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Tuesday, April 27, 2021

The Fed, central banks have finally succeeded in unleashing inflation


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The Fed and other central banks have finally succeeded in unleashing inflation.

The Fed and its ilk are trying to downplay this by saying the inflation is “transitory.” But who are you going to believe… your own eyes or the words of a Fed official who is literally paid to say things that downplay systemic risks?

Thanks to bumbling Biden, Year-to-date, the price of copper, gasoline, corn and soybeans are all up double digits.

The last two (corn and soybeans) are the most concerning as the Fed’s own research shows that food inflation is the single best predictor of future inflation.

And unfortunately, things are about to get a whole lot worse…inflation arrives in stages. It’s not as though it enters the financial system and POOF suddenly the cost of everything rises.

Instead, inflation slowly works its way into the financial system in phases.

The first stage occurs in the manufacturing/production segment of the economy when you see producers suddenly paying more for the raw goods they use to produce finished goods.

The second stage of inflation: when the prices of consumer items begin to increase.

We are now entering that phase as the headlines below show.

  • Coca-Cola CEO says company will raise prices to offset higher commodity costs
  • Procter & Gamble to raises prices on baby care, feminine care and adult incontinence products
  • Kimberly-Clark raises prices on Scott toilet paper, diapers in U.S. and Canada
  • Another furniture maker raises prices to cope with rising costs

This is where things start to get nasty. Once you start seeing price hikes appear in the broader, consumer-level economy, inflation has become systemic...

Lyn Alden on Emerging Markets, Gold, Bitcoin, And Inflation

In this special episode, I sit down with Lyn Alden and we get to hear her brilliant insights into financial markets, economic history, long-term cycles, and outlooks on various sectors. You don’t want to miss this one! The opinions expressed by columnists are their own and do not necessarily represent the views of



Over the past year, many Americans have faced empty supermarket shelves and extended power outages for the first time. Supply chain disruptions, limited store hours, and hoarding due to the pandemic have been part of the problem. Severe storms, wildfires, and civil unrest have added to the unwelcome mix.

 As a result, there has been a new focus on the importance of maintaining a survival pantry in your home. But stocking up on long-lasting foods and knowing how to feed your family with only those ingredients are two separate steps.

 In this article, we'll examine 20 main survival pantry staples and explore some of the many meals you can make with them...

 20 Long-Lasting Foods That Can Make Hundreds of Meals

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The merchants of doom filled the minds of children and adults alike with visions of the world burning. Fire. Brimstone.

(I’d be remiss not to mention the strangest twist of fate. We are here yet again, but with science, not the church, warning of impending hellfire and the great beast: Carbon-12. Which is, of course, made up of six electrons, six protons, and six neutrons. 666! Plot twist, indeed!)

HANSON: Systemic Racism is a Scam

Systemic racism is a scam. The Woke left had to invent it because actual institutional racism is long gone. But they need a grievance to use to push their agenda So they invented Systemic racism. Which conveniently is unwritten and invisible so they don’t have to prove it exists. I debunked this part of the ...





Stockpiling enough food to keep you and your family alive for a long time can be very challenging. Think about it: However much you spend on your weekly shopping trip is how much a week's worth of emergency food could cost. And that's just one week.

 There's a reason certain foods have remained so popular among preppers and survivalists. Rice and beans, for example. They have a long shelf-life, they're filling, and they're good for you. These foods will always make the cut, while others are best reserved for softer times. (Sorry, salad lovers.)

 In this article, we're going to take a look at the fifteen most popular survival foods and talk about why they're so popular. If you're preparing for a disaster, consider getting every one of these...

 15 Most Popular Survival Foods

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Woke’ Sports See Viewership Dying

You weren’t imagining the far-Left takeover of sports in the second half of 2020, and many fans were fed up enough that they watched fewer games, or stopped watching the bread and circus entirely. reports that because of aggressive woke messaging, 34.5 percent of viewers watched less sports since the post-casedemic restart of pro and college leagues. 53 percent of Republicans said they watched sports less once social justice messaging became prominent. 19 percent of Democrats said the same thing, and nearly 40 percent of Independents chose to watch sports less for the same reason.

Athletes told Democrats they had it right; athletes told Republicans they were racist. The NBA players and many NFL players let Republicans and Libertarians know they were not wanted. The NBA lost over half of its audience in the NBA Finals alone and has not recovered.



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How to Build and Stock a Pantry

Design, build and fill a pantry that will provide your family with enough food to get through an emergency, a snowstorm, or just day-to-day life.


Compliments of: The PoorManSurvival team!AgMpmQI6plfXiBqUHg-8SkA59L8f?e=YJZavA


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What are some items that you think you should start hoarding for a major, cataclysmic disaster? Water? Absolutely. Food? Also absolutely. Ammo? For sure. First aid equipment? Definitely. Gasoline? Yep.

 The list goes on. All of those things are incredibly valuable items to hoard for survival, and you can probably think of about ten or twenty other types of survival supplies as well.

 That being said, there are countless ordinary items--things people use every day--that are relatively cheap and can be used for survival. The wisest among us are already stockpiling them...

 18 Things Everyone Should Start Hoarding

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"The Constitution and
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Pat said...

You've been spot on in predicting inflationary spikes under Biden...mainstream media continue their propaganda as to how wonderful life is & how happy idiot leftist voters are under this crook.

Mike said...

If anyone thinks that the United States is heading in the right direction you are not thinking straight. Evidence of our advanced state of decline is all around us, and yet we continue to embrace our self-destructive ways.