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Thursday, December 15, 2022

Our ‘social welfare state’ & a shrinking Middle Class


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Our ‘social welfare state’ & a shrinking Middle Class

 You are losing financial ground and are gradually becoming poorer! This occurs at the point that government has sucked the vital life out of the public and their assets.

Thanks to globalists, the American peasant-serf class  lives paycheck to paycheck or on government handouts [it’s said if we stopped welfare and food stamps, our society would collapse.  Government workers are among the few which still get decent wages, benefits and retirement; supported by taxpayers.

Over regulation and red tape by politicians and unelected bureaucrats have added an average 25% to the cost of everything we buy and use; this is further exacerbated by lawyers who sue at the drop of hat [we’re the only nation which does not have Tort Reform-no wonder the ABA is the biggest contributor to the DNC]…the mottoe of the Bar Association is “When in doubt-Sue.”

What might trigger a crack in OUR Middle Class? A gradual perception by the crowd that they are losing financial ground and are gradually becoming poorer? This occurs at the point that government has sucked the vital life out of the public and their assets.

This has been happening for some time. For example, husbands and wives must both work to survive even poorly. This is a modern sign that the people are falling behind. More and more there seems to never be enough and so families are getting smaller.

Young peasant families in CA, WA, MA, DC, etc. can no longer afford a home; but plenty of homeless infest the streets.  The goal of Communists/Socialists/Globalists has been to eliminate the Middle Class; making everyone a serf and reliant on the state.

 Nearly 50% of citizens get a government check-Biden recently increased food stamp payouts by 30%.  



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Sandy said...

Spot on-the Middle Class is losing ground thanks to Dems [primarily] & they want more illegals here to drive wages down

Hal said...

Both parties have screwed America but the most evil are the unaccountable bureaucrats who have regulated the lifeblood out of our job building businesses-Pretty much all government has become topheavy, corrupt and inept but Dems are the worst with their non-stop push toward socialism.

Kevin said...

CA has given its middle finger to the Middle Class: highest in the nation for taxes, illegals, homeless, welfare, housing cost, regulations which hurt people & business, etc.

Frank said...

As you & others have pointed out-the goal of the Socialists in our country is to wipe out the bulwark of America, its Middle Class.

Fran said...

The Fed is still fighting inflation by raising a key interest rate by another .5%. Is raising rates going to stop inflation? Not according to economist John Williams of Williams says surging inflation is caused by extreme money printing, and with a fresh $1.65 trillion just passed in Congress, don’t expect inflation to retreat. It’s just the opposite, according to Williams. Brace yourself.

Barb said...

Republicans need to choose their priorities wisely, as they are the only force standing in the way of runaway taxation, spending, and regulation.

Matt said...

The spendaholics in DC will crush this country & its Middle Class.