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Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Avoiding Scams



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How to Avoid Online Scams

...Holidays always seem to bring out the scammers; grinches who create misery.  Here are a few tips to protect yourself. [some Nigerian bottom feeder recently hacked my personal email account]

First, check the site URL (locator address) at the top of your address bar before giving a site your money. Legitimate URLs will typically contain the business name (e.g., versus some random combination of half-words or letters (e.g., (

You can also try checking for SSL encryption. Look for a tiny lock icon to the left of the URL in your address bar. Click it to determine whether the site is secure.

Be especially wary of emails that ask for personal information. Scammers often hook people by sending out official-looking fake emails. These may appear convincing at first but often contain red flags, such as low-quality graphics, bad grammar, misspellings or links to shady-looking sites. Odd email sending addresses (e.g., vs. are also a cause for concern.

Close the email without clicking on any links, navigate to the site in question yourself, and reach out to their support department directly — preferably by telephone, if you can.

Beware of Charity Scams

Charity scams are also prevalent around this time of year. Fraudsters take advantage of the generosity and holiday spirit of giving, using it to convince people to hand over their cold, hard cash for a “good cause.” The money ends up lining the scammer’s pocket.

How to Avoid Fake Charity Fundraisers

First, research any charity or cause before you decide to hand over your cash. Doing your due diligence ahead of time can give you a better idea of what the organization does and how they use their donations. If you can’t find any information on the charity, it might not be real.

Also, be skeptical of telephone calls that request donations over the phone. While some organizations do run cold call campaigns, a legitimate non-profit won’t push you to pay them if you aren’t comfortable handing over your information. You can always hang up, research its name, and reach out directly to provide support.

Beware Online Credit Card Skimming

Traditionally, savvy criminals installed credit card skimmers to in-person ATMs and debit machines in an effort to harvest sensitive financial data sight unseen. That risk remains ever-present but now applies to purchases you make in the online sphere, too. Black hat coders can inject malicious scripts into legitimate retailer websites that steal your payment info the moment you make a purchase.

How to Avoid Credit Card Skimmers

Unfortunately, this scam is a little bit more challenging to avoid. Sites infiltrated by credit skimmers don’t always showcase any red flags, although they may look or feel slightly “off.” There have even been cases in the past where major retailers, such as NutriBullet and Tupperware, were completely unaware for several days their sites contained the vulnerability.

Of course, that doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do to stay safe. Experts recommend using third-party payment platforms, such as Apple Pay or Paypal, as these provide an extra layer of protection by hiding your credit card from sellers. You should also keep a close eye on your credit accounts for suspicious or unusual charges.

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Burt said...

The world is filled w/ cheats & con artists [too many infest DC}!

Connie said...

The biggest scam in history are socialist-demon-rats-all are money grubbing scum.

Ron said...

Would that Nigerian prince be Biden?

Earl said...

Thanksgiving in America will be our most expensive Thanksgiving EVER. Crazy-high inflation, record-high gas prices, and a wrecked supply chain that's threatening all sectors of our economy -- it's like Biden's goal was to squeeze the middle class during the holidays to make us all bend to his policies and mandates....

Mandy said...

You forgot to include the biggest scam on America-Biden & his socialist rats!