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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Corporate America & Washington: We don't give suckers an even break


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Obama came out of nowhere & had no experience & he’s pretty much screwed up everything he’s touched:  the health plan, our economy, our international relations and more…he’s never created a job either so tell me again why did we elect him?   >The Poor Man


Corporate America:  We don’t give suckers an even break


>Wall Street & other special interests really do try to stack the deck in their favor during elections and are aligning themselves with the cultural left and Hillary Clinton in order to keep the status quo…at least that is what they believe.


Wall Street financial gurus such as Warren Buffet, left-wing George Soros and former New York mayor and anti-gun advocate Bloomberg, Goldman Sachs, etc. have been bankrolling Clinton because they view her as the status quo…Hillary, in her speeches to Goldman Sachs, for which she was paid $640K made promises not to upset the apple cart [but we’re not supposed to know that].


For the most part, our ruling class is hell bent on destroying the middle class and what’s left of the American ideal.  They want to continue along a path where Big Brother tracks and taxes our every move and every bit of income.  Most large corporations quite paying US taxes long ago, shifting that irksome responsibility to what’s left of the middle class [keep in mind, 45% of the lower income class pays little or no income tax] yet they profit handsomely from our purchases.  Cultural Marxism has been thriving under Obama [except for his Obamacare plan which has seen plenty of insurers jumping ship] and major corporations are among the biggest funders of Hillary, hoping to continue the political correctness racket.


There is little support for the Trump/Pence ticket among top CEOs [at least publicly] even though there are still a few Republicans who still value low taxes but many of them are turncoats who value the cheap labor of illegals that Hillary will provide via mass amnesty programs she will carry forward in her Obama 2.0 agenda.


The system is rigged and has been for decades and main street voters are the losers.  Wages for the most part have stagnated, tuition rates and medical premiums have skyrocketed, housing and auto prices are through the roof, utility rates under Obama have gone way up, and so on.


The average citizen doesn’t seem to notice as they’re too busy blathering or texting or getting high.


A Trump victory would be a breath of fresh air for many of us – imagine…a non-politician, someone who hasn’t fed off the public teat for years winning the presidency!  The establishment might panic, the stock market might protest by selling off for a few a days as it would throw their apple cart into a state of uncertainty.  With Hillary they might maintain the status quo of graft and corruption but there would be suspicion with Trump – why do you think so my old line politicians and bureaucrats have lined up against him?


Keep in mind friends and Patriots that Obama came out of the blue and had ZERO experience…he certainly had no experience creating jobs or in negotiating deals and he’s certainly screwed up militarily, in our international relations, fighting terrorisms, with our economy, with the healthcare plan and so on.

In the long term, a Trump win would likely be better for the nation as he is more pro-growth and low-tax and fewer regulations [something which under Obama has been killing business and job growth]…excessive government intrusion under Democrats have proven to be  impediments to prosperity.


Key Areas Which Would Benefit Under a Trump Presidency Include:


·         The Coal industry-an area which has suffered under draconian Obama regulations.

·         Our national infrastructure which is in sorry shape despite promises from the Obama White House which failed to materialize.  It’s estimated we need as much as $4 trillion in upgrades and that would mean a lot of investment materials and equipment as well as new jobs in the trades.

·         Security related industry including national and international security and our military which Obama has let slide an estimated one-third.


If Hillary becomes president, rest assured the big banks and the financial services which screwed our nation will once again do well as will Washington DC real estate and Silicon Valley.


Wind farms and some green energy sectors might do well under Hillary but that sector remains speculative.  The healthcare business which has been a bust under Obama may get a boost under Hillary who ironically was its original champion during her first term as first lady and she’ll likely push for a single payer system or nationalized system [which is what she really wanted the first time out Obama’s failure may give her the ‘in’ she needs].


A big key to Hillary’s electoral fortunes [as discussed on Fox News as I write this] will be whether the economy and the stock market hold up until the election.  She has a lot of friends at the Treasury, the Federal Reserve and at various Wall Street firms and at main stream media firms who support her [indeed, a college media tracking service shows a majority of media are biased toward her despite her dishonesty…economic forecaster Martin Armstrong says “if you look at the media channels, it is very clear they have an agenda to defeat Trump.  They are manipulating the polls, those in power will rig the votes to try to make Hillary victorious.’


Federal Reserve chair Yellen is doing her best to encourage investors to stay in the stock market, telling them the stock market is strong, but not strong enough to require rate hikes.  It’s an engineered ‘sweet spot’ for the Fed [at least for now].


Frankly, I believe the stock market is a rigged system too.  Despite what the nightly news tells us about not being in a downturn, real investment is weak.  Ford Motor Co., for instance, just sent a large part of its workforce to Mexico.  Wages for most Americans are stagnant.  If the GDP continues to fall so will the value of the dollar and with the war on cash being waged by our government it could get rough for the little guy. Five straight quarters of declines in earnings yet US stocks hit new record highs this summer?!  Investors should brace for a lot of BS – even a crash this fall or winter after the election…as I said long ago, I don’t trust them and it is the reason I got out long ago. 


I don’t trust most American media, which is becoming even less professional or embarrassed in hiding their bias against Trump so it won’t surprise me if rioting does break out this fall regardless of who ‘wins’ the election.  There are many big money players behind the scenes manipulating the media and voters in attempt to sway the election – more than I’ve seen in my lifetime.  Voters are ill informed and many have little knowledge of the evil past of the Clintons or they refuse to acknowledge or they’re simply too stupid to accept it…in either case, we’re likely headed for trouble.


Working the system to benefit you and your family is the best way to go.  Avoiding debt, becoming autonomous and self reliant and going off-grid by developing micro-businesses [I’ve devoted a lot of space to this over the years and offer several publications with such opportunities at our Bonanza site including a CD ROM I’ve provided to our returning Veterans].



Many of the GOP Are Bilge Rats…George Bush the elder announced he’s voting for Clinton.  I know he’s been cozy and kissy faced with Bill Clinton for years ever since they made fundraising appearances to help the victims of the tsunami and Haiti earthquakes [the Clinton foundation relief money for that effort seems to have vanished] and the Bush family is pissed that their boy Jeb got trounced by Trump and are actively working behind the scenes to undermine outsider Trump.

  Neither party likes outsiders and created a set of rules making it virtually impossible for 3rd party candidates to have any kind of fighting chance to succeed in America [one of the reasons Ross Perot finally gave up].

Further, as I wrote nine months ago, the GOP has been shooting itself in the foot for a long time as it has been out of touch with much of America and I think this election might be its final death knell…the Democrats too might find itself on its knees as it is swinging too far left with its ideology while bankrupting the nation and burying it in overbearing regulation.  After all, just how much bullcrap can we take?


Yours for another revolution,

Bruce ‘the Poor Man’


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DAR said...

Boy - you really hit the nail on a number of heads here and the GOP is foolish and old man Bush must be senile...did you know there is an arrest warrant in Italy for Bush Jr. for war crimes? I will never forgive him for that piece of crap legislation, the so-called Patriot Act which screwed all of America in the name of 'freedom' - that piece of Sh__t will burn in hell for that anti-Bill of Rights nonsense. He makes me puke.

MarshaR said...

Very insightful post and most of my friends are beginning to lean more to Trump as they don't trust the media, they don't trust Hillary and the especially don't trust Obama who is shilling for her.