyone comes into contact with. They at least have announced that they will publish the source code of the tracking app.

Land of the Free: Ankle bracelets on, medical privacy off

The Commonwealth of Kentucky has begun ordering house-arrest ankle bracelets for some citizens who they deem susceptible to violate curfew.

Massachusetts, Alabama, and Florida have abandoned medical privacy laws, and officials are now informing the police and paramedics which homes have a resident who tested positive for Coronavirus.


Likewise, a worker making $30,000 a year (roughly what you earn on a $14 hourly wage) can expect a combined benefit of $888 a week. That’s the equivalent of $46,176 a year, or half again as much as the worker’s original salary. The minimum weekly benefit for all unemployed workers will be $788.


Former Obama official, Jason Furman, who is now an economist at Harvard, predicts the disruption may be even more severe than that: “We should certainly be prepared for a meaningful level of deliberate suspension of economic activity for the rest of the year.”

Well, it would be nice to know that there’s a good reason for all of this, and of course, everyone wants there to be a good reason, sincerely. Yet the arguments for a prolonged national lockdown are starting to sound strained.





You probably already know that you should be prepping for food shortages, especially during these quarantines and lockdowns (with store shelves empty for so many of us for the first time in YEARS).

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--3. Keep an eye on the sodium content of any of the dehydrated survival foods you buy. Salt content in all our processed foods is really high anyway, but it can be worse in some survival food. Even ramen noodles WITHOUT the flavor packet are very high in salt. If you're sensitive to salt intake, be really careful to ration your food so you don't eat too much sodium at once.

It also helps to have an 
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Trump Looks Forward to Healing Our Economy, Democrats Look Forward to Hurting Trump

Democrats are planning to put together a “9/11-style” commission in an effort to once again drag Pres Trump through the

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Yours for a Socialist-Free America!

Bruce ‘the Poor Man’




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Bill said...

Nothing would surprise me!

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Sadly, too many people are asleep at the wheel...

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More cities/people now protesting lockdowns-I don't blame them.

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