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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Ending the Epidemic of Homeless Veterans


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Ending the Epidemic of Homeless Veterans


   The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development [HUD] estimates that nearly 40,000 American veterans are homeless on any given night.


America’s homeless veterans are predominantly male; the majority are over the age of 40, single and affected by some form of mental illness or disorder, including substance abuse, traumatic brain injury, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder.


While the US Department of Veterans Affairs [VA] does provide services and programs to aid its homeless veteran population, homelessness remains a huge population affecting thousands across our nation.  It is an unfortunate twist that is some cities, notably in so-called sanctuary cities, more resources are provided to illegal aliens than to our citizens.


There are many factors which contribute to this problem including:


·         A shortage of affordable housing in major cities, especially in CA, NYC, Portland, etc.

·         Job loss

·         Lack of access to health care [Now improving under the Trump Administration]

·         Lack of post-service social support networks or lasting effects of combat-related health issues such as traumatic brain injury, panic attacks, suicidal thoughts and physical disabilities.


American spends billions on defense but pales in comparison on the resources it should be spending to secure housing and jobs, basic health care services, and especially, mental health counseling and transition assistance for readjusting to civilian life and reentering the workforce.


The VA may not be able to cover every service veterans need but there are several non-profit groups offering varying kinds of assistance.  For instance, Rev. Fowler and his group have recently introduced a program which provides small homes to veterans and others [a tough task in bureaucratic ridden Michigan] which is earning high marks.

Reverend Faith Fowler 

Executive Director

Cass Community Social Services 

11745 Rosa Parks Blvd.

Detroit, MI  48206

(313) 883-2277, ext.201



Cass Community Publishing House:


Texas-based nonprofit organization ‘Venture to the Brave’ calls themselves ‘hero helper,’ offering services to homeless veterans including assistance with resume writing, helping veterans acquire skills to improve their employability, and aiding them in finding affordable housing without years-long waiting periods.


The national non-profit group Building Homes for Heroes prides itself on supporting veterans who served in Iraq and Afghanistan by building homes and giving them mortgage-free to veterans and their families.


Massachusetts-based nonprofit Homes for our Troops holds a similar mission, building and donating specially adapted homes nationwide for severely injured veterans to assist them in rebuilding their lives.


Veterans Community Project, an organization created by fellow veterans who aim to help homeless vets attain housing and other services, recently created a community of thirteen tiny houses for homeless veterans in Kansas City, MO…the small homes built close to each other provide a ‘barracks’ mentality so they support each other.  This is similar to the Cass Community project mentioned above.


Grassroots Action Team was created to advocate for our veterans and military. We will fight on behalf of those who have so valiantly served our country to ensure they receive adequate funding in the battlefield and at home, help provide mental aid support, and amplify the voices of those that are too busy fighting for our freedoms to fight for themselves. 


VFW Offers a Wide Range of Services

In the wake of the access crisis that rocked the VA health care system in 2014, we've spent countless hours testifying before Congress on veterans health care benefits and working to assist veterans affected by delays in accessing VA care. All we've ever asked of VA is they provide timely, easily accessible and high quality care for veterans. In effort to continue holding VA and America's legislators accountable, we've compiled a series of reports evaluating the state of VA health care and the implementation of important reforms created by the Veterans Access, Choice and Accountability Act.  

The VFW continues to offer direct intervention on behalf of veterans who are experiencing problems accessing care. To report problems or concerns regarding VA health care or benefits, contact us by email or call 1-800-VFW-1899 (1-800-839-1899).


Ben Carson, Secretary of HUD spent several weeks at the start of year traveling to a number of cities on a national tour to discuss transitional housing and homelessness for America’s veterans.  He explained that Trump’s new HUD budget will be able to provide veterans with the service they need, emphasizing support for programs that encourage self-sufficiency over government dependence.


The Poor Man’s Father’s Day Survival Package fund raiser will begin soon on eBay and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the VFW to help with their efforts…Stay tuned for details and a link.  This package will include a huge variety of ‘Prepper” goods including survival radio, first aid kits, fishing kits and so on.


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Rainey said...

Thanks for posting this-too often our military is overlooked. These are all wonderful resources.

Nicki said...

I was referred to your blog as I was told it had useful resources and they sure didn't lie...tried using Google but they're a waste of time. Some great stuff here.