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Wednesday, October 13, 2021

The Left is waging a war on Americans



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The Left is waging a war on
Americans through Legislation!

“Socialism only works in two places: Heaven, where they don’t need it, and Hell, where they already have it.”
-President Ronald Reagan

The Left has plunged Americans towards a Great leap into Socialism! A Radical, One-Party Democratic Socialism Infrastructure advancement bill is designed to completely restructure our economy, our culture, and Constitutional Republic; something that American Marxists have been developing at Universities since the 60’s. This bill includes a Mass Amnesty package which explains the southern border invasion!

“This would constitute the greatest leap forward toward socialism of any American president, with Biden’s only rivals being previous record-holders Franklin D. Roosevelt during the 1930s’ New Deal and Lyndon B. Johnson’s Great Society in the 1960s.” - Patrick J. Buchanan, The Neshoba Democrat

Election Integrity is under assault by the Left! They are conspiring to eliminate every reasonable security measure, citing racism to chill any attempts for sensible election integrity reforms! What’s worse, is the Left’s weaponizing of their ‘election reform’ bills to facilitate a ONE-PARTY Takeover

For the People (Freedom to Cheat) Act. The Left wants to ban widely approved voter ID, ban mail-in ballot signature verification, allow voter’s registration for illegal aliens and ineligible voters! 

The John R. Lewis Voting Rights Act is an attempt by the Left to seize control by empowering complete unconstitutional authority to the DOJ and FED over all state election systems! The Left wants to prevent state reforms of their election system including outlawing voter ID and signature verification. 

It’s time to fight like it’s 1776 to preserve our freedoms, our values, and our very way of life, or we could truly fall into the hands of Democratic Socialism (American Marxism) forever!

If we can’t secure elections, our economy, our borders, our thoughts, our values, or our bodies, then we are no longer free. 

It’s going to take ALL OF US to stop the Left’s march towards socialism, including grassroots action and financing!

Brigitte Gabriel 

We are fighting for America's survival. Your generous support today will power our "counter-resistance" and go a long way towards defeating the fascist/socialist radical Left out to destroy our country. Thank you!



Prices are going up, some shelves are still empty, and some things seem to have simply disappeared from stores. Orders for many things are late, many stores are closing, and even critical items like pharmaceuticals and other medicines are delayed. What’s going on?  

Supply and Demand is the endless tug-of-war affecting all products and services related to pricing, availability, quality, and quantity. It’s a delicate balance and whenever demand exceeds supply, there are impacts on the prices and availability of many goods and services.     

A lot of the disruptions in the current availability and price of products can be traced to the COVID 19 pandemic. But in many ways, the price hikes and shortages point to a critical weakness in global manufacturing processes and delivery that go beyond the temporary impacts of a pandemic. It’s all related to the supply chain and some important factors that affect it, and particularly one decision that has emerged as a threat: JIT which stands for "Just In Time," but we’ll get into more of that later...

What If The Global Supply Chain Collapses?

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Our Economy Is Starting To Break Down On A Very Basic Level


This is a long video. But it is an investment in your future, and that of your family. As always, we need to 'follow the money' - and where this leads will shock you. Deeply. I am not a person given to exaggeration but this video surprised an old cynic like me. Find the time, I beg you before they take it down. It is not a sales video - it is a documentary, just made. And you will learn things you half-guessed and now have proved.

But once you know, you know. And we can set about changing things.

The Great Reset - New World Order - call it what you will it's happening!


On January 6th, 2020 Democrats, working in collusion with Big Tech and Big Media deplatformed, silenced and "canceled" a sitting US President.

 It was the most sweeping and abusive use of power ever seen in our lifetimes.

 If they can silence the voice of the US President, what chance do you and your family have?

 Make no mistake about it. America is at war.

A war for the very soul that this country stands for.

The first amendment has just been trampled. While not dead, it's definitely on life support.

And there is only one thing that Democrats hate more than the 1st amendment: THE 2nd AMENDMENT.




The pandemic has caused many potential disaster resources to shut down. Agencies that would have provided relief or buildings that may have acted as hurricane or tornado shelters are no longer open. This means individuals need to be more prepared than ever should a disaster hit their area.

Natural disasters don't wait for a convenient time

And you shouldn't wait to prepare either. In some cases there is little to no warning.

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I’ve purchased a couple of power banks to add to my bug out bags. Do they lose power over time? How often should I check or recharge them?


-From Chris D.


Answer: A quality power bank can hold a charge for up to 6 months.


The thing is, most power banks will slowly lose charge over time depending on the temperature the power bank is stored at.


In addition, lithium-ion, and lithium-polymer batteries used in power banks eventually lose their capacity (typically between 200 up to 1000 cycles depending on the battery cell quality.)


The bigger the battery is, the less cycles you will need to charge it and the longer it will last. But, I would check them every 6 months if I were you.


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Aussie said...

If you Americans aren't careful, you'll wind up as spineless as most Aussies [be ready to defend yourselves against these posers by whatever means possible]

Sara said...

The Biden Justice Department is attacking free speech. Their target? Parents peacefully demonstrating their opposition to Critical Race Theory.

The Left is undermining our country at every level...

They are weaponizing the DOJ against parents who oppose Critical Race Theory. This is completely unacceptable

Lee said...

Make no mistake about it. America is at war.

A war for the very soul that this country stands for.

Manfred said...

It's time for real Americans to kick some butt!

Rusty said...

We need to fight back against commies in this country-call them out, boycott their media & corps, dump their school board rats, etc.