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Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Cash still king; How Biden helps illegals



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Cash is still king

A few days ago, we took the kids to the pumpkin patch…


They got to go on a hayride and see some animals and, of course, pick out pumpkins.


Like everything else, pumpkins are more expensive this year thanks to inflation.


My kids were choosing the biggest pumpkins they could find, which weighed a ton.


I had to steer them in the right direction to get smaller pumpkins that wouldn’t bankrupt me since I ended up buying 7 of them.


When I got up to the little stand to pay for the pumpkins, they only took cash, which was no problem since I always carry at least $300 in cash on me.


After getting our pumpkins, we went to a little mom and pop restaurant a few miles down the road.


When I was getting ready to pay for the food, I noticed a sign on the register that said, “5% discount if you pay cash.”


Well, I know credit card fees are around 3%, so they’re not just looking to save on credit card fees.


They want you to pay cash so they can avoid paying taxes on it – to each his own. 


Since it costs a decent amount of money to feed my family of 8, I did indeed pay cash.


After that, I had to take a few of my kids to get a haircut and my place only takes cash too.


The truth is, I do use a credit card often and don’t pay cash all the time. 


But, I keep a close eye on what I spend with cash and I always make sure to replenish it so that I have at least $300 on me.


In my house, we have a month’s worth of cash in a fireproof safe for emergency living expenses.


We also have an envelope full of cash that can be used for non-emergencies.


In other words, I used to catch my wife sneaking into the fireproof safe to take cash whenever she needed it.


And since the fireproof safe is money that should never be touched unless it’s a crisis, I got an envelope full of cash that she can raid when she needs it.


I will say that I’m still amazed at how many people never carry cash these days.


Cash is still king and will be for a long time.


I’ve used cash to bribe the police overseas… to bribe someone to let me escape through the backdoor of their business… and to get a stranger to give me a ride during an “important thing.”


So, still carry plenty of cash on you at all times…


For me, this is part of my everyday carry gear including my gun, stiletto knife, tactical pen, etc.


Cash is also a part of my financial bug out bag to be prepared for a serious long-term crisis.


If you don’t have a financial bug out bag yet, it’d probably be worth it to check out below.


>>>Financial Bug Out Bag


Stay safe,


Jason Hanson


Former CIA Officer



Welcome packet reveals concierge travel service for Biden illegals, courtesy of nonprofits

Hotels, free plane tickets, an airport escort and a plea for TSA to skip normal ID check. 

Like travel agents preparing customers for a cruise, nonprofits working with the Biden administration have created detailed itineraries and information packets to help illegal aliens travel to wherever they want to go in the U.S., according to documents obtained by a Texas congressman. 

Often courtesy of American taxpayers struggling to pay their bills during surging inflation, illegals are given free quality hotel rooms, plane tickets and transportation to the airport, travel maps, and instructions to TSA to bypass photo ID requirements, according to the documents shared with Just the News.

The prototype packet, which was provided by a whistleblower to Rep. Lance Gooden (R-Texas), undermines Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas' claim that the southern border is closed. Instead, it highlights an extensive network of nonprofits, corporations and family foundations working together to circumvent immigration laws passed by Congress.


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Yet without power, the water might not be running either. While municipal water treatment plants are required by regulation to have backup generators, we saw how poorly that worked in the February freeze. In Corpus Christi, Texas, they couldn’t get even one of their four backup generators to run, due to the extreme cold.  

Being a society that is highly dependent on our infrastructure, most of us have no idea what to do when that infrastructure goes down. But as we’ve seen in the last few years, even that infrastructure is fragile; it can go down at any time, leaving us without water, power, gas, or even food to eat...

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Swiss Billionaire Bankrolling Dark Money Group Pushing for Biden Climate Initiative

The proposal to legalize marijuana that appeared on the ballot in Michigan in 2018 was no accident.

Billionaire globalist and far-left activist George Soros has openly advocated for placing marijuana legalization proposals on ballots in multiple states where a strong turnout by young voters could swing the elections to the Democrats.


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Mavis said...

Biden & Co. are two-faced pieces of crap; they ignore veterans, they allow USPS & illegals to go unvaccinated while hounding small biz & individuals...we need to throw these rats into prison.

Travis said...

My wife says we should all become illegals in order to get on the Biden gravy train...

Millie said...

Biden 7 the rest of rats should be rounded up as traitors & criminals.

Samantha said...

Comrade Biden would make a good commissar for Stalin or Red china.

Kelly said...

It's getting tougher to sock away extra cash due to Biden's idiotic policies.