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Wednesday, April 21, 2021

How to survive coming bank collapse


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How to survive coming bank collapse

You've seen the beginning already, even if you don't know you have.

As banks run out of money to lend, or will not lend what they are "given" by the Fed, businesses are unable to restock and consumers can no longer buy products. With no products moving, companies are forced to lay off employees, shrinking the pool of consumers even further. The spiral grows tighter and faster.

So governments begin to infuse money into the system, creating debt. As governments go further into debt it restricts more and more of the individual's freedoms and takes more and more from his or her pockets.

What if no businesses are allowed to operate? Well, the result is the same, as we have seen. Federal debt is a world-class delusion. A better description of U.S. so-called federal or national debt is Ponzi. The pretended debt and the pretended interest on the debt are only extensions of the paper regime. The service on the debt is now around $500 billion a year. Yes, our federal "budget" now begins at half a trillion a year, minimum.

If we could bring back the alchemists of old who dreamed of the magic of turning quicksilver into gold they would be ecstatic. Yet the American system is far advanced from alchemy. It turns non-substance into substance by exchanging fiat (pretended money) into nationalizing (stealing) the wealth of the U.S. and the world under the pretense of "stimulus."

Yes, dear reader, you are correct if you sussed out that the term used to be "bailout," but that was far too accurate, and the propagandists can't have that, so they turned it into the seemingly positive and beneficial word "stimulus," but it is the same farce.

Never in history have so many been so deceived about the monetary illusion in modern-day America. It's all so simple, folks. Stimulus is debt, and debt is only a cover term for Ponzi. There has never at any time since the beginning of the Federal Reserve System in 1913 been any intention to pay anybody anything of substance.

Gold in hand and in the ground will be the only thing of substance left after the paper money empire collapses.

It is very easy for most people to get confused about long-term value (gold) versus the paper mania that is collapsing in front of our eyes. Before the economic collapse, it seemed that everybody had a manic mentality. This state of mind promotes widespread gambling, and the false euphoria causes a lapse in a sense of history of how the human condition always reverts to the mean. Only a few people can see the need to turn some of their paper money (non-substance) into gold (substance.) Such "foolishness" never enters the popular mind. In fact, the media is always opposed to owning physical gold. Can you guess why?

All opposition to the system based on spurious issues

Remember that the public media is controlled and all "opposition" to the system is controlled.

Opposition on or of fictitious issues promotes the government system. We are still trying to understand America in terms of capitalism and free enterprise when, in fact, America is now a corporatist country with a pretty face called democracy.

Who enforces those "progressive" mandates demanded by The New World Order when constitutional laws can't be passed? Who forces Major League Baseball to pull their All Star Game out of Georgia for passing "voting laws" when baseball still happily does business with supposed Communist enemies Cuba and China?

Corporations do the woke bidding of the powers-that-shouldn't be, because they control the sweet fiat money being spread around. Why do you think so much "stimulus" goes to corporations and so little to citizens? Follow the money, always.

Listen, my friend: All fiat systems in history have been socialist states, no matter the national pretense, as in democracy. All socialist states in history have a history of suppressing their own people. And all socialist fiat money States/countries transfer wealth and production to the State without payment.

Of course, as in America today, this transfer takes place via the depreciation of paper money. The owner of the money printing press owns and controls all wealth and production. President James A. Garfield said: "Whoever controls the volume of money in any country is absolute master of all industry and commerce." This is not Bloomberg News. It is the quiet understanding of reality among those who want the truth, no matter what it is.

Wealth preservation

Currency depreciation robs retirement pensions and all savings, but most people don't notice because it occurs gradually up to the latter stages. Then it is too late.

Only those very few people who began to exchange their paper money for gold are able to preserve their wealth.

The government has an ongoing unofficial policy of suppressing the gold price simply because the authorities don't want the people's attention drawn to the depreciating currency. We are now in the latter stages where official statistics are manipulated in order to control the general perception of reality. The rising number of gambling casinos is proof that, although our official statistics are manipulated in favor of depreciating currency, the general population senses the depreciation and uncertainty of the paper money regime.

What happens now?

A new period of economic incubation begins.

This will avail us of some quiet time before hyperinflation begins. Hyperinflation comes out of deflation.

Buy gold and silver if you can find them. It is becoming increasingly difficult to find around the world. As the commodity exchange breaks down and the futures market collapses, the prices will skyrocket.

Gold American Eagles, Canadian Maple Leafs, African Krugerrands and Australian Kangaroos, because they are stamped in English with their weight and gold content clearly marked, are the preferred forms of gold.

Buy some in the small sizes: ½ oz., ¼ oz. and 1/10 oz. For silver, buy pre-1965 U.S. silver coins. These are still legal tender — though their silver content makes them more valuable than their face value — so they can help you through the early stages of the switch to the gold standard.

Stock news

We also still believe in silver and gold stocks even though some are off the bargaining table (I recommended PAAS and SSRM in a 2015 issue of my monthly The Bob Livingston Letter® (subscribe here and get access to the entire catalogue online) at around $6.50 each. PAAS is now $33 and SSRM is at $15). Be willing to hold, and take possession! This means not in a bank deposit box.

If you are conducting your own research into gold stocks and gold miners, look for companies that are increasing their level of exploration. You should also consider companies that manufacture exploratory equipment.

  • When pessimism is black, the bottom is in.
  • Stocks start up before the economy, another clue.
  • When big-name brokers and banks predict a wipeout, the bottom is in.

And finally, once the mass issue of long-dated bonds is over, they will let the U.S. dollar fall through the floor in order to reflate the economy. Now get this: "They" may even let the price of gold rise substantially in order to force up inflationary expectations.

Sober people always avoid the Ponzi mentality, no matter what the crowd is doing or the circus atmosphere. Is the government insane to drop cash into people's bank accounts? The people really are confused about what the government is doing, but you do not have to be.

Yours for the truth,

Bob Livingston
The Bob Livingston Letter®


The politics of fear have done their job and frightened Americans on a level almost no one alive has seen.

The lapdog media are doing their job, too... every advertisement is a Kumbaya message of "sacrifice everything you have for the 'public good.'

What is NOT trivial is the attempt to spread anti-American ideology into every area of American life…

....and the fact that too many in positions of authority immediately retreat when confronted by political correctness and anti-Americanism.

Yes, dear reader... you are not imagining things. They do want you to give over your life to the very government that caused the economic mess we're in.

Shakespeare couldn't have written such a farce!

There are, however, a select few folks who have avoided the circus and escaped to reality…this is why you should keep reading & supporting this newsletter!



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