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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Reinvent Yourself-Often!


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Reinventing Yourself

   My wife tolerates me, even loves me.  She loves my cooking which is one reason that she married me and has stayed with me for nearly 25 years despite my many foibles and oddities. At the very least [and this is the foundation for solid relationships] I do not use illegal drugs, engage in immoral behavior [I don’t cheat on her], I’m fiscally responsible, I’m hygienic and ambitious…yet, I wonder why she puts up with me.


I’m also impatient [I have been working on that especially since recuperating from open heart surgery], incredibly frustrated with the vast amount of stupidity I see in America, especially in public school curriculums and public television, continually amazed at how much time and money is spent by Americans on trivial matters such as sports [I believe they’ve become big business as opposed to sporting events] yet the average citizen could care less about political events or how they are being robbed of their rights and privacy.


Most people waste a lot of time on useless activities then complain they don’t have enough time in the day to get everything done – yet, never before in history have people had so many labor-saving devices at their disposal.


I read at least one book per week and several magazines in addition to several online periodicals and newsletters.  Many Americans boast about not reading books of any kind today.  That’s sad.  It’s also a factor which has contributed to the decline of our society and educational standards.


Yet, I sometimes find myself bored.  There are projects and endeavors I would like to attempt but forego them due to a lack of resources.  Most of those revolve around research, exploration of ancient Egypt, certain areas of cultural anthropology, etc.  Other areas include business startups that I feel would be successful…one in particular I put a lot of effort into and failed to find a partner, backer or any interest at all despite nearly two years of revision, advertising and travel to other states to meet with potential partners.


I have a lot of experience and even awards [and even a best - selling book to my credit] that would or should indicate to others my qualifications.  I offered my time and money to invest.  It is very frustrating when an idea does not bear fruit especially when previous efforts of mine have done extremely well…in other words, I have a track record.  I have always found it irritating that Starbucks became successful, for example.  I personally find their product over priced and the taste pretty crappy, but apparently the prestige factor for most Americans outweighs the cost and taste [I’m not alone in my thought…I taught marketing at the college level for nearly a decade and none of my colleagues thought the concept would fly].


I had no health insurance when I experienced my triple heart by-pass and the cost for surgery and related matters pretty much cleaned out most of my accounts and forced me to close out several of my revenue producing income streams…most of which no longer seem a viable option. 


I’ve always believed and taught others that one should have at least seven income streams, never relying on a single source of income. 


I recently finished a book by James Altucher called Reinvent Yourself which is his semi-autobiographical account of his many rebirths coupled with interviews he’s done with celebrities that inspired him.  I can identify with him as I have reinvented myself many times as author and columnist, to speaker and publisher to show producer to antique dealer and appraiser and more.


The world and the tastes of the public seem to change ever faster today and as a result, one must be prepared to adapt more quickly to the quirks and desires of the public you wish to serve if you want to have a viable business.


One important lesson I learned early on about success:  You must believe 100% in whatever you are selling/marketing in order to be successful.  It also helps to surround yourself with folks who believe in you and support you – as does my wife!



Bruce, the Poor Man, free thinker, social critic & cynic


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DAR said...

Everything in life is recycled and reborn-adapt or die.

Larry said...

It took a lot of medical challenges to realize the truth in your essay-nice touches [I took that quiz and ordered your book by the way]