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Monday, November 1, 2021

Hyper Inflation in our Horizon



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How A $7611 Monthly Social Security Check Became $1473 And Why Digital Money Won’t Stop This Theft


Just When Social Security Was About To Collapse A Half Million American Retirees Died Prematurely Of COVID-19. That Saves ~$48.5 Billion. Was This All Pre-Planned?


Elitist Bank Of International Settlements Issues Digital Currencies Guide But Doesn’t Instruct How To Correct Ongoing Central Bank Public Robbery.


The game is as old as the Roman Empire.  The Roman Emperor was to be worshiped.  He ruled by executive orders.  Conquer other lands, then issue a new currency, in this case a silver denarius, said to be worth a day’s wages at the time, and force the conquered to pay homage (taxes) and you control and subjugate the people.  Then shave silver off the edges of the silver coins, something called debasement, akin to inflation with modern paper dollars.  Eventually the silver content of a denarius fell to zero.


  Shrewd Roman soldiers reportedly refused to accept debased silver coins as payment for their services.

So readers can roughly assess the rate of inflation over the centuries, the Bible says Jesus fed bread to 5000 which would have cost ~200 denarii or a half-year’s pay at the time. A denarius would be worth ~$2.60 today.  A $1 slider (small hamburger) would cost $5000 or 1,923 denarii to feed those five-thousand today.


Back in the day, a Roman denarius could buy a male slave (500 denarii), a female slave (2,000-6,000 denarii) or an apartment (48-288 denarii/year).

Today, overspending world economies based upon fiat currency (unsecured paper money) have printed themselves out of insolvency at the expense of their tax payers by using inflation (printing more paper and electronic money which dilutes the value of existing money and results in less purchasing power) to keep the ship of state from sinking financially.

As Matthew Piepenburg says: “there’s no better way to get themselves (the central bank) out of a $30T public debt hole of their own digging than by sucker-punching the masses with deliberate inflation to pay off their own debt binge with increasingly inflation-debased dollars.”


A $1437 Social Security check should be $7611!

If you had to increase Social Security checks pegged to the real rate of inflation (not the published rate of inflation), the average $321 Social Security check in 1980 would be $7611 today ( inflation calculator), when in fact the average SS check today is only $1437.

According to the real current rate of inflation is 13%, not the central bank’s target rate of 2%.  You get the picture.  Today’s money is not worth yesterday’s money.


Meanwhile, the price of a 1-ounce gold coin is ~$1800 today when adjusted for inflation from $850 in 1980 to the present, it would be $21,900.  Somebody is manipulating precious metals prices downward so there is no competition for the increasingly worthless paper money.


Hidden erosion of wealth

Na├»ve Americans check their savings account and it has about the same amount of money in it from year to year, interest rates being less than 1%.  Most Americans don’t realize the value of their money is being eroded and doesn’t have the same purchasing power it once did.

The people will never notice that the good money they put into the system was paid back in weak money when taken out decades later.  This is public robbery of the highest order



Economists warn of really high winter fuel prices...

Prep Now for the Coming Winter Challenges


WEF and Their Diabolical Reshaping of the World


Evisceration of America as we knew it

Part I: Evisceration of America as we knew it. One big question perplexing all thinking Americans today: Who’s in charge of the executive branch of government? No one conceivably thinks Joe Biden is calling shots. Kamala Harris – handpicked as successor – must have proven completely unmanageable. Otherwise, why let Sleepy...

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White House Can’t Contain It Any Longer, Twitter CEO Goes Public With ‘Hyperinflation’ Warning

According to Jack Dorsey, hyperinflation will occur in the United States soon. He assures his 6 million Twitter followers that “hyperinflation is going to alter everything.” It’s occurring right now.


Unfortunately, inflation will continue for at least the next 2 years unless something unheard of happens. Biden’s trillions in stimulus money continues to flood the economy, making inflation worse. And the Fed doesn’t plan to raise interest rates until 2023 at the earliest.

Between now and then, inflation will continue to run HOT — possibly even hotter than right now. Which means higher prices at the pump, the grocery store, the dealership — anywhere you normally buy goods and services.

Fortunately, Ben Stein has some suggestions to protect you from Biden’s runaway inflation. He explains it all in his NEW report called “Inflation, Debt & Disaster”.

This report is 100% FREE, and you can 
download it in seconds right here.


Now There's "Skimpflation" -- Getting Less Service


Why the Carbon Hysteria Is a Huge Threat to Your Personal Freedom and Financial Wellbeing


Heating Costs Expected to Skyrocket This Winter

If you live in a region of the country with cold winters, you better be prepared for a much higher bill to heat your home. Natural gas is expected to rise by 30%, heating oil by 54%, propane by 40%, and electricity by 6%


The CEO Of Blackstone Is Warning That “A Real Shortage Of Energy” Will Cause Social Unrest All Over The Planet


Is It Time To Start Talking About Hyperinflation?

Our leaders have been creating, borrowing and spending dollars at a pace that is far beyond anything that we have ever seen before in U.S. history, and yet they would have us believe that the terrible inflation that they have created is just “temporary”.  They must think that we are really stupid or really gullible (or both), because anyone with even a shred of common sense can see that this is going to end badly.

10 Ways to Be Radical and Get Rich

Want to know how to get rich? Stop being average! You will never get ahead financially by doing what the masses do because the masses are broke. Do these radical things instead to improve your chances of financial success



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What type of injury do you think will be most common after the SHTF? There are many good answers, but it really depends on the nature of the disaster. Obviously, earthquakes will lead to injuries from falling objects whereas floods will lead to hypothermia and lacerations.

But there is one type of injury that occurs during any type of disaster, as long as the disaster goes on long enough, and that is gunshot wounds. Without electricity and the rule of law, the true deplorables of society will come out of the woodwork and start taking what isn’t theirs, and that will lead to countless shootouts.

If your plan is to stand your ground and defend your home from intruders, you need to be prepared in case you or someone you care about gets shot. In this video by City Prepping, you’ll learn what medical supplies you need to have on hand and why...

How to Build a Gunshot Wound Kit

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I’ve purchased a couple of power banks to add to my bug out bags. Do they lose power over time? How often should I check or recharge them?


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The thing is, most power banks will slowly lose charge over time depending on the temperature the power bank is stored at.


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The bigger the battery is, the less cycles you will need to charge it and the longer it will last. But, I would check them every 6 months if I were you.


Inflation to Rise Faster Than Previously Projected: OECD

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Marty said...

Devious incompetent WH/Congressional rats are laying waste to the middle class while giving away billions in welfare to illegals; this isn't right.

Darby said...

Everywhere we turn, inflation is hitting us. You did warn us that if Biden got into office that this would happen-we're all paying the price for this jerk & the morons that voted for this garbage.