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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Why you should rotate your food stock now

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Why You Should Rotate Your Stock Now


I’ve been a ‘Prepper’ years before it became fashionable. This goes back to meeting up with John Shuttleworth, founder of Mother Earth News.  John had a strong influence on me.  This lifestyle was further boosted from my friendship with several Mormon families that I had met while attending Arizona State University.


My hidden hoard of silver and gold coins allowed me to live well after a divorce cleaned me out of all my other financial assets. (I had also lost $250K that same year after selling my business to a man who failed to pay me).


Since 1999 we’ve stockpiled food, water and ammo too.  We had our first website through Yahoo’s GeoCities if you can remember that.  We stored enough to feed family and friends for a couple of years.  At our 38 acre farm we even had our own shooting range along with two folks who were licensed gun instructors.  They liked my cooking so we exchanged meals for conducting a variety of shooting and gun safety programs for us and our friends twice a year.  A televised Fox TV News interview at our “compound” forced us to seek a more low-profile approach to living.  Our privacy is important and one of the reasons we turned down making an appearance on the Extreme Preppers television show.


Indeed, many subscribers who listened to our warnings a few years ago about the surge in ammo prices are thanking me now.  (Guess what, as I reported a few weeks ago, the last lead smelter plant in the US closed and this will boost the price of ammo again).


Unlike other Prepper groups and blogs who focus on a single issue or two, the Poor Man has always taken the Big Picture approach with a more encompassing focus on food storage, sideline income and skill building, political perspectives and insights to build a better understanding of how we’re getting screwed, how to protect your privacy and more.


 Our site isn’t considered fancy and it’s somewhat disheveled, just like me but it’s always voted among the best for its content and most recently for our political insights.


Too Well Stocked?


One problem we’ve only recently resolved is the expiration dates of our stored food.  We didn’t or couldn’t eat it fast enough.  We frequently would up donating case lots of canned goods to area food banks.  This is not a bad thing but it can be expensive.


Everything I’ve researched indicates that one can safely consume products long after its expiration date.  Canned vegetables lose some of their nutrient value but they will fill your stomach and the liquid inside the can be a lifesaver.


This is one of the reasons we now stock many food items in a quantity good for up to one year for our personal consumption and use freeze-dried and dehydrated food stocks for long term use.  I consider canned and frozen foods as short-term food insurance - because of their relatively short shelf life. But freeze-dried foods . . .


This site offers a useful chart and indexing of the shelf life of various foods and other resources which will come in handy.



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You’ll find several useful references including our LDS (Mormon) library of e-books on food storage at our urban survival page:



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