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Wednesday, December 14, 2022

The whitewashing of public education



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Education has been whitewashed; we're seeing the results right now


When a child is born, it instinctively knows to cry when it is uncomfortable. It cries when it is hungry. It cries when it is tired. It cries when it hurts.

Crying is its only means of communication. Its brain lacks the capability to communicate by forming words or sentences to express.

As the child ages, crying remains a chosen form of communication for several years. Even when the ability to form words and sentences develops, crying remains a key component of the child's communication strategy. Sometimes crying is accompanied by physically lashing out for emphasis.

But as the old forms of communication become obsolete because they no longer generate the desired effect, the child adopts new forms. The maturing child also learns how to cope with situations that make him uncomfortable or when he finds himself hungry, tired or hurting. This comes about as more situations are encountered and more experience is gained.

The public education system of the 1980s and 1990s short-circuited all that. The introduction of values- or character-based social education cemented into young minds the notions of egalitarianism and collectivism. Children were taught that their ideas, their notions and their actions were always correct. One plus one could equal three, four or five as readily as it could equal two. No one loses and everyone wins: Participation trophies for everyone.

Discipline was sharply curtailed if not eliminated altogether. Extreme efforts were put into ensuring children never became uncomfortable in thought or deed. The notion that alternative or contrarian ideas or positions might hold merit was never considered. History was whitewashed.

In 1989 the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development — which describes itself as the global leader in developing and delivering innovative programs, products, and services that empower educators to support the success of each learner, and made up of 115,000 superintendents, principals, teachers and advocates — released its Elementary Global Education Framework, "Elementary Education for the 21st Century: A Planning Framework Based on Outcomes" for American schools. On its title page is the following:

The realities of the globally interconnected and culturally diverse world of the 21st century require an education for all students that will enable them to see themselves as HUMAN BEINGS whose home is PLANET EARTH who are citizens of a MULTICULTURAL DEMOCRATIC SOCIETY in an increasingly INTERCONNECTED WORLD and who LEARN, CARE, THINK, CHOOSE, and ACT to celebrate life on this Planet and to meet the global challenges confronting Humankind.

Of course, what this double-speak means and what they're taught as a result is state-worship propaganda. You must think what the state thinks, and act the way you are told to act. But don't take my word for it. Just look at ASCD's "Legislative Agenda" webpage. It advocates "whole child" education. It states that "All students must learn about healthy lifestyles, [and] feel physically and emotionally safe..."


Health and safety of the child is the responsibility of the parent, not the school or the "educational system." But don't tell that to the "It Takes a Village" crowd.

Theirs is a dumbing down system that promotes dependency on government. Public education as a dumbing-down process is the ongoing basis of Orwell's Animal Farm. A programmed population will endure unbelievable financial and bureaucratic punishment and insult with the full cooperation of the victimized people.

By the time a child grows up and goes through the "public education" system, he/she has no thoughts of his/her own. And among those state-worship thoughts drummed into heads is the notion that there is no way forward without higher education.

Students are taught from kindergarten it is no longer acceptable for them to leave school and work as a mechanic, a plumber, an HVAC technician or in a factory. That's why there are 30 million trade jobs in the U.S. that do not require a college degree and pay high hourly and yearly wages, yet most of them sit unfilled.

Instead, we have truancy laws that force everyone to stay in school. Employment law forbids them from earning a living... all at the point of a gun and threat of prison — if not for them, then for their parents. They are taught they have to "aspire" to something "better." Why is college better? It's not, but it funnels everyone through the ivory tower, and the great irony is, these kids get turned into debt slaves at the same time!

But it's not the value of tuition that's gone up. The "education" is no better now than it was 200 years ago (in fact, it's worse). It's about the availability of funds. Tuition is worth what the bank will lend, and banks with government guarantees of repayment and laws essentially preventing student loans from being discharged via bankruptcy will lend whatever the student asks for.

Yet we do not tell people that not everyone needs to go to college and that everyone is making things worse for those who do want to by pushing tuition higher because of demand. Further, collectivists and statists will use examples like this to say college should be "free" and Joe Biden's executive orders are creating that expectation.

Meanwhile, by the time students are through college, the system has sealed their thought processes so that they question nothing and, in fact, reject and react with increasing violence to anyone who does question or pose an alternative thought.

The imperative to inquire and question is gone — eliminated from consideration in their minds. And any thoughts or ideas opposing what they have been taught are automatically labeled as hate speech.

In response to contrarian speech and ideas, these campus snowflakes lash out like immature children, using the only means of communication they are raised to have — "social" media; the corporate-owned, addictive echo chamber of unreality.

Psychology tells us that the human brain is not mature until age 25. Politicians tell us — through laws requiring insurance companies to allow "children" to stay on their parents' health insurance until the age of 26, that humans aren't mature until then. Society tells us the age of maturity is much later.

For the first time in more than 130 years, Americans aged 18-34 are more likely to be living with their parents than any other living situation.

Did you know that Thomas Jefferson was 33 when he wrote the Declaration of Independence? Edward Rutledge, Thomas Lynch and George Walton signed it at age 26. Thomas Heyward was 29. Five others — Elbridge Gerry, Benjamin Rush, William James Hooper, Thomas Stone and James Wilson — were all 34 or less when they signed it.

In the 1940s, "millennials" were storming the beaches of Normandy, freezing in foxholes in the Ardennes, and rooting Japanese soldiers out of hideouts in the South Pacific. Today, millennials desperately love the food at Chick-fil-A and are told that because the company is owned by Christians, it's racist to go there. Same with Hobby Lobby.

Today's millennials — emotionally and mentally stunted — have not reached the age of reason.

Machiavelli himself couldn't have designed a more devious and thorough plot to create social justice warriors, indoctrinated serfs and slaves who are indebted to the banksters.

But national collectivism or globalism, can only be imposed on a people. The imposition of collectivism requires a few broken eggs, as the great communist leader Lenin once said. Genuine progress, and genuine freedom, of course, result in human happiness and wealth, the very opposite of what the public education system teaches.

Globalists and their promotion of globalism can never be anything but contradictory. Their politics is marked by contradiction, hypocrisy and deception. "Human rights" is a term that originated with communism and was adopted by the United Nations and other proponents of world governance. Multiculturalism is their holy grail, now being imposed on our children. God-given, individual, natural rights must be strangled so that it can be instituted by all-powerful, collectivist governments.

The globalist education system must be decoded on our terms — on the basis of our original politics, our original culture, our original beliefs, and our original traditions. The progress of the New World Order parallels the dehumanization of every person valued in the Western world. The dehumanization process clearly reveals the evolution of collectivism in America. We must foster in ourselves the memory of good and right, the will to resist, and the self-interest in our own fate and preserving our Western morality.

Yours for the truth,

Bob Livingston
Editor, The Bob Livingston Letter




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Rob said...

Thankfully, I was home schooled; schools today forget the basics but insteal instill socialist nonsense like CRT crap.

sAM said...


Kenda said...

TGhis article hit the nail on the head. We see signs of stupidity everywhere especially among the young socialists who are unable to carry on a conversation or to reason through a problem.

Cindi said...

American students are the laughing stock of the world DESPITE our high spending per pupil.