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Friday, September 23, 2016

How Liberalism is Destroying Democracy-Our Middle Class Struggle

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How Liberalism is Destroying Democracy-Our Middle Class Struggle


On recent trips to China Obama [and Susan Rice, his National Security Advisor] was treated with disrespect, he was disrespected by the Saudi King and admonished in private by Germany’s Merckel for spying on her.  France and Germany are now forming their own military alliance in Europe because of the weak leadership Obama has shown in fighting terrorism…


   I often find it ironic how President Obama slams Trump for not being presidential or for being inexperienced.  If you think about it Obama was elected without experience of any kind.  He’s never had a real job, he’s never been responsible for a payroll.  He’s never served in the military.  He has demonstrated that he has limited ability in surrounding himself with incompetent assistance.


 He’s denigrated our military, forcing early retirement or firing 300 of our top military commanders.  Our military strength is now at one-third or more less than when he took office…in the meantime,  both the Chinese and the Russians have been increasing their military spending.  He publicly called ISIS the “JV” of terrorists and we’re paying the price for his lapse in judgment.  The world is no longer looking to us for leadership.


 He’s alienated and spied on our allies – even being treated like a second class citizen by the Chinese and the Saudi King on recent trips. He was unable to create a national healthcare plan without overcomplicating it to the point where it has been a disaster since it was launched and so on.


Of course, our liberal main stream press barely rates a whisper of such occurrences.


His one-time adversary and now heir apparent, Hillary is a disturbing unethical mainstream  liberal designated to carry on Obama’s socialistic regime for at least four more years [wracking up even more government debt and job-choking regulation].  Hillary and her husband stands out for decades of brazen dishonesty [which much of the public seems to blissfully unaware of] wielded to advance her and her husband’s career [and now their daughter’s] through a shady non-profit organization and for recklessness with national secrets in the services of protecting personal secrets.


I’ve previously called the Clinton’s the ‘teflon dons’ of American politics. 


The contemporary liberalism that Clinton and Obama represent is a threat to our constitutional government.  It is more of a specific threat than Trump - who is so often demonized in the press despite the fact he’s never been in office [this is partially due to a behind the scenes PR effort by Clinton and Obama who doing their best to manipulate the media].


Mainstream liberals advance a vision of American government that is increasing contemptuous of our system’s democratic character and seeks to avoid the constraints of our Constitution in pursuit of their socialists ends [eg; Obama’s attempt to allow thousands of illegal immigrants immediate entry into the US, bypassing normal channels; which was rebuffed by the Supreme Court].


Our Middle Class Struggle


Under the burdens of an increasing socialistic state we’ve seen fewer small business startups and those that have stated tell me that government regulation and taxation under Obama have become rapacious at the state and federal level and they feel the only way to survive is by cheating [reminds me of Russia].


If Karl Marx had been asked what would happen to America if it ever became economically immobile, we know his answer would be President Obama and Hillary Clinton.  Our current political system has changed to a system of class struggle with an insurgent middle class where for the first time a parent can no longer say with certainty that their children will live a better life.


The US today lags behind many of its First World rivals in terms of mobility and back when I published several business journals [in the 1980s] General Electric launched the beginning of what became known as ‘off shoring’ of US jobs.  By 2001 GE’s US workforce was cut by 34,000 jobs.  During that same time period, the company added 25,000 jobs overseas.  Ironically, President Obama chose Jeffrey Immelt, its CEO to head his Jobs Council!


Obama further undermined the Rule of Law and our nation by…


President Obama has repeatedly tried to sidestep Congress saying “We’re not just going to be waiting for legislation in order to make sure that we’re providing Americans the kind of help they need,” he told his cabinet in 2014…pledging to the federal bureaucracy to advance his agenda on his own.


One of biggest problems we have in this country is we have too many unelected agencies creating too many unlegislated rules and regulations creating a nightmare of red tape for American business and the public. In my opinion, It may be the single biggest obstacle our nation faces in creating jobs and elevating wages.


Today’s Democrats are the party of the administrative state, meaning they are in essence a tangle of regulatory agencies that populate the executive branch, including agencies that are at least nominally ‘independent,’ or seemingly beyond the reach of legislative bodies, yet they somehow still have the power of the purse through a self funding process via fees and fines, effectively circumventing Congress.  We have too much government and they like to meddle in every aspect our lives and it is costing us a fortune.


Obama also pioneered another way for the government to direct money as it wishes without the involvement of Congress: reach legal settlements that include “voluntary” donations to selected nonprofit groups.  Liberal organizations have received millions of dollars from Bank of America thanks to one such settlement.


Liberals justify these work-arounds which subvert normal democratic and constitutional processes by claiming they are simply responses to alleged dysfunctions of Republican stubbornness. They claim these practices date back to Teddy Roosevelt and is nothing new but the practice has gotten out of hand and grown significantly worse under Obama and is likely to worsen under Clinton.


  Socialists like Hillary and Obama are breaking the bank with spending, they are bankrupting our nation…


The US federal debt level is expanding at its fastest rate since the financial crisis.

This isn’t supposed to be happening.

The financial crisis is years behind us. The economy is supposedly on solid footing. The government keeps gushing about how much tax revenue they’re collecting.

Usually when government debt expands so rapidly it’s because they’re waging war, fighting a major recession, or financing some serious infrastructure projects.

But none of these things are happening.

Think about it-- yesterday I told you that the debt is now $19.5 trillion. The debt hit $18.5 trillion in November of last year… meaning that they added $1 trillion to the national debt in just 10 months.

What did you get for that $1 trillion? Did they defeat ISIS? Give everyone a massive tax rebate? Recapitalize all of their insolvent trust funds?

Nope. Nada. They made a trillion dollars vanish into thin air and have absolutely nothing to show for it.

That’s because an absolutely astonishing level of spending (and waste) is built into the system now.

Just keeping the lights on, i.e. simply paying interest on the national debt, plus all the mandatory entitlement programs, burns through almost 100% of their tax revenue.


According to the Treasury Department’s most recent data, two of America’s biggest foreign lenders (China and Japan) are already cutting back on their $2.37 trillion of US debt.

Then there’s the Federal Reserve, another one of the government’s major lenders, which now owns $2.46 trillion of US debt.

This is up from just $479 billion right before the financial crisis blew up in 2008. So the Fed has expanded its Treasury holdings by 5-fold (not to mention its ownership of mortgage backed securities has exploded from $0 to $1.7 trillion over the same period…)

But one of the Fed’s major challenges is that they’re nearly insolvent, with a razor-thin capital ratio of just 0.8%.

Simply put, if the Fed continues to conjure trillions of dollars out of thin air to feed the government’s insatiable appetite for debt, they’re risking a major currency crisis at a minimum.

That leaves Social Security, far and away the single largest owner of US Treasuries.

It’s been a neat little scam for decades. Workers in the United States pay a portion of their paychecks to Medicare and Social Security, some of which ends up in the pockets of retirees each month.

The rest of that tax revenue (the “Social Security surplus”) is loaned to the federal government.

Over the years, Social Security has loaned the government trillions of dollars, stockpiling entire warehouses full of IOUs from the Treasury Department.

But here’s the thing-- Social Security and Medicare are rapidly running out of money.


Yours for another revolution,

Bruce ‘the Poor Man’

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Allow me to repeat myself:  I believe Hillary's health is worse than what is being shared with the public and she may not make it through the election or to January 2017 if she's elected.

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hoo boy poor man-you said a bunch of stuff here that makes sense and we can't wait for Obummer to be out of office...this 2nd rate putz is the worst fool we've ever had in office.