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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Brain Fingerprinting, Quantum Computing, Textalyzers, A.I., etc., - Will they Undermine Humanity?


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Brain Fingerprinting, Quantum Computing, Textalyzers, A.I., etc., - Will they Undermine Humanity?

   Few humans seem to grasp the implications of artificial intelligence or so-called quantum computing.  This new era of programs writing themselves and executing non-binary instructions could turn the tables on conventional cyber-security safeguards, let alone job security.

Artificial intelligence could, in theory, take military decisions out the hands of unstable leaders who might act irrationally [images of the sci-fi movie Terminator and Skynet come to mind].

Last month, researchers at Stanford University announced they had developed software that was able to accurately predict a person’s sexual orientation.

Drawing from photos on a popular dating website, their program was able to correctly distinguish self-identified gay men from heterosexual men 81% of the time. It had a 71% success rate in distinguishing gay women from heterosexual women. When the algorithm was given five images of the same person to examine, the accuracy rose to 91% for men and 83% for women.

Given that the individuals whose photos were analyzed had already self-identified as straight or gay, you might wonder whether the software is a genuine threat to privacy. It could be if the technology is used by police in countries like Saudi Arabia or Russia to investigate suspected homosexuals.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the threat to privacy that face recognition and other biometric technologies pose. And everyone is vulnerable.

In the US, you have no right to privacy with respect to your facial features. No federal law regulates the collection of biometric data. For instance, anyone with a camera can legally take your picture in a public space. And with applications such as FindFace Pro, police can match your photo to a database of millions of photos in a fraction of a second.

Ignorance equals Chaos

It should thus come as no surprise that images of millions of faces recorded by cameras installed in public spaces have made their way into archives compiled by law enforcement. The FBI can now search over 400 million photos from this source as well as driver’s license photos, passport photos, and visa application databases. Not to mention another 650 billion photos on Facebook alone – although police do need a warrant to retrieve photos or other data not posted for the public to view.

Similarly, the Supreme Court has ruled that you have no legal expectation of privacy with regard to your “personal characteristics.” That means police don’t need a warrant to collect your fingerprints, although they do to conduct an invasive procedure such as a blood test. Therefore, if you can unlock your smart phone with your fingerprint, the police in many parts of the US can force you to do so.

And anyone who retrieves an image of your fingerprints can probably unlock your phone as well. Think of the 5.6 million sets of fingerprints that were stolen in 2015 from the US Office of Personnel Management, which was widely believed to be the work of hackers employed by the Chinese government.

Nor is it just high-tech means that can be used to steal your fingerprints. In 2015, researchers at Vkansee, a firm specializing in security for mobile devices, demonstrated they could collect fingerprints using Play-Doh and use the resulting images to unlock an iPhone.

Law enforcement and intelligence agencies are also investigating biometric markers other than faces and fingerprints to identify suspected terrorists. Research dating back to 2010 demonstrates the effectiveness of “brain fingerprinting.” This involves using an electroencephalograph (EEG) to determine if a piece of information is stored in a person’s brain. The EEG pinpoints an involuntary reaction called a “P300 response.” The P300 response is a spike in brain activity a fraction of a second after a test subject is shown a familiar image or other stimuli.

Civilian Dependency on Tech is Making them Dumber

Our growing over dependence on technology such as so-called ‘smart’ phones, for example, is actually making us dumber and more vulnerable…the SIM card in your iPhone or Android device is a portable memory chip and contains your personal account data which law enforcement and the NSA can easily access [without a warrant as former President Obama demonstrated to the consternation of the courts].


Blanket phone tapping without warrants can be carried out using a device called StingRay which police departments use to intercept calls and texts from cell phones.  It works by simulating a mobile network tower and tricking all cell phones within range to transmit their signals directly to the police.


Police can also use a textalyzer device to plug into your phone at traffic stops to analyze your phone for all of its recent messages…


George Orwell Would be Impressed


In some respects, the internet and its gatekeepers [Google, facebook] is emerging to be the single biggest threat to your freedom.  Google, for instance, is not only pushing driverless vehicles [a driverless vehicle drove coast-to-coast in 1995] but it is becoming a major censor to anything it dislikes on the internet, effectively dismantling the First Amendment in the United States via its heavy regulation as a service provider using petty excuses to limit or curtail what can be said or what websites they will allow or promote.  That is why the web giants push for so-called web neutrality…a sneaky regulatory scam to hand more power to neuter politically incorrect critics.


Google’s compulsion to force self-driving cars on the public despite a new Kelley Blue Book survey which reports 80% of drivers want to keep control!  Drivers don’t want to give up their autonomy.

However, have you noticed this does not seem to be a part of the public discussion?  Newscasters seem to think driverless vehicles are going to be the next best thing since sliced bread!


In 2012, a neural network running on 16,000 computer processors taught itself to recognize cats by looking at millions of YouTube videos.  This is the beginning of what some say is technology that will help human minds solve problems the world faces.  Others believe it will eventually replace human beings.


Is Alexa Eavesdropping?  According to Google, Amazon, and Apple, their devices are not listening to you before you turn them on.  However, an internet-connected microphone is always a risk for certain professions and often banned by certain military and intelligence agencies.


“If I were to guess at what our biggest existential threat is,” Elon Musk has said, referring to artificial intelligence, “it is probably that.”  He continued:  “We’re summoning the demon.”


Then Musk, along with eight other backers, put $1 billion into OpenA.I – its mission:  to design A.I that prioritizes humans, and ensures that everyone has access to it.


The Elite’s Sweeping Plans For Humanity


The tech gurus’ plans to remold society are bold, broad and sweeping, ranging from smart phones to smart appliances and smart home systems and smart meters to monitor all of your home energy usage remotely.


Facebook, Google and top tech elites are putting together a new plan for humanity which appear to favor a vast, authoritarian future of control over everything you do, everything we hear and see and everything we consume.  These giants, just like the TV media, already control the information flow to 1.6 billion people.  Soon, 99% of all “news” will be web-based and manipulated by these media concerns.


The Wall Street Journal says, “Google and Facebook together collect nearly half of all global spending on advertising.”    According to a recent 60 Minutes interview with a Pres. Trump staffer, this was how they managed to win the election – they spent the majority of their time and resources using Facebook to target their messages to specific audiences.


Former Pres. Obama gave away critical elements of the US-invented internet over to international control but keep in mind the First Amendment only lives in the USA – another indicator of the global web speech suppression to come.


Orwellian controls already exist against free speech such as when Google banned independent social network…domain registrars threatened to shut them down entirely.  The ACLU no longer defends groups such as White Supremists as to their right to free speech…facebook now bans gun sales and PayPal has financially de-platformed gun dealers and the list goes on.


Google and other groups are even smearing anti-tax groups and the right-wing hate group SPLC has smeared Ron Paul and the late Phyllis Schlafly as ‘extremists.’  It’s now leading the charge to erase US history and to de-platform the Tea Party.


Increased polarization in this nation will be accomplished with the help of AI and the continuing decline of a broad, basic education [which has been eroding for decades]… 



In 20 Years A.I. Implants Will Allow Humans To Control Our World

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DAR said...

Is it a 'brave new world' or a stupid new world that we're going to see?

Steve said...

Few leaders give a damn about the little guy-it's all about lining their own pocket and that of their friends [aka: special interests] and that is the way it has been for centuries...

Weird Al said...

Most people are already too stupid to see what's going on...they're addicted to shiny objects and cannot disconnect from their umbilical cords.