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Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Polls Show We Are Going To Need Much Bigger Doses Of “Hopium”


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3 New Polls Show That They Are Going To Need To Cart Out Much Bigger Doses Of “Hopium”


The news every day confirms my instinct that doom is approaching…Our country is being dragged into socialism, our so-called leader in the White House has lived up to what I predicted [moronic puppet] and the world is sneering at us.


Biden's decision to withdraw American troops from Afghanistan has led to the "disastrous Taliban takeover" we're witnessing.  A "more judicious approach" was in order...Is this really the type of fearful, defeatist message a global leader should be sending out to the world?

>>Twitter is allowing the Taliban – a heinous terrorist organization with no respect for individual rights – to tweet freely…


… all while censoring conservatives who ask questions about election fraud or vaccines.


Think about it – President Trump is STILL banned from Twitter, but TERRORISTS are being allowed to coordinate and spread false propaganda completely unchecked.


Taliban Leaders Used Twitter and WhatsApp to Help Capture Kabul


White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan is at the center of yet another U.S. foreign policy disaster. During the Obama administration, in his role as a top aide to former secretary of state Hillary Clinton and then-vice president Joe Biden, the highly credentialed wunderkind presided over some of the most humiliating failures in the history of American foreign policy. [READ MORE]

Poll: Nearly 70 Percent of Americans Disapprove of Biden’s Handling of Afghanistan

The False Spectre of ‘Domestic Terrorism Threats’ Is Nothing More Than a Government Plot to Control and Incarcerate All Dissenters


Americans are increasingly angry with Biden...

And at this point, the best activism for me, personally, is to focus on positive things – like expanding my homestead and increasing wealth through meaningful pursuits and using that abundance to influence liberty around me.


The mood of the nation has dramatically changed.  Survey after survey has shown that Americans are much less optimistic than they were during the first half of 2021, and that could have enormous implications for the economy as we roll through the second half of this calendar year.  When consumers are pessimistic about the future, they tend to hold on to their money more tightly, and they also tend to allocate money to different priorities.

  Earlier this year, so many pundits were telling us that a new golden era of prosperity was ahead because the worst of the pandemic was behind us and Joe Biden was now in the White House.  But now the Delta variant is causing another wave of mass panic, and an increasing number of Americans are losing faith in the Biden administration.  Needless to say, the honeymoon is over, and Americans are not pleased with what they see as they peer into a very bleak future.

Let me start by discussing the Gallup survey that just came out.  In June, Americans overwhelmingly thought that the worst of the pandemic was in the past, but now the numbers have completely changed

In a dramatic shift from last month, more Americans now say the coronavirus situation in the U.S. is getting worse (45%) rather than better (40%). In June, a record 89% said the situation was getting better, while only 3% said it was getting worse.


Part of being a resourceful prepper means finding small yet common items that we take for granted in our daily lives and learning how to use them a survival situation, hopefully in multiple ways. Zip ties are a prime example of such an item. Like duct tape, their survival and non-survival uses are practically endless.

Also known as cable ties, zip ties are cheap and made out of plastic. Nonetheless, they belong just as much in your bug out bag or camping gear as they do in your kitchen or garage.

In fact, as long as you are armed with the knowledge of what they can provide you, zip ties can be among the most valuable items that you could ask for in a survival or prepping situation. They’re also incredibly cheap and take up preciously little space even in bulk, further adding to their overall value...

24 Survival Uses For Zip Ties


When you hear the words “survival foods,” you may think in terms of canned goods and other non-perishables that we can purchase and stockpile for an emergency. However, even the best planned and managed pantry will run out of food eventually.

That’s why it’s essential to consider growing your own survival foods in your home garden. While all home-grown fruits and vegetables offer health and nutrition, there are four main factors that make a crop a good choice for a survival garden rather than a typical home garden. The factors include: ease of growth, ease of storage, nutritional content, and caloric content.

Fortunately, there are many options that fit the bill and will work as a food source no matter whether you have a large space or just a patio or balcony...

21 Best Survival Crops for Preppers





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Stan said...

We're fried unless many more develop a spine...

Cindy said...

After seeing the debacle Biden pulled in Afghanastan & on our border, we need a miracle-at the least, we need to get Dems out of office.