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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Become Your Own Chief Frugal Officer


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Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there.
- Will Rogers

Retire on Your Own Terms-Beware Government Mandated Retirement Accounts

An article on CNBC says retirement isn't an all or nothing decision anymore. The article states: "About 30 percent of large employers - those with over 1,000 employees - offer workers some flexible retirement option, whether it is allowing older employees to work part-time or in job sharing with colleagues, according to WorldatWork, a global association of human resources managers."

Personally, I think that's a good thing. Whether someone is looking for an early retirement in their 40s or a late retirement in their 70s, it's good to have choices. Many people don't want to work full-time, but don't want to retire full-time either. The fact that they can decide to work 10, 20 or 30 hours for someone else or create their own part-time gig is great. It'll be interesting to see the variety of answers that people create for themselves.

Another article discussed some of the investment options that we had in our retirement plans. It was titled
"Retirement Savings Choices Are Poised to Shrink". According to the article, "Investors can expect limited options or higher fees in their retirement plans as brokerage firms are evaluating their pricing structures to comply with the fiduciary rule."

A US News article explains the fiduciary rule. "Much has been discussed about the Labor Department's recently finalized fiduciary rule, which will hold all financial advisors who provide retirement investment advice to a 'fiduciary standard' or, in other words, require them to put their client's best interests above all else."

This was a case where the government created a rule to protect investors. It sounds like a good idea. Advisors should hold their clients' best interest in front of their own. However, part of the result of the new rule is that some quality investments could be questioned so they won't be offered any longer. And those plans that want to offer those choices will have to spend more to justify them. Those costs will be passed on to the investor.

I agree that we all like to be protected, but we should recognize that protection has a cost. Most often American workers have been given the shaft and the 401K has become an excuse for employers to tell employees “you’re on your own,” unlike previous generations and we all know the stock market has not been kind to the little guy since 2009 and the government plans to make it even worse by mandating forced government retirement plans ”to protect your money.” [Meaning the feds want access to the massive amounts of cash sitting in private retirement accounts of citizens so they can mismanage that too-the plan has been in the works for some time now and Obama announced it four years ago during one of his State of Dis-Union speeches…few Americans caught on].

Despite the promises of President Obama during his two terms in office we’ve seen few middle class jobs with livable wages and benefits, forcing many to take on second jobs.  We’ve also seen record numbers of Americans forced to accept food stamps and college grads moving back home with mom and dad.  Many Americans too have been forced to delay their retirement plans or take on reduced pay employment careers.


Be Your Own Chief Frugal Officer

Since 2009 I’ve advised my Poor Man Survivor readers to avoid the stock market, invest in farm land, become debt free and accumulate gold and silver and live below your means.

Ironically, credit card debt in the US is creeping up again…except among those under the age of 35. 

The reason is because they have so much college debt, on average, $17,200 and many recall seeing how their parents struggled during the recession when layoffs and foreclosures were especially high.  Most distrust the so-called ‘good’ economy that Obama promised would return.  Further, most admit they are not good with money and 47% say they don’t even have $400 saved for an emergency.

Most experts say people should establish good credit because without it, it is more difficult to get a mortgage, rent an apartment or get an auto loan.  If you’re starting out in life, building good credit is important and one step folks can take is to get a secured credit card through a bank [a savings account secures your credit line and your timely payments are reported to the credit bureaus thereby establishing the foundation for a credit history-ask if your bank offers this service or do an online search].

For more established folks who are planning to retire I’ve always recommended becoming debt-free and in our less than friendly middle class job oriented economy where fewer jobs pay decent wages [unless of course you work a government job], many folks find it necessary to work more than one job-even into retirement. Indeed, I would not retire unless I was completely debt free.
  My wife and I are debt free and just paying all of our government mandated costs such as car insurance, health insurance, property taxes, utilities, etc. cost a bundle [especially where we live-our annual water bill alone is $3,000 as we’re the only damned place that I know of which charges based on property value as well as usage- AND we have the highest auto insurance in the entire country].

  Here are several reliable resources [you’ll also find related resources at my ecommerce site including my ‘Start-a-Business CD ROM that I distributed to military veterans which I trained to launch their own business through the Ohio Veterans Center, the SBA and Mott College – its $5 and very useful].

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Finally, take a peek at the resources offered at – Jeff does an outstanding job with his website.

Yours for another revolution,

Bruce ‘the Poor Man’

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When it comes to college safety, most parents and grandparents don’t like to think about it — even though American students face an escalating wave of campus crime, including rapes and deadly attacks by active shooters.

There is no middle ground when it comes to protecting the lives of your children and grandchildren on college campuses. It’s all or nothing. You have either prepared them or you have not. In a life-or-death situation, your children can only survive or not.

Your children and grandchildren are at serious risk. Just look at the statistics: One-in-five students is sexually assaulted during college. In 90% of rape cases, the attacker is acquainted with the victim. And the average perpetrator has committed multiple sexual assaults.

It is a crazy world out there with plenty of violence and everyone knows you that under most circumstances, police usually arrive after the fact. Your rights to defend yourself are often under attack, even for non-lethal self-defense tools…Includes 2 books and 3 bonus CD ROMS


{Note:  We also offer a Three Set CD-ROM-only version at a lesser price for those with limited budgets]


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