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Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Fed is cracking open your piggy bank


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The Fed is breaking open your piggy bank

What might trigger a crack in the edifice? A gradual perception by the crowd that they are losing financial ground and are gradually becoming poorer? This occurs at the point that government has sucked the vital life out of the public and their assets.

This has been happening for some time. For example, husbands and wives must both work to survive even poorly. This is a modern sign that the people are falling behind. More and more there seems to never be enough and so families are getting smaller.

Children are economic liabilities so government resorts to mass illegal immigration to replace the failing population that they have sucked the lifeblood from.

The masses that have been behind financially for so long now ushered Donald Trump into the White House to fix the imbalance. But the elites have mechanisms to obfuscate and prolong the illusion.

How is it accomplished? The American people don't know that we have in the United States a real economy and a financial economy. The financial economy does not represent real valuations but was created by the Federal Reserve to avoid deflation and consequently turned into multi bubbles.

It is this bubble aspect of the economy that creates the illusion of prosperity and wealth. At some point, all the bubbles will pop and the real economy based on production and savings will come down to earth. Profits will be foremost and inflated debt will vanish after many years.

Crash or soft landing?

Trying to figure out a timetable for hyperinflation or deflationary depression is only a guess. Keep in mind that we can instead have stagflation, which we might be starting to experience now, or a prolonged inflationary depression, the worst of all.

So prices are rising yet we have no growth, nor the prospect of growth due to extreme debt and intervention. Yet if the philosophical monetary position of government holds, no deflation or depression will occur in the near term.

I think that it is more than clear that the authorities will rely on the printing presses to keep up the float hoping for a soft landing.

Thus, the need for a plan to spend more and more trillions with each budget, even though it will mean yet more fiscal inflation. But, despite much gnashing of teeth over inflation, the people want inflation no matter the long-term consequences because it provides the illusion that they are "making more money."

The perpetrators of our national financial propaganda regime have ingrained in the people that they would rather have "price stability," which is code for price increases through inflation, instead of zero inflation. Along with that, they've instilled an "irrational" resistance, according to Yale professor and Nobel economist Robert Schiller, to wages that would be declining should we have zero inflation. After all, if it were exposed that trading goods and services for dollars was a losing game, the system would collapse instantly.

You see, dear reader, the people have been trained to want their wages to go up even though prices are going up as well because it makes them feel like they are doing better — though the reality is that they are not, in real terms. This is the Great Currency Conspiracy that Merrill Jenkins revealed during his lifetime.

Mainstream media outlets desperately do not want you to remember that the more credit the banks create, the more debt accumulates in the economy. Bank-created credit becomes the borrower's debt. Therefore the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) can increase and grow on debt and consumption equally as it can grow on production. This is the world's economy now.

The 2008 financial crisis was not a "crash." It was merely a slowdown — not even a contraction, simply a slowdown — in the expansion of credit. And the world's economy almost collapsed. Yes, that means credit was still expanding, but very slowly, and that is a disaster for Central banks. It cannot be allowed to happen. So people must believe they are making more so that they will continue to believe they can "afford" things so that the illusion of prosperity continues.

In fact, since Jerome Powell announced another increase in the Fed Funds rate, we merely got more evidence that the Fed is going to keep shuffling the same money piles back and forth to continue the charade that it is doing something constructive for the American people.

The truth is much different

There is much fretting about an effective fed funds interest rate of 5-5.25 percent, but this is still historically low. You must realize that keeping interest rates low helps the banksters and keeps government's fictional "debt" low, which allows it to spend more money. Yet this is devastating to savers and people living on fixed incomes, pensions and retirement funds when "official" inflation is almost 10 percent and real-world inflation on goods and services is 30 percent, 50 percent, and over a hundred percent in some areas of the economy.

This continues the great rape of the American people for the benefit of the banksters who borrow money from the Fed for almost nothing then loan it out for a return of between 7 percent (home mortgage) and 29.99 percent (credit card). It's really quite a racket when you think about it. Especially considering that when you are no longer able to repay the loans because of the economic conditions created by the Fed and bankster criminals, the banks can then confiscate your property — or, as is the case in some instances, the government will steal money from those who are working and still able to make their payments and use it to pay the banks on behalf of the homeowners.

Even a slightly higher interest rate keeps the interest paid on savings accounts at far below the rate of inflation. By using fudged inflation numbers that don't include the things you are actually going to buy, government doesn't have to make cost-of-living increases on Social Security payments. This puts a tighter squeeze on those who struggle to pay for their groceries — again those on fixed incomes, living off savings or Social Security.

As Lord Keynes said, "In the long run, we are all dead." But I have to admit that socialist or fascist governments can sometimes continue to pull rabbits out of the hat. The government always relies on inflation plus petrodollar strength against other currencies.

Yours for the truth,

Bob Livingston
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Rob said...

No argument here-Dems are screwing the little guy-GOP seems powerless to stop our destruction.

Devon said...

Ever since the COVID lockdowns, the goal has been to destroy the Middle Class

Blondie said...

Bidenflation cracked my piggybank already!Blondie