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Sunday, April 29, 2018

President Trump Gets Very Warm Welcome in MI


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President Trump Gets Very Warm Welcome in MI

President Trump was in Washington Township, Michigan and conducted a rally for supporters Saturday night while the annual White House Correspondents' Dinner was being held in Washington, D.C.

My wife and I attended along with about 10,000 [or more] other area residents.  The venue was small and rural and despite the area’s nickname of the ‘Motor City,’ it is a bear to get around in but thankfully it wasn’t within Detroit city limits as most of the freeways are torn apart for construction. 

It was a long day with a lot of standing and waiting in long lines and unless you were with the press or among the chosen few, there was no seating either as the venue was rather small and many attendees were not able to make it inside the building before the fire marshal decided the its quota of people had been reached.  By the end of the program my legs were killing me and I was happy to be sitting in our vehicle for an hour and half during the time it took for officials to finally clear the president and begin allowing us mere mortals back onto the roads.

Too bad I gave up drinking 15 years ago as I sure thought long and hard about a rum and coke at that stage!

The crowd was particularly enthusiastic and the President received round after round of applause.

President Trump received a cheer of "Nobel! Nobel!" while talking about a deal to denuclearize North Korea.

It was the first time my wife had ever attended a Presidential rally/speech and she was star-struck.  [I’m older and have attended events with President Nixon and with Libertarian author and candidate Harry Browne who I campaigned for].

We know a fair amount of area politicians and residents but didn’t run into anyone we knew but we were both disappointed when Trump endorsed Attorney General Bill Schutte for the next Michigan governor…neither one of us nor anyone we know can stand him.  I knew the former governor of MI, Jennifer Granholm,  on a professional basis even though our politics didn’t match.  We’ve tried dealing with him on issues in the past and found him to be ineffective and stand-offish and feel there are better candidates.

Once I finish my fundraising effort for the VFW I plan on devoting time to a campaign to overhaul Michigan’s outdated and unfair ‘no-fault’ automobile insurance scheme which benefits insurance firms, lawyers and hospitals but not consumers…Michigan has the highest premiums in the nation and has had such for years and while it has its supporters, it is a rip-off which offers no choice to consumers.



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Larry said...

I'm jealous-wish I had gone!

Shelley said...

We did attend and everyone was well behaved and there were very few disruptions [except to traffic which was lined up for miles in every direction...MI sucks when it comes to its roads and they should have had better management of traffic by police].