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Monday, April 6, 2020

Is the pandemic a war on your freedom?

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There is a war going on between you... for control of your freedom!

...and the central bankers, the national security state, the police state, and an interlocking web of bureaucratic micro-managers who believe they have the right to rule.

Victory goes to this cabal of controllers when they have one thing from you:

Total dependence. 

Their control grid will break down completely if you’re too independent and too self-sufficient

And one essential area where you can liberate yourself from reliance on their system…

Is food. 

YOU can grow much of your own food. 

I consider it your duty during wartime to plant and harvest as much food on your own as possible.

Much like Victory Gardens back in World War I and II.


The UN has said the world risks a global “looming food crisis” due to disrupted supply chains in the agriculture industry.

In the United States, according to an investigation by The Guardian, “the demand for food aid has increased as much as eightfold in some areas.”

Italy has deployed armed police to supermarkets in order to crack down on looters, rioters, and to “keep the peace.”

Why are officials banning community gardens, seed sales, and closing off the garden sections of big box stores?

Our entire lives have been disrupted. Halted. Brought to a standstill.

Even if this crisis ends tomorrow, it’s going to be catastrophic for the economy… 

Personally, I hope it serves as an incredible wake-up call to those who wish the government would do everything except tuck their kids in at night.

The “great awakening” is this: 

Politicians do not have any grand insight. They are not smarter than you. They do not know better than you on how you should live your life. Not even in a crisis. (On second thought, ESPECIALLY NOT in a crisis.)

In fact, if you’ve been keeping up with your daily LFT episodes (wink, wink), you know more than the busybodies.

Case in point:

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp just learned Thursday (that’s April 2, 2020) that the virus could be spread asymptomatically -- or by people not showing any symptoms.

(We’ve known here since January… catch up, Kemp!)

All the while, we’re seeing this:

Vermont has ordered Walmart and Target to stop selling “non-essential” items in the store…[Our local Walmart has indeed done the same & limited the number of customers allowed in at any given time.  Thankfully, we’ve accumulated seeds & other goods to survive such disruptions of life].

Including the sale of home and garden supplies and seeds. 

Showrooms and garden sections of ALL stores should be closed, officials said, unless there’s a “life-threatening emergency.”

And Vermont’s not alone.

Any state that’s banned “non-essential” items is also becoming keen on lumping garden tools and seeds amongst them.

Maryland, when asked if garden supplies and seeds were considered essential, said “No.”

Meanwhile, across the States, L.A. is shutting down restaurants for selling groceries without a permit.


When restaurants, confronted with the prospect of potential bankruptcy, tried to adapt and serve fresh food…

They were slammed with court orders to shut down.

(According to our fearless leaders, there’s a difference between selling food and... selling food. And you need your proper papers depending.) 

Outdoor farmer’s markets are getting shuttered… despite ZERO evidence to suggest that going inside a store is better than shopping outside.

Ontario has banned all outdoor recreational activities, which includes the tending to community gardens. (Shut them down!)

Millions of plants have been thrown away in the UK after 2,000 garden centers and nurseries were forced to shut down.

Meat packing plants across the United States are being forced to shut down…

Farmers are stuck with their animals, forced to butcher them themselves or try to sell them for whatever they can get.

This is bad.

And the government is making it worse. 

The Line Has Been Crossed

Social distancing and staying home (or out in nature) as much as possible, in the midst of a pandemic, is a good idea.

Using the threat of violence, and the prospect of government guns, to enforce social distancing and shut down the entire economy?

That’s idiotic. 

Businesses and individuals must be allowed to make their own decisions and suffer the consequences of those decisions.

Furthermore, when a government says you can’t grow your own food for your family -- which is just a tip-toe away at this point -- a very clear line is being crossed.

This crisis will pass.

But the scars of it will remain.

How bad it gets, however, depends on whether people prepare their communities for any further shocks. 

Several of my neighbors are looking into chickens… gardens… growing herbs and becoming more self-sufficient.

Fortunately, I’m in a position to help.

And, if you know how to use the Internet, and can make some wise investments today (such as seeds… perhaps before they’re banned in your state)...

You can too.

Six (low-hanging fruit) ideas to get started:

1] DIY chicken coops
2] Grow boxes
3] Porch planters
4] Seed sales
5] Raw goat milk (for pets only!)
6] Eggs
7] Info-products: Innovative urban farming techniques

The side-hustle of the year?

Spread the good word of self-sufficiency.

And build income streams while doing it.

Do good by doing good.

Raise hell; grow a carrot.

[Ed. note: As you can see, there are plenty of things to do in the midst of an economic slowdown. Cowering with your head between your knees isn’t one of them. People still need things. And there are many things people don’t yet know they need. If you want to stay ahead of the curve -- and do good by doing good -- there’s just one book you need to read: Click here to learn how to download it instantly.]


What Can Prepper Groups Do To Support Each Other During Quarantine

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Yours in freedom,

Bruce ‘the Poor Man’


Have you seen some of the videos making the rounds online?

People fighting over rolls of toilet paper... idiots coughing on groceries and getting arrested for terrorism... and, just last weekend, a reader sent me a bizarre video of a guy shooting out another driver's tires at a gas station!

It's getting crazy out there, as civil unrest starts to ramp up

Dr. Skousen, a family physician and retired Air Force colonel has just released a video titled Why All Americans Should Wear a Self-Created Mask.

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Sam said...

One significant key in your post-learn how to support each other; always a good rule during times of crisis. Hell, the media won't do it-too busy trying to tear us apart!

Ron said...

Most of us think so; every time there is a 'crisis' our freedoms get eroded.