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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Rights Are Not Gifts from the Government-Armed Home Defense

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“Self defense is the inherent right of an individual to repel any unwarranted attack. Governments are not individuals and should not have the power to restrict or invalidate a person's ability to defend him/herself.”


Armed Home Defense

By Jeff Cantor


Guns aren’t for everyone. I get it.

Some people can’t stand the idea of having a gun in their homes even though their communities may be under siege by burglars, rapists and home invaders.

Personally, I believe nothing beats a firearm as a home defense weapon.

But if you’re going to use a gun, you need to get properly trained and you need to schedule regular target practice. And you must make a pledge to store and handle your weapon safely, especially in your home — and especially if you have children.

Unfortunately, most people aren’t willing to make that kind of commitment.

Fortunately, guns aren’t the only options for home defense weapons. As the late-President Teddy Roosevelt once said: “Do what you can with what you have where you are.”

Just days ago in Martin County, Florida, a 19-year-old man reportedly hurled himself through the front window of a house and attacked a woman and her 34-year-old son.

While the son fought the teen hand-to-hand, the mother grabbed a baseball bat and clubbed the intruder in the head several times. They held the 19-year-old off until county sheriff’s deputies arrived and arrested him.

The teen, who was reportedly on the wildly unpredictable illegal drugs flakka and LSD, now faces charges of burglary and assault. The mother suffered minor injuries from window glass but her son escaped unharmed.

This is a classic example of how to fight off an intruder without a gun. But you can do an even better job of protecting yourself and your loved ones. All it takes is a little planning and some family teamwork.

Home defense fundamentals.

First and foremost, you have to recognize a threat as quickly as possible so that you can act. This is not always as easy as it sounds.

I can imagine you saying: “If someone breaks into my home, sure as heck I am going to hear him!” Well, not necessarily.

You can become so preoccupied with household chores that you don’t even realize that you’re in danger until you’re looking down the barrel of a gun or feel the cold steel of a knife at your throat.

Or you can be fast asleep at 3 a.m. when your toddler girl wakes you up because she hears a noise. But because you’re groggy, you tell her to go back to bed without even considering that she really has heard a boogeyman.

Make your home a hard target.

Of course, if you make your house extremely hard to break into, then you’ll force any intruders to use extreme measures — which will force them to make so much noise that you’ll be sure you’re under attack. This is called making your home a “hard target.”

In an ideal world, your “hard target” home should be inside a gated community with a team of security guards manning the entrances and patrolling inside the community.

Your yard should be equipped with security lights that come on whenever there is movement on your property. The house should have solid metal doors with wood veneer and the doors should be set in metal jambs. And your home’s windows should be shatter resistant. You should install security cameras outdoors and indoors as well as an alarm system, complete with a cute little sign on the lawn.

In the real world, you’ll have to pick and choose among all those options based upon your priorities and upon what you can afford.

But what if the bad guys get in anyway?

Today, I’m going to tell you how to defend yourself and your loved ones when all your “hard target” defenses fail. And I’m going to tell you the best ways to defend your home without a firearm.

Let’s inventory your armory…

If you have to respond to a threat inside your home, you will want every tactical advantage possible. A firearm provides you with that comfort provided you have the skill to use it. However, not everyone wants a gun in their home.

So let’s inventory your armory. Now you say, “I don’t have an armory. I’m just an average person. I’m not a secret agent or a drug dealer.”

But you do have an armory. Your whole house is one giant cache of weapons. All you have to do is look at all the objects around you and then use your imagination.

Keep in mind that any response is better than no response. So get in the habit of looking for makeshift weapons whenever you enter a room. Scan for something heavy, something sharp, something you can throw as a missile, something you can wield as a club or a staff, something that can propel gases or chemicals.

Consider even mundane items, such as books, as potential weapons. A hardcover book or a rolled up magazine can be quite powerful when thrust in the right manner. Even a heavy coffee mug on the counter when grabbed tight by the handle and forcibly directed at the intruder’s head or arm could do substantial damage.

The point is, open your eyes and your mind to all the potential defensive tools that you have in your home. Make sure you discuss this idea with your family members so they will have “20/20 vision” when it comes to finding these weapons, too.

Here are some suggestions for finding weapons on the fly …

Stabbing, slashing or cutting: Kitchen knives, silverware forks and knives, spike meat thermometers, sewing shears, office scissors, various tools, including garden shears, saws, chisels, or screwdrivers. And don’t forget you can instantly create a sharp edge by breaking a bottle, glass, jar or even a dinnerware cup or plate.

Clubs and impact weapons: You should easily identify hammers and meat tenderizers and cast iron skillets. You can also add sports equipment like baseball bats, tennis rackets and weight-lifting dumbbells. But also keep an eye out for heavy mugs, paperweights, trophies, metal sculptures and fireplace equipment.

Staffs: Look for brooms, mops, shovels, rakes, hockey sticks and lacrosse sticks.

Shields: Some of these can do double-duty as clubs while you should use others to simply cushion blows from clubs or fists or to deflect knives. Go for pots, pans, large framed photos or artwork, coffee-table books, and in desperate straits, even pillows.

Chemical weapons: Mace has nothing on sprays for killing weeds and insects or for cleaning kitchens and bathrooms or for removing laundry stains. You can sometimes also turn the tables on an attacker with sprays for cooking, hairstyling, and even deodorants.  

To prepare for a break in, you can stage defensive items all around your house. For example, you can tape a knife under a coffee table and hide a baseball bat in a corner out of sight.

Think carefully about “where” to stage tools and put them in places you spend a lot of your time. Also think about where you’re most likely to “make a stand” in your home. Then place some makeshift weapons at these locations.

But remember, you may have to retreat from strong, vicious thugs who have experience at making mayhem. So plan your retreats, step-by-step, stand-by-stand, and have new weapons waiting for you at each new “stand.”

Until next time, stay alert, check your six, put your back against the wall and stay safe!


Dr. Jeff Cantor is one of the country’s leading experts on personal and International security, including preparation and response to active shooter and domestic terrorism incidents, kidnap and ransom response, travel security, close quarter combat, tactical edged weapons and personal defense.



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These rights came long before the sheep allowed the government to come along to trample them...

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I read that our military lost track of 700,000 assault rifles and machine guns it had given to allied forces in Iraq which are now being sold by arms dealers-maybe we can pick up a few dozen cheap online! Uncle Scam at its best.