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Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Preparing for food shortages

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Not Prepared? That's Bad News...

According to a Trump Administration task force document obtained by Yahoo News, the U.S. could begin to see food shortages.

A major U.S. meat plant was forced to close its doors after officials reported more than 200 cases of covid-19 at the plant.

If food production continues to shut down across the U.S., it could mean empty store shelves and food shortages for many.



The virus is way overblown, not anywhere as dangerous as people think if they looked at the real numbers and not what the media reports.

Most of the world has been jealous that the US has been a superpower for a long time and they have wanted to bring down the US forever.

This is a chance for them to really try to destroy the US.

And to get rid of the dollar as the world’s reserve currency, to go to a one-world currency and make it digital so they can track everything we do.”

That’s certainly an interesting take.

I have talked to a huge amount of people who have done an amazing job of preparing during this time…

Don’t let up.

And don’t rest on your laurels.

As long as America is #1, people will try and disrupt our way of life whether it's a pandemic or grid-down event.

That’s why I never stop preparing. (this DVD should help you with your preps.)


Hyperinflation - Effects and How to Survive It

How to live with inflation


Microbiology + nutrient cycle = thriving healthy plants

Whether you're new to gardening or not, your success is rooted (pardon the pun) in appreciating that to grow healthy plants you first need to grow healthy soil. Perhaps the top soil experts in the world are Paul and Elizabeth Kaiser, owners and operators of Singing Frogs Farm -- world famous for their nature-based yet innovative approach to farming, in which no tilling of any kind is done to the soil. No pesticide/herbicide/fungicide sprays (organic or otherwise) are used. And the only fertilizer used is natural compost. To help direct and inspire your efforts to get your coronavirus garden off to the right start, here's an 8-minute clip of the Kaisers presenting at our last seminar, showing what's possible when you focus on growing good soil.  

Oftentimes, the world’s best medications are not the ones developed in labs, but rather the ones made by Mother Nature. For thousands of years, mankind has relied on various herbs to treat a wide range of conditions.

 While the advent of antibiotics drastically reduced the popularity of these herbal alternatives, they still remain effective to this day and are starting to enjoy more popularity as many diseases have grown resistant to antibiotics.

 1. Oregano – or more specifically the highly concentrated oil of oregano – is an excellent antibiotic. Its active ingredient, carvacrol, exhibits powerful microbial properties...

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DIY Hand Sanitizer Recipe

 Hand sanitizer is just 60-70% ethanol with moisturizers — so it’s not hard to make your own.

Ingredients Ethanol: The ethanol you want to use is 95% non-denatured ethanol (this has toxic additives to prevent drinking and will have a health hazard logo on the container). or Isopropanol: You can substitute 99-100% isopropanol (rubbing alcohol) for ethanol as it is just as effective as a disinfectant — it simply takes longer to evaporate. plus Aloe vera gel: This is an ideal moisturizer and many home recipes suggest it (but it can be hard to find). or Glycerol: This also works as a moisturizer and is a common ingredient in makeup.

Lin Lab Recipe -Mix two parts 95% non-denatured ethanol or 99-100% isopropanol with 1 part 90-100% glycerol or Aloe vera gel.



Non-stop news about the Cova10 virus from every single media sources is driving our family nuts-It’s 24/7 of negativity.  We finally turned off TV news & either plug in a DVD or play smooth jazz on our stereo and grab a good book!

Why RIGHT NOW is the time to focus on your emergency food supplies.

Floods, snow, Coronavirus-related shutdowns, lack of field and processing workers, collapse in commercial demand – you name it, the American farm industry has been kicked in the nuts this year and doesn’t see a way out anytime soon.

Pandemic Is but One of America’s Security Concerns

Victor Davis Hanson // National Review The world was a dangerous place before — and will be after — the coronavirus pandemic. While Americans debate the proper ongoing response to the virus and argue over the infection’s origins, nature, and trajectory, they may have tuned out other, often just as scary, news. Many Americans are irate at China for its dishonest and lethal suppression of knowledge about the viral outbreak. But they may forget that China has other huge problems, too. Its overseas brand is tarnished. Importers can never again be sure of the safety or reliability of Chinese exports. They will know only that their producer is a serial falsifier that is capable of anything to ensure power and profits. Read the full article





Federal and State Agencies Advise
You Get Emergency Radio!

Staying informed could be a matter of life and death


Yours in Freedom,

Bruce ‘the PoorMan’



Priorities USA Action -

Sleazy Socialist Priorities USA, also formed in 2011, is the super PAC’s affiliated 501 (c) (4) nonprofit organization, which could raise unlimited amounts of money without disclosing its donors. The group also has a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit called Priorities USA Foundation.


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A Smoking Frog Feature, Shallow Planet Production



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Good stuff-by the way, tour radio arrived-thanks!

Mike said...

tYSON Foods ran a full page ad announcing such shortages...our local Kroger limited the amt of meat one can buy. Scary & we're thankful to have learned so much about stockpiling from you over the years.