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Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Life in America-After Tyranny is Eradicated



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Life after the state will be good!

Let's face the facts — America is in serious trouble. But you're not going to get the real story on the evening news. What you will hear is that there is "misinformation" out there, which Washington wants you to think is a threat to America.

There is no threat.

"Misinformation" is clearly an excuse to stop communication among people as the system collapses, and the government can't sell its bonds and funnel people into the death care system. It is desperation, but dangerous. It is merely a bogeyman to invoke more control.

The Internet has exposed the crisis, and crisis speeds up events when widely known. A free Internet is plainly a serious threat to government tyranny. All governments turn on their own people in their final days in order to retain power. Those who can't see this or can't believe it had better assume it and protect what they have before it's too late.

Recall that even years after his death, the Roman Senate continued to cry "Hannibal is at the gates," using the peoples' fear of Hannibal exactly as the U.S. government and its lapdog politicians today use the myths of terrorism and misinformation. We are sacrificing liberty because of created, imagined threats.

"The State is god walking on earth."
-George WF Hegel

But Hannibal is not the enemy. The enemy comes from within. The Feds are tracking everything. This is not fear or scare talk. If you have been reading beyond the controlled media, you know very well the seriousness of the situation.

The time is coming very soon when financial assets will not legally be able to leave the United States. The door is fast closing. Something Americans don't understand: There can be no free society once the government has granted itself the power to confiscate property, imprison people under any pretext (or without a pretext) and without charge. This is now true in America.

Is there any good news? Absolutely! But first we have to go through the fire of economic and social upheaval. When will it happen? No one knows, but it could happen at any time.

The U.S. government is currently inflating the currency away. We can expect at least one big, unannounced devaluation until it is done. Devaluation is default. Then there will have to be a new currency. Many people believe it's prepared for a return to a gold standard.

But the old regime that ruined America must go, to be replaced with new statesmen with limited Congressional terms. Now what can we expect in life after the state? In his book Welcome To Life After The State, author Dominic Frisby writes: "As states collapse, now happening, there will be no wars, no taxation, no vast paperwork, no passports, no waste, no debt, no inflation. No wealth and power concentrated in the hands of a few. No needless regulation. The tyranny of the bureaucrats gone. No trade restrictions, customs, duties or other barriers to trade." The following is quoted from pages 230 and 231 of his book:

  • There are fewer taxes, simpler taxes and lower taxes.
  • Without pressure of tax, more businesses thrive, leading to more employment.
  • There is more trade and exchange, leading to greater prosperity.
  • Greater prosperity will lead to more exchange and greater innovation, invention and progress. Amazing things are invented.
  • Not only are we all richer, everything is cheaper.
  • Without the pressure to fund government, people do not have to work so hard if they do not wish. There will be more time for other endeavours.
  • People decide for themselves what they spend their earnings on.
  • Those who work hard are rewarded. Those who don't are not.
  • There is less waste.
  • There are fewer wars. Wars that do happen are of a smaller magnitude.
  • There is no government snooping, no storing of Internet data, no MI5, no CIA, no NSA, no foreign military bases, no interference in the affairs of other countries, no support of dictatorships, no foreign aid, no invasions and occupations, no torture or assassination.
  • Education is no longer standardized and homogenous.
  • You are responsible for the education of your children. You decide what you want them to learn.
  • Healthcare is cheaper and better.
  • Responsible for ourselves, we take better care of ourselves. We are thus healthier.
  • Money, banking and the state separate. Independent currencies compete freely.
  • Government and the economy separate. There are no more bail-outs, subsidies or artificial booms created by government inflation of the money supply in order to get re-elected.
  • Houses are affordable.
  • Official measures, numbers and statistics become honest again as obfuscation is no longer incentivized.
  • Truth, integrity and good conduct follow.
  • There are fewer laws and fewer regulations. Individual responsibility grows, as does a sense of responsibility to the collective.
  • Through being responsible for themselves, communities bond and are more harmonious.
  • The institution of the family gets stronger.
  • The young are not alienated and priced out.
  • The cost of essential services such as health care and education will be in line with what local people earn.
  • There is more character, colour and variety.
  • There are no zombies.
  • The state is not responsible for welfare. Communities, families–people–are. Welfare is, therefore, more effective and cheaper.
  • The decision on whether to help out others is voluntary. There are no more schemes by which government forcibly takes money from people and gives it to others.
  • Sink estates are not built.

There is no more war on drugs and no more laws ruining drug users' lives. As a consequence of these libertarian principles, the way that people think and act is transformed. Societies are motivated and incentivized in an entirely different, natural way. This is mass behavioral change. What could result is the most prosperous, peaceful, harmonious, safe, responsible, caring, compassionate, educated, healthy, innovative, inventive, happy, fulfilled, truthful, honorable and free society in history.

"The liberties of our country, the freedom of our civil constitution, are worth defending against all hazards: And it is our duty to defend them against all attacks."
-Samuel Adams

It's a natural state for humans to long for freedom. The powers-that-shouldn't-be want you to think that the state will grant you and afford you all of the above. But only in life after the state are we truly free.

In the meantime, during this time of economic and social crisis, we will need to be self-sufficient in the extreme, something few Americans understand.

Survival means many things. It means stored food and water, energy for warmth, protection from people who didn't plan, gold and silver coins, barter items, extra fuel for transportation, cash money for two to three months' expenses, soaps, salt, dried foods, cleaning products, paper products and needed medical preparations.

America is a land of plenty and Americans are used to having plenty — plenty of food, plenty of water, plenty of everything. Most of them can't imagine not being able to go to the store to get food of some sort. A preparedness mindset truly takes vision and planning for the future, especially now.

Yours for the truth,

Bob Livingston



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Ron said...

We do need to escape from the Nanny State to a state of self reliance [which also means a 12-step program to rid ourselves of reliance on china for so many goods]

Dan said...

Are their enough real Americans willing to make a stand against the commie regime invasion?

GungHo said...

DC rats are sticking a knife into our collective backs-they're the real domestic terrorists.