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Tuesday, June 7, 2022

When equality doesn't mean equal; Tighten your belt in tough times


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When equality doesn't mean equal and freedom doesn't mean free

Everyone is equal under the law. But not everyone is equal. There are hundreds of ways we are not equal. Everything from differences in hair color, ambition, physical strength, competitiveness, mental focus, hand-eye coordination, allergies, musical talent and so on.

Is that unjust?

It is if you are an elitist social engineer.

Constitutional-sounding words like "equality" and "social justice" are used to give apparent weight and legitimacy to the completely false premises being espoused. They have as much substance as the breath behind the words or smoke on the wind.

They are merely part of the elites' ploy to try to get people to equate things that are merely social constructs, or colloquial social mores, with actual law, the point of which is to have these phrases carry the weight of law and be used to keep us fighting each other.

Social engineers want diversity to become equated with law, and therefore become the de-facto law without anyone ever having voted on it. What a triumph of propaganda we are witnessing should this come to pass!

If the elites get their way, without a vote, without due process, without one person in our Republic having an official voice in the matter, "social justice" and "rights" as defined by the immoral few — for example the so-called rights elitists want are in actuality special privileges – will have the force of law due to propaganda having succeeded in convincing people that there is no difference between constitutional law and unwritten social customs the elites want to force on everyone, even those with a different set of morals.

So who are these enemies of the elites, with different customs and beliefs, and likely to find themselves on the receiving end of penalties imposed due to these non-laws?

The criminal political class has made it quite clear it is not themselves or their government functionaries. It is not the parasitic "taker" class, too distracted by bread and circus, Hollywood antics, amoral lifestyles, reality TV, and "politics," too easily swayed by slick oratory, fancy suits and promises of government largesse to recognize creeping totalitarianism enabled by the psychopath social engineers.

No, those who will be held up as enemies of the State will be Americans who believe in the rule of the law, the Constitution, and freedom. We are always the target, you and I, because we think for ourselves and act independently. The elites want to stamp us out because we refuse to be controlled, dumbed down, tread upon.

We also refuse to be homogenized, and "equalized." The elites, so intent on their versions of "justice" and "equality" want you to think they're intent on making sure no one is left behind. In reality, they are ensuring that no one gets ahead. But isn't that the goal of totalitarian regimes?

In 1776, our founding fathers declared, "When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation."

It is necessary for us as right-thinking members of the Republic to separate ourselves from the social engineers. Otherwise, without anyone taking notice, their change agents will continue to distort key words in our language. This blunts, diminishes and distorts our thinking process to the great advantage of unseen authority.

I used to believe that the Bill of Rights was succumbing to tyranny at all levels of government. Now I believe that it is succumbing to self-imposed tyranny — imposed by the very people it is meant to protect and keep free.

This is a part of the "benevolent totalitarianism" I have been writing to you about. It is the "you asked for this" form of tyranny by those in power — uninformed consent by the masses. You begged us for gun control even though it's unconstitutional. You asked us to allow "social justice" even though it's unlawful and arbitrary.

How do we repel this invasion from within?

People can be measured by their proclivity toward independent thought. This is the same as saying their disbelief in mass propaganda. The more we progress to alternative sources of information apart from the mainstream, the closer we come to reality.

He who builds his fortune, his beliefs or his health upon a foundation of information from the mainstream builds his house upon the sand. This syndrome is no different from the drug addict who plans his existence upon acquiring the next fix.

Think about transferring your existence from mass media and false phrases designed to deceive you to life and reality above the "madness of the crowd" while you can.

Encrypt everything, even your thinking. You're on the animal farm. Propaganda puts us in an altered state of consciousness, otherwise we would know that the supposed fight for equality and social justice is a war on us.

Genuine progress and genuine freedom, of course, result in human happiness and wealth, the very opposite of what the mass media and politicians tell us. More proof they are not advocates for us in any way.

As lovers of liberty and enemies of the social engineers, everything we read, see, and hear must decoded on our terms — on the basis of our original politics, our original culture, our original beliefs, and our original traditions, not their synthetically engineered social mores.

Yours for the truth,

Bob Livingston
Editor, The Bob Livingston Letter®



USA domestic food production now collapsing

Mass starvation will burn through the world's developing nations for the next two years, and even in first world nations, working-class citizens will find themselves spending higher and higher portions of their incomes on basic food supplies.

This will, of course, lead to food riots. It's all by design. The idea is to cause mass chaos and martial law in America before the mid-term elections.

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While it may seem as if going without electricity would be nothing but an unfortunate inconvenience, the truth is much more harrowing. To better understand why 90% of the population would die if the lights went out, consider the following ways in which losing electricity would impact our society.

Almost no one carries a bucket to a well to draw up water anymore. What this means is that our water sources are now dependent on electricity. If an EMP strikes, the vast majority of the population would lose access to fresh water as soon as the water towers run dry...

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How to Tighten Your Belt in Tough Times

Even small savings can avert a crisis. Use these tips to save small amounts of money in several areas of your budget and tighten your belt during tough times.



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Rona said...

Just today I read how the Feds & state governments are raking in the cash from higher tax revenues-bastards!

Tulsi said...

America is being kicked [especially our youth & Middle Class] by the power-hungry clowns in gov't.

Eva said...

Joe Biden Is Not A Victim. He Is The Aggressor

Bruce said...

According to a brand new Wall Street Journal-NORC survey that was just released, the percentage of Americans that believe that the state of the U.S. economy is “poor or not so good” is 83 times larger than the percentage of Americans that believe that the state of the U.S. economy is “excellent”… The same survey found that the percentage of Americans that are “not at all satisfied with their financial condition” is the highest in at least 50 years… Yet, there are still lemmings out there who still support incompetent Joe Biden?!