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Tuesday, May 9, 2023

How close is a US collapse


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How close is a U.S. collapse?

With a raft of anti-gun executive orders out of the White House, and the "Earn It" act (to remove all online privacy) being re-proposed for a third time, and new Equal Rights Amendment (special privileges for the few!) proposed by Sen Chuck Schumer (Communist-NY), the President and Congress continue to ignore the will of the people.

They didn’t change our name from America to Gulag nor arrest us in the middle of the night. Instead, congress and the unelected pointy-headed cubicle dwellers stalking the halls of power have passed laws and regulations and presidents have signed executive orders putting American people directly and absolutely on a path towards the 10 planks of the Communist Manifesto.

And you know what? These laws were passed "legally" and sanctimoniously under the color of law right under our noses. When we vote Republicrat or Democan, we are not voting in a free election. We are merely rubber-stamping an entrenched bureaucratic system under the pretense of American Democracy.

The denizens of our "Democracy" have concluded they are no longer accountable to the people, but have determined to do the will of their masters, the moneyed elites. People wonder why our congressmen and senators would do this to us. The answer is quite simple. Power.

The people who want central, powerful government are always ready to seize power. And they have been solidly in power in the U.S. for over 100 years. Plainly stated, an elite group rules no matter which political party appears to be in power.

The men in political power under any party name keep themselves and their buddies in power to keep mass corruption covered up. The same bureaucrats are always in charge so as to keep a tight lid on in order to prevent exposure.

Somehow election after election we hear the same thing and get the same thing from whoever is in power. Anyway, it's not the politicians in power, but it's the powerful faceless people behind the scenes who pull the strings.

Everything is gradual at first and toward the end the rot sets in and cultural collapse becomes obvious. A defining characteristic of failing or collapsing government is stepped-up aggressiveness, not least toward its own citizens. Do you see it? The elected elites responded to the rise of the Tea Party with slander and special targeting by several government agencies like the Internal Revenue Service and the Environmental Protection Agency. And have you noticed that the U.S. is now generally anti-entrepreneurial and anti-small business with stepped-up regulations on small businesses? This small business administrative burden is nothing less than government harassment.

The questions are how much longer will the people tolerate this "long train of abuses and usurpations," and is it the grand design of the regime’s globalist masters to push Americans to the brink in order to hasten the collapse?

We are fast approaching a time when the American system will either collapse under the weight of big government, or an incident will prompt an uprising of the people. The Founding Fathers recognized this possibility.

In a letter to William Stephens Smith, Thomas Jefferson wrote, "And what country can preserve its liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance?"

Perhaps it’s time to remind them, for as James Madison (as Helvidius) wrote, "If there be a principle that ought not to be questioned within the United States, it is, that every nation has a right to abolish an old government and establish a new one. This principle is not only recorded in every public archive, written in every American heart, and sealed with the blood of a host of American martyrs; but is the only lawful tenure by which the United States hold their existence as a nation."

An elitist bureaucracy that wants everyone to behave like obedient sheep is likewise enslaved to one idea that is a wrong one. But as long as we stay vigilant and fight back against that wrong idea, there’s hope for a freer future. The fight begins with liberty. Human liberty is only available to the individualist. Individualism and human liberty are opposite of democracy. We must abolish the idea of "democracy" and re-establish our Republic if we want to be free of our masters in Congress and the White House. They should serve us, not the other way around.

The Tea Party was successful in removing some of the old guard of the elected class and installing some of their own in government. Though some of the newly elected lawmakers turned out to be wolves in sheep’s clothing, many of the Tea Party-backed Congressional candidates continue to work to disrupt the old guard party apparatus and attempt to reign in big government, much to the chagrin of the statists.

In New Hampshire, there are now 40 elected Free Staters in the state legislature. It has taken a concerted effort, but The Free State Project, for example, has thousands of folks migrating to the state for the sake of liberty.

A change toward freedom can occur, but it will be ugly for those who — blinded by normalcy bias or just ignorance — aren’t prepared. Once we come through the fire, then, I believe, Constitutional governance can be restored.

Yours for the truth,

Bob Livingston
The Bob Livingston Letter®


Unbelievably, the fate of the U.S. economy still rests squarely on the preservation of stock values and ever more worldwide financial speculation.

A recent report authored by Claudio Borio, Robert McCauley and Patrick McGuire for the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) revealed that the mount of derivative debt foreign banks hold is "staggering," according to U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen.

How massive is their exposure? The report said, "For banks headquartered outside the United States, dollar debt from these instruments is estimated at $39 trillion, more than double their on-balance sheet dollar debt and more than 10 times their capital."

Financial institutions have not stopped building more complex derivatives to offload risk. Worse, they're offloading it to one another… and even worse, the European banks are surely relying on U.S. banks as counterparties to those derivatives.


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Journalist and popular author Michael Snyder says his new book “End Times” is revealing just what he predicted.  The bad news is it’s going to get worse, much worse.  Let’s begin with the banking crisis that is really just getting started

GDP Report Has America Down for the Count With Biden Trying To Disguise It As Successful





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Which makes more sense:  Sound money without debt slavery and little or no inflation [more spending power] OR inflation and a continual diminished value of our dollar?

In simple terms economics in reality is a matter of income disparity; the haves and the have nots.

Washington and globalists want to destroy the Middle Claas, turning us all into serfs vs. the Plutocracy that America has become.

We should be taxing consumption, not labor [that’s how America was until the robber baron class decided to saddle us with an income tax [then states and many cities got in on the act of gouging the citizen-soon, everyone has their hand in your pocket]!

The Four Horseman-Documentary outlining Demise of America


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The Big Government-Big Bank Plot To Exploit Us


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Sandy said...

Most everyone I know feel we're getting close to the end. The blame lies squarely on the Marxist Dems.

Cindy said...

Terrific post. So much to ponder regarding our future & I sure wonder how many give a damn?

freda said...

Lots of interesting & useful content-particularly how people waste food.