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Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Say NO to CRT in our schools-Free tools



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   Too many schools push Marxist CRT programs onto our children

STOP brainwashing our kids! Fight Marxism – Free Tools

Critical Race Theory is a Marxist ideology that teaches that America is evil and racist. And now, it’s taking over our schools and brainwashing our kids.


 I’ve had enough with Critical Race Theory; it reminds me of Hitler’s third Reich which pushed nonsensical Aryan Race theories.


This [and other Marxist crap] has become the mantra of American Communists…

It indoctrinates kids while to hate America while pitting them against each other and to hate their parents.


CNN, NPR, and others are DESPERATELY trying to defend Critical Race Theory in schools.

They are lying when they claim, "It's only basic diversity training."

Let's review some basic facts of CRT.

  • All critical theories, including CRT, are a neo-Marxist critique of capitalism and free society based on Marxist-Maoism. 
  • CRT advocates admit it's to transform society. 
  • CRT judges all social interactions through a racial lens and in education it places racial guilt on kids by separating them between oppressor and oppressed. 

While several states have banned teaching racial essentialism and collective guilt on kids in education, you can help me empower parents by helping to teach kids about individualism, free markets, and liberty. 


Critical race theory claims that one’s race alone defines them and is their most important characteristic. Furthermore, critical race theory seeks to divide children by race and attempts to make them feel responsible and guilty of atrocities that they did not commit. So far, seven states have taken action to ban the teaching of critical race theory: Florida, Idaho, Iowa, Montana, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Texas.

 In district after district, the evidence clearly shows that all teachers are being trained in and compelled to advance a political agenda in the classroom.

 One teacher shared curriculum from a mandatory training  on “privilege,” including a “privilege pie” that required participants to shade in a percentage of the pie based on their gender, national origin, social class, religious culture, and sexual orientation. 


Dem-Marxists are the real oppressors.

True wisdom & power doesn’t oppress or manipulate; it seeks to enlighten…

We can’t reclaim our schools from activists promoting their harmful ideologies without support from grassroots friends and allies-take a stand against CRT and other Marxist crap from the left.

We should discard CRT w/ the fanfare of a used condom

NOTE:  Help your kids learn about a free America with tools from Gov Mike Huckabee at:



We’ve witnessed the mobilization of government forces against parents protesting the radical, anti-American actions of school boards which are hell bent on fostering Marxist programs including CRT [an indelible stain on civil rights, culture and dignity-Absurd ignorance]…

·        Mask mandates, the 1619 Project, sexually deviant textbooks, etc.

  • Invasion of our southern border-168K illegals entered unvetted in July alone; spreading disease and crime and citizens are again being forced to foot the bill for their housing, food, transport, medical care [and soon to come, welfare burdens].

·         Out of 7,750 protests in 2020 summer associated with BLM and Antifa, 570 turned into violent riots that killed 25 people and caused $1- $2 billion of property damage-Yet our DOJ is AWOL focused instead on the myth of a Jan 6th ‘insurrection.’

·        The thoroughly mismanaged Afghanistan pullout which enabled 13 of our troops [and civilians] to be killed and the loss of $80 billion in military hardware-yet no one in DC/Pentagon has reigned or been fired and not one Democrat member of Congress voiced concern.

·        The decimation of our energy independence and its ensuing supply chain fiasco and inflation which hurts all Americans.

·        The erosion of our military [in favor of beating so-called White Supremacy vs. military readiness against China].

·        DODs trying to screw Navy SEALS who refuse the Covid Vax [even on religious grounds] by threatening them with a forced repayment of their training costs…simply disgusting [no wonder China is beating us].  Help those who fight for oue liberty by fighting for theirs at:

·        Dem Budget Bill Would Slash Border Protection Budget by Half Billion Dollars

In my nearly 70 years I have never witnessed such utter incompetence by so-called elected leaders [and media]. Has one Democrat from MI publicly decried these actions?  Is everyone on board with the destruction of our nation?

I believe most American have soured on machine politicians and bigger [socialist] government.



Defense sec under Obama, Bush admits Trump 'got it right' on China: 'He basically awakened Americans'

Former Defense Secretary Robert Gates, who served in the Cabinets of both Barack Obama and George W. Bush, admitted in a new interview that former President Donald Trump's assessment of China was correct. Conversely, Gates was heavily critical of President Joe Biden's foreign policy competence. What did Gates say about Trump? ... Read more


Eric Greitens: 'Hundreds of ID cards' on Mexican side of border, as Biden opens U.S. 'to terrorists'


GOP state AGs oppose plan giving IRS access to $600 bank accounts to pay for $3.5T spending bill


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In my town we have a Dollar General and a Dollar Tree, so last weekend I went walking around both of them to see how many emergency supplies I could find. I jotted down what I saw and ended up with a list of several dozen items that would be useful during a disaster.

Here are the top 40 survival items you can find in dollar stores. ..

40 Emergency Supplies You Can Find In Dollar Stores

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The thing is, most power banks will slowly lose charge over time depending on the temperature the power bank is stored at.


In addition, lithium-ion, and lithium-polymer batteries used in power banks eventually lose their capacity (typically between 200 up to 1000 cycles depending on the battery cell quality.)


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Free enterprise, limited government, individual freedom!


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William said...

It is truly sick at how many on the left want to destroy this nation; asses like Bloomberg, Zuckerberg, Soros seem to forget America helped them get rich is a beacon to the world they want to tear down.

Carl said...

Our economic infrastructure [& everything else associated w/ Biden] is failing on a massive scale, and officials are openly admitting that things will get even worse in the months ahead.

Emma said...

Insightful and we appreciate the many free reources you include [we'll be checking Huckabee site}

Carol said...

We have a Critical STUPIDITY theory plaguing the misfits on the left-we need to excise the cancer now!

Ricki said...

Condoleezza Rice argues eloquently against Critical Race Theory on 'The View,' and liberals go on the attack

Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice eloquently argued on "The View" against Critical Race Theory being taught in public schools and her critics lashed out on social media over it. Rice made the comments while a guest on the show Wednesday while discussing the role of parents in the curriculum being taught in public schools

Nona said...

CRT [& the Socialist/Marxist/Dems] = FRAUD!