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Thursday, September 15, 2016

The Rise of Public Executions in America


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The Rise of Public Executions in America


Chicago hit another milestone this year – 500 of its citizens were shot and killed, mostly black youth, mostly gang youth, many repeat offenders and the city doesn’t know what to do. 


In Phoenix this past week, three police officers on break were targeted by a rampaging driver who purposely ran them over attempting to kill them. 


Throughout this nation Black Lives Matter and related groups are targeting police.  Gangs, delinquents, the morally bankrupt and thieves are robbing, raping, looting and shooting each other in cities like Detroit, Chicago, Dallas, Phoenix, Sacramento and others.  So-called ‘Sanctuary Cities’ are harboring criminal illegal aliens in open defiance of federal law.


Our President seemingly condones these activities by encouraging sanctuary cities, inviting more illegal aliens and even inviting members of Black Lives Matters to the White House.  Of course, he blames the problem on guns.  He lays all of our nation’s problems including Islamic terrorism at the feet of guns.


He is oblivious to the changing morality of our culture which he helps perpetuate.  The breakdown of a central family unit, the increase of welfare, [more people, roughly 50 million, get food stamps since Obama took office than before], another increase taking place of the influx of illegal aliens taking place again, the lack of decent jobs forcing college grads to move back in with their parents, the huge increases in college tuition and debt loads for students, the failure of Obamacare and its rate hikes, inflation and so on.


The lack of middle class jobs and the never-ending pinch of taxes at every level of government has forced Americans into a corner, often juggling more than one job to stay afloat to support their family.  Under the Obama Administration we’ve seen a record number of red tape forced upon business and families which has increased costs and decreased job opportunities.

America is the largest exporter of weapons in the world and with its many wars, it has also lost many weapons – more 700,000 AR-15s were unaccounted for from Iraq and Afghanistan alone.  Most of those are now being sold on the streets by online arms dealers.  The US secretly sold weapons to Mexican drug cartels in an ill advised attempt to track dealers.  Those weapons too came back to the US [and killed several agents].


There are families in the Philipine Islands which specialize in cloning US Army .45 caliber semi-automatic handguns which are sold on the streets in the United States.  They are unregistered and are one of the favorite choices of drug dealers in Los Angeles.  They are identical to the original model and well crafted.


Welfare Breeds Welfare



Politicians like to say we have a gun problem.  My thinking is we have a culture problem.  Too many single parent families[and our system continually subsidizes unwed mothers no matter how many children they have-thus perpetuating the system], often on drugs and welfare without guidance who join gangs and find guns and gangs a means of growing up and ‘earning a living.’


We need to STOP our financial approval of broken families which means.  If you have one out-of-wedlock child that’s a mistake and we’ll help you.  If you have two or more and I’m sorry but that’s a way of life and you’re on your own.  The same goes for illegal aliens, especially those who purposely come here to have a child simply so they can become a US citizen and collect US benefits –THAT MUST STOP.  Our Congress must change that law immediately.  We can longer afford to provide the vast amounts of welfare that we’ve previously provided.  A report on 60 Minutes showed that Chinese mothers were being transported to this country for the sole purpose of having their child become US citizens so they too could collect US benefits.  This is outrageous.  Of course, Congress will sit around with their thumbs up their collective rear ends discussing the matter [maybe] before they do anything constructive about it.


 They can’t afford what they see as a worthless college degree…yet Democratically run cities continue to feed that old narrative of the plantation overseer in many of these cities and that model no longer works as we see the population slipping further into the darkness of the jungle mentality.  




Yours for better living,

Bruce ‘the Poor Man’



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DAR said...

No doubt about it-we've got to stop giving automatic citizenship to those come here and simply drop a baby-this is pure insanity and Congress needs to stop dithering and start earning some of their big paychecks.