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Wednesday, August 25, 2021



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There is a basic question that haunts the pages of history, one that is never addressed in a satisfactory manner. Many schools of thought on why & how tyranny rises in any society & all miss the mark, primarily because they allow their biases to blind them to aspects of power…

   Schools and media are some of the worst elements which have corrupted the American culture and actively fostered the growth of Marxism in America. The election of Biden has become a new force in the focus to erode our 1st and 2nd Amendments, further eroding our purchasing power with the highest rate of inflation we’ve seen since Carter was in office, further erosion of our education, erosion of America’s world standing with the botched pullout of Afghanistan, stopped our energy independence and encouraged the invasion of our southern border; allowing Covid to spread.

Marxists [or socialists, communists, democrats, et al] have been a nightmare throughout history, adversely affecting every nation they infect such as N Korea, China, Cuba, Venezuela, etc.

As history has shown, the forces of such evil always promote themselves with vulnerable children – infiltrating schools, rewriting text books with their propaganda or sanitized history.  We see the same starting here with Marxist CRT theory and 1619 Project which rewrites our history and encourages kids to hate each other, ignoring the creed of ‘character, not color.’

The Woking Dead are closing in...

Pursuing you...

Viciously attempting to infect you with the virus which has consumed their minds and bodies...


According to a segment of Tucker Carlson  [aired 8/2]. Toddlers [in a memo/training brochure from ‘woke’ Bank of America] toddlers are now considered to be white supremacists in the making!

Children are especially vulnerable to indoctrination as history will attest to under despots like Lenin, Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Mao, Castro, etc.

Moronic Democrats [VP Harris] blame climate change for everything ranging from our border crisis to the Taliban takeover…to no more Christmas to the Vietnamese in a speech this eek in that nation.

As we’ve seen over the past decades, Dems and their media cohorts are extreme in their efforts to lie and twist the truth; something Biden has been adept at for decades.

These Marxists have set race relations back 70 years and foster nothing but hate via BLM, Hollywood, media, antifa, leftist political pundits and writers.


Too much of Hollywoke is mired in commie crap…

Arnold Schwarzenegger's rant against anti-maskers has cost the star at least one corporate sponsor at his upcoming bodybuilding competition in Columbus, OH. 

The "Terminator" star and former governor of California addressed the severity of the pandemic during an interview with CNN earlier this month, calling Americans who are opposed to wearing face masks "schmucks." He added, "Screw your freedom."


Biden has surrounded himself with socialists and incompetents versus people of character, rich experience or vision. The left knows it can use force, intimidation [as we see with the Covid challenge] and media to subdue most citizens [aided in many instances by civil authorities such as New York City mayor deBlasio].

Veterans-you fought to protect America & our rights. Don’t let Dem-Socialists –Marxists destroy them!

We should add a National BAN Marxism Day to the 4th of July!



The Left has adopted the usual communist tactic of ‘divide and conquer’ to disrupt America. This method has been favored by Nazis and communists throughout history.

·         Get involved with your local school board/PTA to ensure Critical Race Theory or the 1619 Project isn’t being taught; get involved with teaching your kids about our nation.

·         Get involved with local politics to stop Leftist doctrines from being implemented or, in some cases, stop ‘defunding of police’ actions.

·         Learn and practice the art of bartering; stockpile goods which are often used in such trade [ammo, tools, food, chocolate, liquor, OTC medicines, etc.] Keep a stockpile of cash handy while reducing your need for a bank.

·         Either outright SHUN or refuse to do business with Marxists.

·         Actively berate, protest, write letters to local newspapers when Leftist policies in your area start.

·         Promote and practice conservative values, the Bill of Rights and our Constitution

·         File lawsuits when/where needed against unlawful actions of the Left.

·         Where applicable, file complaints against Leftist actions with the state authorities.

·         Apply non-violent civil disobedience actions if needed.

·         Start local groups to develop self reliance, self help methods against the Left.

·         Train and/or homeschool kids about what it means to be an American*

·         CONTACT YOUR FED REP TO file articles of impeachment against incompetent, serial lying Biden?  As he’s shown by our border FIASCO & the botched pull out in Afghanistan, he’s not qualified to be in office.  Stand up for America and dump him & Harris.


·         We MUST put an end to this unholy alliance between big government, and Big Tech – it is the greatest threat to our Freedom and Liberty!

·        Try , Gab and Caucus as alternatives to twitter and facebook



*American Patriots Go Toe-to-Toe with School Board, Health Department, and Police Over Illegal Actions

A group of conservative parents and patriots have banded together to take on their local school board, and it looks like they’re going to have to take on the police who defend them as well

We need to wage a ‘public shame’ campaign against cancel culture and the Leftists…stop supporting churches which bring in illegal aliens and so-called sanctuary cities which harbor criminals [and the cartels and gangs which exploit them and citizens.

Class action suits can be effective tools…Socialist NY mayor deBlasio ranks as one the worst politicians in this nation.

NY Businesses Ban Together to SUE Mayor de Blasio over COVID Requirements

Boycott leftist corporations like Amex, Levis, Nike, Amazon*, Coke…

*China uses Amazon to destroy Democracy.  The foundations of free enterprise are being undermined-42% of its top sellers are from China and they underprice their goods in order to crush US businesses.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is an existential threat to America –– and every other nation that stands for democracy, freedom, and human rights.






A student group at Stanford Law School has put together a guide for "incoming progressive/radical students" who are trying to reconcile their matriculation with their "anti-racist, anti-capitalist" beliefs.

The guide, which was produced by the Stanford National Lawyers Guild, went out to all first-year students via a listserv on Aug. 19. It warns members of the incoming class that "you may find yourself feeling outraged at the blatant racism/homophobia/xenophobia, etc. perpetuated by the law," and offers tips for working through that outrage. Those tips include skipping readings when they interfere with "self-care," joining activist groups working to abolish the police, and "learning how not to give a fuck."

The guide emphasizes that there are silver linings to attending an elite law school like Stanford, even as it upholds "the patriarchal racial colonial capitalism that crushes people and planet." Although there aren’t many "legal jobs that will pay you to undermine capitalism," the guide concedes, "there are a few, and [Stanford Law School] grads have disproportionate access to them."

People are buzzing about the Wall Street Journal report that Amazon is going to build department stores (remember them?). Gizmodo takes a dark take on the news in an article titled, "Amazon's Expansion Into Department Stores Is All About Surveillance: It would take the company from being a business that only tracks you most of the time into one that's virtually inescapable."

It envisions Amazon collecting shoppers' browsing and buying habits in the real world similar to the data it collects in the online world - "Amazon knows the aisles you're browsing, the items you're picking up from a shelf, and whether your buys were influenced by an ad you saw on Amazon's site. It knows how often you shop for groceries, whether you're a vegetarian, and if you might be running low on eggs this week,..." 

Convenient, or creepy? Sounds pretty much like both

“Joe Biden Is Not Capable Of Running The Country – Joe Biden Is Senile” Tucker Carlson


Spread This: January 6 Fact Check Kills Left's Favorite Talking Point

VIDEO:  Biden’s Continuing failure for America [worse than most realize]



Takes you to the world famous Gunsite Training Center


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Pat said...

We need liberty-not socialism-period!

Maria said...

It's easy to forget that Joe Biden has only been president for seven months. The Biden era is such a whirlwind of cruelty it can be hard to keep track. The unfolding human rights disaster in Afghanistan is merely one of several catastrophes to arise in the month of August alone.

Ray said...

Demo-RATS are the real racist jerks-look at the cities they ruin, look at the border they're screwed up; look at our vanishing energy independence, look at Afghanistan, look at inflation-you're right-WE NEED TO FIGHT BACK!

Poor Man Survivor said...

I truly think most Americans either don't care or are too stupid to see what's going on and/or too lazy to take action.

Trish said...

Mongo says too many have head in sand...

Angie said...

Leftist policies are succeeding at making our kids/public dumber; eroding freedoms, inlating prices and allowing for invasion of illegals-who doesn't love that fool Biden?

Lisa said...

This week, the House passed Bernie Sanders' $3.5 TRILLION budget resolution, which takes our country down the dangerous path to Socialism.

Hidden inside this disastrous package is amnesty for millions of illegal aliens, the Green New Deal and expanded welfare.

Nancy Pelosi called the House back from our district work period just to pass this Socialist wishlist.

Gabby said...

We're a sitting duck against domestic communists & Red China-too few are paying attention.

Eva said...

America needs more AWAKE patriots like you!