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Tuesday, December 6, 2022

How to quickly build a survival medicine cache



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How to quickly build a survival medicine cache

There are a few ways that a disaster could affect access to prescription medication.


Puerto Rico:


The U.S. territory of Puerto Rico is critical to the supply of prescription medications, because at least 10% of U.S. pharmaceuticals are produced there.


This is because many large U.S. companies moved their production to Puerto Rico for tax purposes.


It’s estimated that at least 13 of the top-selling medications in America are manufactured in Puerto Rico.


In addition, over 70 medical devices, and over 100 medications are made in Puerto Rico.


While Puerto Rico is vital to U.S. pharmaceutical supplies, it’s also a region that sees its share of natural disasters such as drought, hurricanes, and tsunamis.


Which means we’re one catastrophic storm away from a medicine shortage.


Supply chain issues:


Drug manufacturers are required to notify the FDA six months in advance of a drug shortage (a lot easier said than done since drug makers can’t predict disasters).


The reason for the requirement is so the FDA can find an alternative drug maker to ensure the needed supplies.


The way the FDA would likely do this is by going to foreign drug makers. The FDA would find drug companies in Europe to help supply the U.S.


But this is far from a perfect answer.


As a last resort, the FDA could ration medications. In this instance, doctors would be forced to make decisions on which patients need the medications most.


This is one reason that many drugs can treat similar ailments. It gives doctors more than one option when prescribing drugs, and it could help in a supply chain crunch.


Ways to protect your drugs:


One of the most important things you can do is to protect the supply of medications you already have.


For example, keep all your medications stored in the same place in your house. If they’re all in one place you can quickly grab them and leave if needed.


It’s best to store them in a waterproof container to protect them during a disaster.


Don’t mix the pills and keep them in labeled containers so you know exactly what you are taking.


Also, contact your doctor and insurance about obtaining an extra prescription.


Try to get your prescription filled on the first day your insurance will allow it.


This means you might not be out of the medication but are getting it sooner. After a year or so you can build up a small cache of extra medications.


Simply treat it like food storage where you rotate your prescriptions, so you always have an extra supply. You might have to pay for it out of pocket but it’s worth it.


Lastly, consider where you could get another prescription filled.


Remember, people get desperate in an emergency.


So, during a disaster, a drug store would be the last place you’d want to be. There would likely be looters trying to get ahold of any drugs they can find.


So, have a plan in place on how you can ration your medication and where you can go for refills when you run out of options.


13 Medical Skills Every Prepper Should Learn

The ambulance was just minutes away when my son fell out of a tree. They quickly stabilized his wound and headed for the hospital where he got x-rays, blood tests, and plenty of stitches. I was so thankful for trained professionals that could help him!

But in an SHTF scenario, you may not have access to medical professionals that can administer life-giving care. You may need to do it yourself. 

In this article, we’ll talk about some of the most critical medical skills that every prepper should learn and practice. We’ll tell you what those skills are and give you some ideas to get more information...

13 Medical Skills Every Prepper Should Learn

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Yes, your food stockpiles might become a necessity sooner rather than later, but the longer you can hold off on digging into the cases of soup and bags of rice, the better. Your grocery bill is up, and it might be hard to find the pennies to pinch to keep growing your stockpile of necessities.

If you’re unable to get a second full-time job, there are other ways you can make some cash on the side. A side hustle is a great way to add a little extra cash to the family coffers. Use the money to purchase one of those big-ticket items you know you’re going to need but can’t quite afford just yet...

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The Libertarian Institute brings us this bit of disturbing information:

 There are now more bureaucratic (non-military) government agents armed with weapons than U.S. Marines. “According to the Wall Street Journal, the number of federal agents armed with guns, ammunition and military-style equipment, authorized to make arrests and trained in military tactics has nearly tripled over the past several decades. As Adam Andrzejewski writes for Forbes, ‘the Federal government has become one never-ending gun show.’” “Add in the Biden Administration’s plans to grow the nation’s police forces by 100,000 more cops and swell the ranks of the IRS by 87,000 new employees (some of whom will have arrest-and-firearm authority) and you’ve got a nation in the throes of Martial Law.


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A go bag is a pack you make in advance. Ready for an evacuation. When the S-H-T-F...


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Ken said...

What did they do in all the Old West movies? Take a swig of rotgut & bite down on a bullet-always seemed to work as the good guy was back on his feet in no time!

Karen said...

Solid, useful info and it reminded me that I should take refresher course on First Aid...will look around to find a course [Red Cross has become too expensive...$90-$125 where I live].