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Tuesday, May 2, 2023

USA Going from Freedom to Slavery

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Freedom, according to a former Soviet dissident:

“Can a person walk into the middle of the town square and express his or her views without fear of arrest, imprisonment, or physical harm? If he can, then that person is living in a free society. If not, it’s a fear society.”


How the USA is Going from Freedom to Slavery


   In 1976 I took part in the Bicentennial Celebration of our nation.  I started in Philadelphia [now a crime capital] and listened to Pres. Gerald Ford deliver his speech; watched the parade and then headed to Baltimore to see the Tall Ships, then watched the best patriotic fireworks display I’ve ever seen.


Now, more than 40 years later, I’m witnessing the erosion of freedom, our dollar, our schools, our borders, and values.  Recent polls indicate our youth now embrace socialism and its slavery mentality…too ignorant to be able to think for themselves [they can’t even tolerate different viewpoints on campus; rudely shouting down those they disagree with.]


Each  week we see reports of pedophilia, storytime for children by transvestites, parents who object to classrooms being taught CRT, 1619 Project distortions, racial division and other counter-productive nonsense…this is why many of our youth can’t read, write or perform basic math skills.


By definition, Sheeple are people who are docile, compliant, or easily influenced. Unlike herding cats…herding sheep is fairly easy. After all, it’s how the Middle Class is being decimated

An efficient totalitarian state will have an all-powerful leader, an army of bureaucrats, an army of compliant media and schools to manipulate and control the sheeple [slaves] into embracing their servitude on a willing basis. Schools must keep their students ignorant so they will not question their enslavement.

They’ve worked hard to re-engineer childhood education (and have succeeded in many school districts). Biology has been rewritten to conform to new woke ethics. Math is racist. And parents who complain about the decline in educational standards are threatened by the federal government.

The most comical part of this suffering is the abject political dysfunction that’s on display every single day of our lives.

Consider that, amid deadly and toxic train derailments, airplanes around the country that have been grounded, total chaos at the national seaports, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg’s priority right now is ensuring that Ford and General Motors use female crash test dummies…

Leftists are mentally crippled…they want race wars, confusion, Helter Skelter.




-- Lt. Gen W.G. Boykin

Excerpt: The third thing they do is they discredit their opposition.  I've never been so angry with my government as when the Department of Homeland Security memorandum went around to law enforcement all over the country, saying that the future threats to America were right wing Christian groups, pro-life groups, Second Amendment groups and returning veterans. I'm still angry about this. But it never said Islamic terrorists.  That's discrediting the opposition, the very groups that would stand up and protest the things they see happening in this country.

The fourth thing that has been done in the model is censorship…



PARTING THOUGHT:  We found the documentary very interesting and want to share:  Shots-Eugenics to Pandemics [watch proof of how Progressives want to cull the world population along with an honest look at COVID19 [drug firms make boatloads of cash from taxpayers on ineffective vaccines & how they control public media to shame anti-vaxers]


AP-NORC Poll: Americans Fault Media for Dividing Nation



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Waste of your tax dollar-the least efficient government programs

  • The high risk list comprises programs rather than the departments that run those programs. For example, the unemployment insurance system lost over $60 billion in fraudulent payments during the pandemic, leading to its inclusion (rather than the Labor Department's) in 2022. 
  • The Defense Department's contract management program has been on the list since 1992. It spent more than $400 billion on contracts in 2020, accounting for over 60% of the department's budget.
  • Several programs on the high risk list — including IRS enforcement of tax laws, protecting the nation's cybersecurity, and administering Medicare — have been wasting government resources for decades without congressional action or other corrections. 

To see more, including the current high risk list, click here.


Latest GDP: Economy Slowing Dramatically


De-Dollarization Kicks Into High Gear

The US dollar is essential to US global power projection. But in 2022, the dollar share of reserve currencies slid 10 times faster than the average in the past two decades.


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Max said...

Americans, like cows with hoof n mouth disease, are being led to slaughter by commies [posing as Americans].

Sam said...

The Marxist Indoctrination Teachers Union, media & Hollywood have worked hard to make our nation stupid.

Kathy said...

Most remind me of the 3 blind mice-oblivious to what's happening

Liz said...

Under demon-rats today, crime & drugs are rampant, homeless is growing & people are fleeing Dem-ruined cities...Biden sucks.

Brad said...

Liar-in-chief Biden is flipping the script on Republicans by casting himself as the protector of “freedom,”what an idiot-who does he think he'll fool-the termites on the left?

Poul said...

Most of the un-thinker serfs in America seem clueless as to what's happening.

Newt said...

We've all witnessed how destructive the left is; they'd eat their young if needed to bury America. Believe me friends, they have declared war on America.

Debbie said...

with the growth of Marxist-Dems our cities have declined, crime has increased, drugs kill more & homeless are everywhere; yet the cretins re-elect these same vampires to office-what gives?