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Tuesday, May 16, 2023

The ‘G’ in Government often stands for Gouge the Citizen


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The ‘G’ in Government often stands for Gouge the Citizen


Do you live in a good or bad state for saving money? Forbes recently published the best and worst states based on income and debt, cost of living, housing costs and taxes. While there may not be much you can do about where you're living, it may explain why it seems so hard to make ends meet. Or maybe you wonder why you don't seem to have the same financial struggles you continually read about in the news these days.

So is your state in the top or bottom ten?

The ten worst states for saving money, starting with the worst, are:

1.    Hawaii

2.    California

3.    Maryland

4.    New York

5.    New Jersey

6.    Oregon

7.    Connecticut

8.    Rhode Island

9.    Massachusetts

10.  Nevada

If you want to know why the five worst states are the worst, you can read about the Forbes results here.

And the ten best, starting with the best?

1.    North Dakota

2.    South Dakota

3.    West Virginia

4.    Missouri

5.    Ohio

6.    Indiana

7.    Kansas

8.    Tennessee

9.    Wisconsin

10.  Arkansas

While some states may be more expensive than others, times are tough no matter where you live. If you've cut out discretionary and trimmed essential expenses as far as you think you can, perhaps these articles can give you some ideas for cutting a little more:

·         12 Ways To Cut Spending to the Bone

·         Cutting Your Burn Rate During Tough Financial Times

·         When Expenses Exceed Income

And if you can't seem to get your discretionary spending under control, start with these 13 Tricks That Can Help Control Discretionary Spending.

Note:  When we returned to MI from AZ to assist my parents, we had sticker shock at how expensive MI is-nation’s highest auto insurance, highest water bills we’d ever seen, high property taxes, higher utilities, pensions were taxed, etc.



Before disaster strikes, it’s important to have a plan in place for how to fortify your home in order to protect against burglars and looters. In this article, we’ll look at nine things that you can do to fortify your home before all hell breaks loose...

9 Ways To Fortify Your Home Before All Hell Breaks Loose

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Gatekeeping destructive behavior is how civilization survives

Whenever we have to address the issue of "progressive" ideology in America today, the debate inevitably finds its way around to questions of "acceptance" and "tolerance." The assertion by leftists is that they are on the side of "freedom" and human rights and that by confronting or separating ourselves from certain behaviors the rest of us are revealing our bigotry and discrimination. In other words, leftists assert that all beliefs and behaviors must be embraced by society in order for society to become pure.

Except, this is not what they really believe.

Leftists argue for tolerance of all aberrant behaviors while admonishing normal human reactions. The basis of their religion is moral relativism, and while they speak constantly of acceptance, they rely on zealotry to achieve their objectives. They are highly intolerant of people who do not want to participate in their movement or their activism. In fact, one of the most used protest slogans of the political left is that "silence is violence." By refusing to support them, or by keeping to yourself, you automatically become their enemy even if you don't directly oppose them.

So, at bottom what leftists really promote is a series of double standards while using accusations of bigotry as a weapon to silence their critics. They have taken control of the narrative because many Americans are afraid to say the truth out loud. The truth is tolerance is overrated and destructive. Gatekeeping and discrimination, to a certain degree, are absolutely essential to the survival of humanity.

That is to say, intolerance of certain people, beliefs, actions and ideologies is a good thing. We need to bring back intolerance.

Orwellian Nightmare

Currently, the U.S. is experiencing full-blown 4th Generation warfare. In the span of less than a decade we have seen the imposition of Critical Race Theory, trans ideology, Marxism and a spectrum of propaganda invade public schools. American children are being indoctrinated into the leftist fold in a dizzying propaganda blitzkrieg.

Now, the libertarian mindset would suggest that we simply pull our kids out of public schools and remove our participation. That might work for some people, but the vast majority of parents are going to continue placing their kids in schools because they feel they have no other choice.

Leftist teachers that promote their ideology in class need to be removed from publicly funded schools. CRT, gender-fluid propaganda, and one-sided socialist concepts will have to be banned from these institutions. Drag shows for kids need to be punished. Gender affirmation surgeries and chemical therapies for children need to be abolished. Tolerance is killing us. Intolerance is the answer.

While certain ideological movements might not target you personally, they will eventually destroy everything you love through attrition.

You will not be allowed to have principles. You won't be allowed to call out bad behaviors. Everything evil will become tolerable. If you really want to know where we are headed as a civilization, check out this trend being protected by courts in Pennsylvania — Satanic clubs for elementary school children at public schools. Some of these clubs are already active.

The first inclination of those of us that defend constitutional values would be to cite religious freedom. Of course, satanic and Luciferian groups consistently argue that they are not a religion, per se. Rather they claim they are an ideological belief system. The reason the "After School Satan Club" uses the satanic moniker is because it is by definition religious. An ideological club is not protected by U.S. courts. A religious club is protected.

But let’s acknowledge the reality that Luciferians are indeed a religion and they are actively trying to spread that religion to children. Isn't this protected by the Constitution? According to the courts, yes, but frankly, I don't care. In this specific instance, I don't accept that a belief system built around promoting narcissism, moral relativism and transhumanism should be allowed around children. I think that communities should gather up their torches and pitchforks and run these people out of town.

Is that intolerant? Intolerance of deconstructive concepts rooted in evil is absolutely necessary. Whether you are a religious person or a secular person, it is undeniable that some methodologies encompass the absolute worst in humanity and should not be allowed. The narrative of tolerance is leading us down a path to quiet compliance and consent.

The political left and the globalist establishment like to play games with our principles. It's an old Alinsky tactic of holding your opponents to their own standards while you operate with no standards. That is to say, they use our love of freedom against us and suggest we must allow them to do what they want, or we are not living up to our own ideals. However, it's not authoritarian to protect the next generation from indoctrination and it's not hypocrisy to discriminate against the dark side. If that makes me a bigot, so be it. I would rather live in a civilization of reasonable bigots than watch the world burn in quiet idealism.

To truth and knowledge,

Brandon Smith


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Manny said...

Great-informative and entertaining!

Don said...

I think it was Pres Reagan who said: 9 most dangerous words: I'm from the gov't & I'm here to help you.

Fran said...

Can't trust our politicians [for some time], schools, media or some's a sad day in America.

Ren said...

The left in this country are hateful & divisive. They continually want to screw up America & the leader of their ratpack can go to hell.

Beth said...

Government, at every level, has become an 8,000 pound gorilla, sucking cash & the lifeblood from citizens. We need not only a regime change, but a BIG change in how gov't operates staring w/ a downsizing of unelected bureaucrats & political compensation-all seem corrupt.