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Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Liberty groups need to take these steps to survive what’s coming



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Liberty groups need to take these steps to survive what’s coming

There are tens of millions of conservative preppers and liberty-minded people in the U.S. today. The expansion of the liberty movement from when I began in 2006 to 2021 has been staggering, and it continues to give me reason for optimism. Fifteen years ago, most of the preparedness information and resources available today did not exist. Right now, a person can access teachers and online guides to every vital step they need to take to protect themselves and their families from crisis, and they can do it in seconds.

However, even with all this information at our fingertips and millions of fellow patriots to share it with, the Liberty Movement continues to suffer from a perpetual weakness. That weakness is a lack of effective organization.

To be fair, every effort has been made by the establishment to frighten conservatives away from organizing. The propaganda is endless. But this only shows us what they really fear, which is decentralized conservative communities working together. The fact remains that we need organization in order to fight back against the storm that is upon us.

Most readers are probably already aware, but time is running out for preparedness. Right now, right in front of our faces, everything the alternative media has warned about for a decade is happening. A stagflationary event is growing out of control and prices of goods and raw materials are rising across the board. Within a year I believe we will be facing at least 50 percent price increases in all necessities, if not more, and wages will not climb fast enough to keep up. For most households, this will be a disaster unless they have a plan in place.

Supply chains are once again struggling and the rumors I am hearing from business owners and freight experts is that by Christmas many retailers will be dealing with empty shelves and will be scrambling for product. Hopefully, these are just rumors, but I plan to be prepared anyway.

Finally, Biden's covid vax mandates are leading to either mass layoffs or mass walkouts by millions of people that refuse to comply. We are seeing this now with airline companies and it's about to get much worse. According to DoD estimates, around 25 percent of the military is refusing to get the vax, and losing this many personnel at one time could be debilitating to U.S. defense. This has to happen in order for conservatives to combat the authoritarian mandates, but we also must recognize that pain is going to be felt as the country divides into two distinct camps:

The people who want to control everyone else. The people that simply want to be free.

Turmoil and crisis are inevitable, but any crisis is manageable if you are prepared for it. Community organization is a key part of that. Many communities have taken steps toward organization already and these actions are commendable. What I want to talk about briefly though are some steps you can take to increase your effectiveness and thereby increase your security.

Something I have seen many times with liberty groups is a tendency to run regular meetings, which is good, but they never seem to take any steps beyond just talking about what they should do. And keep in mind that leadership can only do so much. They can make suggestions for action, but if the community doesn't run with those suggestions and make things happen then the situation will stagnate.

The worst-case scenario is that a disaster or threat appears and your community is caught without contingencies in place and everyone is isolated from everyone else. For example, what if there was a cyberattack on internet cloud providers or the electrical grid tomorrow? What if phones and email and social media are down? How would you communicate with each other and organize?

Would you be able to coordinate, or would each person be stuck at home not knowing how to connect with the others? And, if you are able to connect, do you have a plan to do this securely if you need to so that unwanted parties cannot interfere?

What if the supply chain completely breaks down and stores shut down for days or weeks at a time waiting for sparse shipments? Or, what if there is an attempt by a majority of big box stores in the area to enforce vax passports at the behest of the federal government? Do you have an alternative system in place to trade goods and services with each other? Do you have a barter market structure or a meeting place for trading? This could help greatly in getting items you might need even if the stores are closed, or you are battling COVID restrictions.

Overall, I predict that we have one year give or take a few months before we are facing extreme system breakdown or an aggressive attempt by Biden and his handlers to put boots on the ground to enforce the vax passports. Here are a few steps I suggest taking right now (if you have not already) to prepare for this:

1) Establish a regular comms network: Set up a day and time at least once a week for a dedicated preparedness comms net. Pick a main frequency and a backup frequency. Every person that has a ham license can participate in this, but you should pick at least two people in your group with ham radio experience to run it, and you should make these people your designated comms team. This team needs to follow through with the network project, and if they can't then they should step down and find a replacement.

People who don't have ham licenses should still buy a radio of their own and listen in on the net.

2) Set up comms contacts with other groups in other towns or counties: You might need an HF radio to do this, but there needs to be some kind of contact between groups that are spread across the state in order to share basic intel and just to let each other know that they are not alone.

3) Your radio team should have the ability to send encrypted messages: This can be done with ham radio, a ham modem and a laptop with the right software. I do recommend everyone download an open-source encryption program or a basic encryption software package for text in word documents and emails.

4) Next, you might want to pick a person who can organize a barter market effort: I know that some people prefer to keep their trading discreet, but there needs to be some kind of system in place so that two people can meet up to exchange goods. I suggest a bulletin board that is brought to your meetings that people can post cards to. They can write the items they have to trade or the items they are looking for along with a secure email if they want to remain anonymous. You can also just have a regular barter day. If the internet is down, you would need a physical place to set up secure trading.

5) Finally, I suggest a monthly range day for able-bodied members: This should be mainly for practicing team movement and team tactics or sharing more complex training that is harder to learn at home. Anyone can do basic marksmanship on their own time, but team tactics require the help of others and it's important to get to know the people around you.

I also suggest that training days be managed by a different person each time. This helps prevent people with a little too much ambition from taking too much ownership of the training and it allows each member to share their knowledge.

In the event of a crisis, a command structure for security can be formed, and this will be easier to do because the group will know each other’s abilities. In the American Revolution, militiamen often reserved the right to vote on and pick their officers. I think this is a solid way for modern security groups to establish structure. Security leadership should be kept separate from community leadership. But both should be working together toward the same goals.

I often hear the argument that this level of organization is too difficult and there are just not enough people to accomplish much. But look at it this way... each person at a liberty meeting likely represents a half dozen to a dozen people that don't regularly attend. Each person has friends, family and neighbors that are on the same page as you in terms of principles and ideals. And, even if they are not on the same page, many of them will be as the national situation becomes more and more unstable. As crisis grows, people you know will be coming to you for answers on what to do.

The group efforts you pursue today can act as a kind of skeleton or building frame that others can connect to. If there is no frame, there can be no building when disaster strikes. You need to act as that frame and be ready to lead when the time comes.

If you can do this and enact the steps I've listed, you will have the ability to protect each other, to protect your neighborhood, town and perhaps even your state and beyond. All movements to freedom start in small ways until they become an avalanche. It all starts with those of you reading this article right now and the actions you take from this day forward.

To truth and knowledge,

Brandon Smith



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