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Thursday, October 26, 2017

Prepping for Retirees (And Those on SS & Fixed Income)

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Prepping for Retirees (And Those on SS & Fixed Income)


I read an interesting article this week. It's from The Wall Street Journal. The article looked at how state governments would fare if/when we have a recession. Nearly 47 states have pension plans which are broke or are unable to pay out their promised funds to retirees – Illinois is at the top of the list.

"If the next recession hit the U.S. this year, more than a quarter of states would be financially unprepared to weather even a moderate downturn, according to a new report. Fifteen states would struggle in the case of a recession-related tax revenue slump and spike in demand for services, such as Medicaid."

How would you fare if/when we have a recession. Have you taken steps to be ready for an economic downturn? Or would you face a potentially critical situation? You might want to ask yourself the same questions.

Do you have an emergency fund? If not, learn how to build an emergency fund.

Don’t Spend A Dime On These Resources

Many preppers forget that preparing for a crisis doesn’t just mean stocking up on supplies and hoarding survival food. It’s also about preparing your mind and your abilities to survive.   Being prepared beats being unprepared. That's true for hurricanes and earthquakes, and it is also true for recessions. Both are bound to happen. We just don't know when.

I hold a very strong belief that absolutely every person in this world can contribute something in a survival situation. Whether you’re elderly, have a disability, or have very little money, it doesn’t matter. Everyone has the ability – and the responsibility – to contribute something of value in a crisis.

That’s why it’s crucial to start learning all you can – and you can do this without spending a dime. For instance, there are TONS of videos and websites online that offer important information on how to survive. And, if you don’t want to pay for internet, you can always go to the public library and use theirs. You can also check out books on survival.

These resources can teach you incredibly valuable skills that’ll help you when SHTF. My advice? Pick a topic that’s interesting to you (or one that you already know about and want to learn more) and read deeper into it. Love to sew? Enjoy cooking? Interested in first-aid? Want the best ways to build a fire? How about shooting and hunting tips? No matter who you are, there is SOMETHING you can do (and actually enjoy learning about) that will help you prepare better for an upcoming emergency.

Note: Here’s another idea. Trade skills! For example, maybe you have a pressure canner and a smoker, which you use to preserve meats, fruits and veggies. Well, if you’ve got a buddy who just went fishing, you can offer to teach them how to smoke/preserve their bounty. In return, maybe they can share a few survival skills with you that you need help/practice with. The opportunities are endless!

Survival Supplies For Cheap

Needing a good deal? You can’t just expect to go to any store and expect that they’re giving you a good deal. If you really want to save money, you’ll need to do some price comparisons.

Many people forget that the Dollar Store has tons of items you can use for survival. It’s seriously surprising how much gear you can get for cheap! Don’t believe me? Look at the videos below (there are even more on YouTube) showing you just how far your money can go at the Dollar Store if you’re smart about it.

One of the best ways to do this is online. By simply searching for terms like “survival gear discounts” and “survival coupons” you can instantly get a ton of websites that have survival gear for cheap. I’ve even seen some that are 50-80% off retail.Heck, by doing a simple Google search I found, which offers 88% off survival gear. That’s hard to beat!

Amazon is also one of the best websites for this, as it allows you to search for specific items and do price comparisons in one easy site. Also, you can add the specific items you’re looking for to a wish list. The prices will automatically update over time, so you can keep checking back and seeing the prices increase and decrease. This will help you ensure that you really are buying at the lowest price.

Make Some Extra $$

Money is one of the primary stressors that people have – and it only gets worse when you’re living on a budget. That’s why it’s important to take advantage of all the opportunities out there to make some extra money for preps!

One of the best ways to make some extra cash is to go through your house and do some serious decluttering. Set aside the things you never use and don’t need, and put it in a pile. Then sell it to friends, or start a garage sale. It may surprise you how much stuff you have lying around that you don’t actually need!

Now this is just one example, but there are lots more ideas out there! Here are a few videos with more ideas on how you can earn some extra cash to help you prepare for the worst.


Thanks to the!


Like most Americans, our costs continually escalate, especially those relating to government [health insurance, property taxes, auto registration fees, etc.] yet our income seems to erode due to declining online sales.  Colleagues who also use the same selling channels [eBay, Bonanza, Facebook, Craigslist, etc.] report the same issue.  Many categories that used to be successful for me are now dead in the water or items that once sold well have become virtually impossible to find at reasonable prices [antiquarian books, for example]…even thrift stores such as Goodwill and the Salvation Army are now bypassing local retail customers & selling their better quality donated items online via their own ecommerce stores or through eBay.

I always like to have at least six streams of income and ever since I spent so much time in the hospital recuperating from heart surgery, that number has dwindled to three but our cost of living has increased by roughly 12.5% in that time period…not keeping pace. 


Now that I’m feeling almost back to normal I’ve contemplated seeking some kind of part time job however, where I live, opportunities are rare and honestly, I’m unsure anyone would hire an ‘old’ fart such as myself who has essentially been out of commission for the past few years.


Fortunately, we have virtually zero debt, no mortgage or car payments, no credit cards or other long-term interest payments but the ever increasing toll of government-related costs are taking its toll on us and most other Americans.  We’ve had to cut back on our charitable giving as a result.  Nor do we live the ‘high life’ as many others in our circles do…no casinos, no sporting events, no expensive vacations, etc. 


Any extra cash we get goes into improving our mini-farm and because we procrastinated on its expansion a year ago, costs have increased by 35% due to local officials enacting tighter regulations and the cost of building materials have skyrocketed due to all of the recent natural disasters.


Nonetheless, I still manage to give away highly useful reports and other goodies to our readers so why not take advantage?  See below for a selection.

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Larry said...

Like your comments about how tough it is getting to simply survive-every time I turn around, the government or an insurance firm is gouging me for more money and I can barely keep up as I am on a fixed income...the idiots in DC say inflation is under control-they are full of crap.

DAR said...

It is getting tougher to survive as America has become a high cost country and I suspect its HUGE number of laws, rules and regs are causing it to be so...

PaulMitch said...

You consistently offer top-notch information and resources. Great job@