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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Odd Survival Uses For Ziplocs, Soap, Leather Belts, Cigarettes & More That You’ve Never Heard of Plus Gold Combi-Bars

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8 Survival Uses For Ziplocs & Soap You’ve Probably Never Thought Of Plus 25 Unusual Uses for a Leather Belt, Gold Combi-Bars, More

SELF-RELIANCE IS THE KEY to everything today…

There are a growing number of patriots in North America who are disgusted when our society teaches people to rely on everyone but themselves.

We cringe when we see how ill-prepared most people are to handle even the slightest of emergencies. We shake our heads in disbelief as we hear politicians claim that stricter gun control laws will save lives when we know that the exact opposite is true.

American patriots realize that the time is eventually going to come when only those who have learned to be self-reliant will survive. But that’s assuming we’re able to maintain our independence in the face of a society that is increasingly hostile toward us.

If you’re not self-reliant, start working on getting there. If you’re halfway there, get all the way there. If you’re all the way there, help others get there.

That’s my advice. Our self-reliance is what will carry us through when times are tough.

Now to our round-up of useful tips and resources…

There’s a ton of survival uses for ziplocs that are just waiting for you to discover.

Most people relate these storage bags with bagging up fresh watermelon, or the leftover ingredients from Tuesday’s dinner. However, these bags are so much more than that.

Part of the beauty of these bags is they’re reusable, disposable, and cheap. They also come in a variety of sizes, which helps depending on your needs. Plus, they’re incredibly easy to store, and weigh next to nothing (so they won’t weigh down your bug out bag).

Ziploc bags will also be your best friend in an SHTF event, so long as you remember to use them. Store a few in your bug out bag now while you’re thinking about it so you don’t forget!

You’ll be amazed to learn all about these…

8 Survival Uses For Ziplocs You’ve Probably Never Thought Of

1  – Start A Fire

Few preppers know that you can start a fire with a sandwich-size ziploc bag! Watch the video to learn all about how to put this plan in action.

2 Fight Off Disease

There will be times where you may need to remove trash or waste, or take care of someone who has an open wound. In all these cases, it is best to be wearing gloves to prevent the spread of infection and disease. Simply place the ziploc bag over your hand. If there’s too much extra room at the top, you can seal it around your arm.

3 – Grow A Garden

Very few preppers know this, but you can actually use a ziploc bag to create a mini greenhouse for your seedlings. By enclosing the bag around the seedlings, the environment will be warm for growing, and the condensation will help prevent water loss.

4 – Keep Electronics Dry

These bags are a godsend when it comes to rainy situations. Simply store your phone, USB cords, and other electronic devices in a ziploc bag. Seal it tightly, and you’re good to go! If you accidentally drop the bag in the mud, never fear – the bag will protect them.

5 – Funnel

Funnels are efficient for all sorts of tasks, such as transferring liquid and filtering water. Luckily, you can make your own out of a ziploc bag!

Simply puncture a hole in the bottom, and pour the liquid inside. Make sure not to make the hole too big if you’re filtering water so that large debris can’t get through.

6 – Collect Water

Dehydration is a killer in an emergency situation. Thankfully, you can keep it at bay by using ziploc bags to collect water! One way to do this is to set something heavy into the bag, and keep it open as rain falls into the bag.

Another way is to tie small bags around the ends of tree branches. Not only will this capture rain as it falls from the leaves, but it can also capture the condensation from the leaves in the sun, and drip it into the bag.

7 – Warm Up The Water

If you collect some cold water, but need to warm it up (say, to take a shower) ziploc bags can help you in a pinch. Transport the water into the plastic bags, and then place them in the sun. The sun’s rays will warm up the bag, as well as the water inside it.

8 – Cover The Wound

You can use ziploc bags to cover an open wound to help prevent infection. Tape the bag over the hole, while wearing ziploc gloves (like in #2).

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I’ll be honest, I was actually surprised by some of these off-label uses for soap from the Homestead Survival Site — like using soap as deer repellent, a spackle alternative or a de-icing agent for your sidewalks and driveway. Plus, this post recommends exactly what kind of soap to buy for optimal results.

I find these kinds of articles extremely useful. Not only can they help you save money and time on any given day, but when the SHTF, you may need to get creative to make your supplies last — especially in a prolonged disaster situation if store shelves remain empty.

Consider this. When people are dependent on the electrical grid, they can be controlled by an on/off switch. When people are dependent upon food stamps, they are dependent upon the government that issues them.

When people don’t grow their own food, they can be controlled by those who produce and sell food to them. When people don’t protect their privacy, they can be controlled by those who spy on them. And when people don’t own guns, they can be controlled by those who do, including criminals.

Self-reliant people, on the other hand, are much more difficult to control. They don’t need or ask for government handouts. They don’t flock to FEMA centers when their power goes out.

They don’t go hungry when store shelves empty or food prices soar. They don’t back down from defending their families and property, meekly handing over their guns to criminals and those who wish to rob them of their Second Amendment rights.


CombiBars.. Here’s the short version:

Offered in 20-gram and 50-gram units, CombiBars are pure gold in the form of a credit card. As 99.99% pure gold, they will track the price of gold perfectly. And they’re perforated into 1-gram pieces, so you can break off small bits to use as currency. That’s the real power of the CombiBar.

The CombiBar isn’t just an essential store of wealth and a way to thrive in the coming financial carnage. It also acts as a break-in-case-of-emergency currency you can use to survive any true breakdown of the financial system, no matter how short-lived it might be.

Simply put, there’s no better way to ensure the safety and prosperity of your family in the event of a true world-shaking shock.

And the world is closer to such a shock than it’s been in my lifetime. War is looming on the horizon. Cyberthreats are already invading our daily lives. And an economic showdown between great nations seems to be more a question of when, not if.

You heard it here first, folks. Get your gold ready - Because tomorrow is coming…


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