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Monday, November 8, 2021

The MOB Imposes its anti-social demands


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The MOB Imposes its anti-social demands


There are those among us who seek rule by disruption when they don't get what they want via rule by law.


 Their goal is to impose their will on society by intimidation, disorder and even violence. Agitators and activists take to the streets at the slightest provocation, aided, abetted and encouraged by news media hungry for inflammatory video to boost ratings. Street demonstrations erupt so often now they have become almost cliché to the point of diminishing impact, spurring protestors to ever more outrageous acts to get public attention.

There's a term for what's been going on in America.

It's called “mobocracy” from the Latin term mobile vulgus, which translates as “the fickle crowd.”

The mainstream media (MSM) is the propaganda arm of the establishment. Its job is to keep you distracted from important issues and focused on nonsense.

Each day is a new day, and there’s a new scandal. The bigger issues are pushed from the front pages. It focuses on the mundane and on pop culture.

 Conservatives and Libertarians are losing the battle because political discourse is drowned out with frivolous headlines and meaningless “news,” as designed by the lamestream media’s masters. Dissenting voices within the Democrat party have become more strident and insistent, erupting into mayhem.

 The descent of America into mob rule will only get worse as divisive and opposing political dogmas harden into immoveable concrete ramparts. Is it time for conservatives and Libertarians to adopt the mob rule tactics of the left? Should those who believe in limited government, sound fiscal policy and individual freedom take to the streets to oppose leftist goons and establishment hacks.

 Another Tea Party I believe it is urgent to revive a Neo-Tea Party movement or something by a different name with the same purpose to restore common sense and respect for individual liberty to our government and society.

The gains made by the original movement will fast be eroded by the liberal onslaught if conservatives sit complacent and uninvolved. Just as the original Tea Party movement swelled spontaneously from grassroots outrage, so can a revival emerge from the energy of hundreds of thousands of conservatives across the country who are mad as hell and won't take it anymore.

Donald Trump tapped into that seething cauldron of energy to win the election (to what end remains to be seen). The revival, I believe, starts with you and me. We must individually on our own take the initiative to carry the banner of conservative resistance against the socialist cancer. Here are some things we can do to aid the resistance. n Communicate. Prepare with like-minded folks in your area. Write letters to the editor supporting your positions.


Start local. Attend town halls, city council meetings, school board and PTA meetings, and any public forums where conservative ideas should be made known. Beware that bureaucrats and those who profit off of the welfare state will try and shout you down.


 Gather intel. Pay close attention to what anarchists are saying, writing and doing. It is more comfortable to socialize and commune only with those who think the same as you, but that does not inform us of the inner workings of the enemy mind. Without rancor, converse with liberals to understand how they think, why they think that way and what they intend to do about it. In the military, they call this gathering intelligence.

 Protest. Take to the streets with the conservative message, but do not allow the passions of the moment to blind you to rule of law. n By all means, vote if you want your candidate chosen. Despite objections from the mobs, we still choose our leaders in the voting booth, not with a torch in the streets.


Start local, elect those who think the way you do and will be representatives of your wishes, and not employees of the State. A distinguishing quality of a true grassroots movement is that it arises of its own volition from the collective will of many individuals that reaches critical mass and coalesces into a force to be reckoned with. That means it begins with individual effort from you and from me and becomes a legitimate power when there are enough of us taking action to make the power felt where it counts…


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Today's analysis, offered both here in article format as well as in the Situation Update podcast below, I reveal why food rationing is coming to America, followed by food riots.

Right now, in late 2021, we are seeing the collapse of supply lines for tractor parts, large-scale oil storage facilities projecting a crisis in crude oil shortfall in just the next few weeks, soaring energy prices across Europe, energy shortages on a global scale, the shutting down of fertilizer plants, ammonia plants and greenhouse operations, breakdowns in transportation logistics and deliveries, logjammed ports and container traffic congestion, and many other factors that essentially describe a kind of "siege warfare" under which the United States is currently suffering.

Knowing all this, we can easily conclude that food availability is going to be crushed through the remainder of 2021, all through 2022, and likely well into 2023.

Get full details in today's feature article and podcast here.

Nearly 3 in 10 people say the increased cost of food, sparked by inflation, has forced them or their families to skip meals, according to a new Zogby Poll.

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As the vaccine die-off accelerates, many blue cities and suburbs will experience a scourge of abandoned homes. These "ghost homes" of vaccine victims will be auctioned off as-is by banks and counties.

Banks may also auction off "scavenging rights" to homes they still own, and professional scavenging teams will bid on those rights, then they will enter the homes and remove appliances, firearms, jewelry, clothing, tools and other valuable items. These items will flood the used goods marketplace, providing a temporary surge of supply to those who are still living.

Today's feature story and podcast provide full details here.


Biden Accused of TREASON! Articles of Impeachment Have Been Introduced

President Biden has been hit with formal impeachment charges and has been accused of “treason.” The Articles of Impeachment have been filed in the House of Representatives. The impeachment charges were announced by Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) on Friday.

This Winter, We Could Potentially Be Facing Simultaneous Shortages Of Oil, Natural Gas, Propane And Coal

The Interior Department Attack: The Leftist Insurrection You Haven’t Heard About

Unbeknownst to most Americans due to almost NO media coverage, a group of radical far-Left protesters stormed the Department of the Interior headquarters in Washington DC last Thursday, injuring law enforcement officers and occupying the lobby of the building.

Radios may seem a bit old fashioned in the information age, with everyone “connected” through their smartphones and computers. But the fact is that radio is still one of the most effective means of communication out there. I just recently talked with an emergency worker who was in New Orleans immediately after Hurricane Ida hit, and if it hadn’t been for radios, the rescuers wouldn’t have had any communications at all. 

The nice thing about radios is that they are not dependent on the same infrastructure that our other means of communications are. Telephone and internet are much more complex systems. Even television is more complex, requiring more sophisticated equipment and considerably more power. Yet even a small radio, running off of batteries, can provide instantaneous communications near and far. 

All mediums of communication are required to have backup power, per FCC regulations. Even so, the local cell phone tower isn’t going to have a backup generator connected to it, keeping it up and running. Your local landline phone company will, but that’s not going to do any good, even for those who still have landlines, as our modern cordless phones don’t work if the base isn’t connected to the house’s electrical power...

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Ron said...

It amazes & terrifies us to see how many lemmings have fallen under the Marxist spell-obviously, it's happened before & those morons grew to hate a demise of their own doing.

Thomas said...

Well said!