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Monday, November 15, 2021

Leftists support tyranny, conservatives do not...



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 Leftists support tyranny, conservatives do not... 
it's time to separate

One of the great semantic debates of the past decade has been the ongoing attempt to muddle the definition of "Left vs Right" in the American political sphere. For example, a lot of people who are new to the liberty movement (people who became active during or after the Trump campaign in 2016) have heard of the "false left/right paradigm," but they have no clue what it actually means. If you think it means there are no legitimate political sides in this fight and that the entire conflict is theatrical or manipulated, then you are misinformed.

The false left/right paradigm specifically refers to the false division at the very top of the political pyramid among elitists in government. There are Republicans that are conservative in their rhetoric but not conservative in their actions or policies, and they tend to support or side with politicians on the left regularly when it comes to big government spending and big government power (just look to the Republicans that voted in favor of Joe Biden's recent infrastructure bill).

On the other hand, the political "spectrum" on the bottom of the pyramid is not as broad and nuanced as some people would have us believe. There are people who call themselves "moderates" because they think this makes them more impartial and more open-minded. They don't want to appear as if they are moving to one "extreme" end of the spectrum or the other. But ultimately, there are only two sides in this fight:   Either you are in favor of intensive government control of people's lives, or you are not. And the vast majority of people in favor of government tyranny herald from the leftist side of the political spectrum.

Yes, it's time to stop pretending as if there are nuances or complexities here and call the situation as it really is. Issues like Critical Race Theory, BLM, big tech censorship, the covid lockdowns and vax mandates have really clarified things for us to the point that if you can't see the enormous differences between leftists and conservatives then you are being willfully ignorant.

In my latest articles, I have been exploring the theme of the political left and their habit of wearing masks to hide their true natures. Many of them will support socialist, collectivist and globalist policies while also claiming they support freedoms at the same time. Yet, when they are actually faced with real-world decisions in terms of unilateral authoritarianism, the true character of the leftist is revealed, and it's an ugly thing to behold.

In the past few years, I have seen leftists en masse defend the indoctrination of American children with CRT, which teaches white kids that they are inherently evil oppressors and black and brown children that they are perpetual victims that cannot help themselves.

I have seen leftists support BLM riots and the destruction of private property across the nation while calling them "peaceful protests."  I have also seen BLM take hundreds of millions of dollars from the very corporate and globalist institutions they claim they hate.

I have seen leftists defend Big Tech censorship of any person or group that disagrees with the woke narrative, to the point that conservatives now have to constantly self-edit keywords and phrases just so algorithms do not automatically derail their accounts, and so that leftists cannot falsely flag their commentaries as "hate speech" or "medical misinformation."

I have seen leftists avidly support covid lockdowns and the arbitrary destruction of hundreds of thousands of businesses as "nonessential."  I have seen them aggressively defend mask mandates despite the fact that they did nothing to actually slow infection rates. Now I am witnessing their fevered joy as they help push forced experimental vaccination through federal and state mandates, using the threat of joblessness to intimidate those who do not comply.

In the meantime, we have seen conservatives become the overwhelming majority of people in direct opposition to all of these totalitarian activities. And still today I continue to see people try to argue that there are no sides and that conservatives are "just as bad" as leftists. These people either do not understand what a conservative is, or they are deliberately misrepresenting reality because they have an agenda.

The bottom line is that proof is seen in action:  Red states are free, blue states are enslaved.

The debate is over in terms of left vs. right. The differences are stark and painfully obvious. Places with majority conservative populations are still fighting the mandates while places with a majority of leftists perpetuate tyranny. It cannot be denied. It cannot be argued. This is reality. If you want to be free, you make sure you are surrounded by conservatives or you become a conservative.

There is not a single blue state in the country that is not on the warpath to enforce Biden's vax mandates. There is not a single blue city in the country that is not trying to subversively teach CRT in schools. And there is not a single blue region in the country that is not obsessed with wokeism and globalism. The truth is, America has split into two completely different cultures with two completely different social objectives.

To be sure, there are some nuances in terms of geography. Blue states, for example, are often checkered with red counties that do not like the policies of the state government, but this does not change the reality of the overall political divide. I have also noted that most Europeans and people in the UK and Australia have no concept at all of what a conservative actually is. They think a conservative us a corporatist. They have been indoctrinated by their predominantly socialist and leftist systems to treat "conservative" as a four-letter word. The people in these nations that oppose the leftist agenda will commonly refer to themselves as "traditional liberals," but really, they are just conservatives that are afraid to call themselves conservatives.

I am speaking on the American dynamic, however, and in this country, the two sides are sharply defined.

I think that there is a subsection of the population that does not want to admit a separation of the U.S. is in progress even though it is a fact. They want to believe the false left/right paradigm applies to the regular population because they don't want to accept the inevitability of the breakup of our country. They want to believe that if we just deal with the elites at the top of the pyramid that the division at the bottom will simply disappear. This is naive.

There are principles and ideals which are mutually exclusive; they cannot exist within the same society at the same time. There are moments in history when tribes form and cults rise, and generally, these groups grow from either a desire to control others or a desire to remain free. We are living in such times.

The political left, according to every metric and statistic, is an antithesis to conservative principles of small government, decentralization, personal liberty, free markets, family values, etc. This does not mean all conservatives agree on every aspect of society. We don't all share the same religious fervor or adherence to the same denomination. We don't all have the same ideas on what constitutes "merit," and the things we value in terms of character traits and life choices vary. We definitely don't all agree on solutions to the problems and enemies we face every day, which is why organizing resistance to the mandates has taken so much time and energy. That said, we ALL agree that the leftist agenda is poison and that it is not something we can continue to live with.

I have also heard it argued that if the U.S. is broken into two parts that this will weaken us to threats from the outside. Many conservatives don't like to accept notions of secession or the left/right paradigm because they fear foreign aggression from places like China, for instance. I would point out that this thinking lacks a sense of priority. We have to deal with the leftists/socialists/communists in our own house first before we can deal with communists on the other side of the world.

Keeping this defunct marriage between leftist culture and conservative culture going just for the sake of appearances is the most destructive policy we can have in the long run. My thinking is this:  If we separate there are two possible results... we go our own separate ways peacefully and the conservative states will continue to succeed economically and socially because we will have freedom, while leftist states will continue to sink into debt and will continue to bleed citizens due to oppression. Or we separate and the leftists try to stop us using force, and we go to war. And make no mistake, they ultimately lose.

The latter is not the most pleasant option but in either case, freedom remains in the world. It is time to stop treating separation and division as integrally bad. Sometimes it is healthy and necessary. The old phrase "divide and conquer" is a misnomer for our particular situation. Often, nations and cultures are conquered from within because they refuse to separate and define their moral boundaries. The right to divide is actually one of the most powerful forms of liberty there is, and it is one of the greatest protections against authoritarian movements in our midst.

To truth and knowledge,

Brandon Smith

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Jim said...

Since the late 60s and 70s too many have been dumbed down; they don't know history or how socialism is a catalyst for disaster.

Bill said...

Everyone we know is stocking up, arming up...what does this tell you?!

Pam said...

It's disturbing to see how many morons in the US still support Joe [RAT[ Biden-he & his party are a scourge on our nation.