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Wednesday, November 20, 2019

A Civil War Scenario

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A Civil War Scenario

Despite support from the Kool-Aid guzzling party faithful/hard core fundamentalists on the far Left who have already convicted [without due process] Pres. Trump and want his removal for whatever crime[s] they, in their delirium, think he committed it is apparent they’re not interested in maintaining low taxes or a healthy economy and jobs environment.

American people [at least the rational ones] can see through the charade:


  • We know the President didn’t commit any crimes
  • We know there are no high crimes or misdemeanors
  • We have seen the transcripts of President Trump’s phone call with the President of Ukraine, showing no quid pro quo 

We present the following fantasy scenario for your consideration!

The year is 2023. President Elizabeth Warren has just ordered the deployment of National Guard forces to Syria, to join the regular troops already fighting a widening war there.

The governor of Wyoming is refusing to comply with the order, absent a congressional declaration of war — something Congress hasn’t done since World War II.

Warren has dispatched federal troops to northern Colorado, poised to sweep up Interstate 25 and enter Wyoming at any moment to enforce the order. “America will not abide this lawlessness,” she declares. She has the support of Wyoming’s lone Congress member — House Speaker Liz Cheney.

The troops will meet resistance from the Wyoming Guardsmen, joined by antiwar protesters from out of state. Some of them are armed. Many are veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan. Many more were chanting “Bring them home!” at Donald Trump rallies in 2020. They’re forming human chains around Wyoming’s National Guard armories.

From time to time this year we’ve entertained the possibility of a new American civil war. Today we present what seems a plausible scenario for how it might break out.

As we approach year-end, the topic has gone mainstream: As you might have seen on The Drudge Report this morning, The Atlantic is devoting an entire issue of the magazine to the topic.

Throughout the year, one question has nagged at us: For all the tensions between red and blue, rural and urban, nationalist and globalist… what would be the defining issue of a new all-out conflict?

Supreme Court nominations and border walls seem like weak tea compared with slavery... or independence from Great Britain. (The historian Michael Vlahos says the Revolution was America’s first civil war, and he has a point.)

Today, we present one possibility. We hope, we pray, it doesn’t come to pass. We hope the protagonists in the tale that follows can achieve their ends without setting off a bloody backlash from this country’s power elite.

But if they can’t, consider yourself warned...

A majority of veterans surveyed by Pew Research believes the Iraq and Afghanistan wars weren’t worth fighting, “considering the costs versus the benefits to the United States.”

Sixty-four percent say that about Iraq. Only slightly less, 58%, believe the same about Afghanistan. Among those who served on active duty after Sept. 11, 2001 — roughly one in five veterans — the numbers are about the same. Ditto for the public at large.

At the very least, a separate poll of troops and veterans by Smithsonian finds 84% believe the U.S. presence in those two countries has “been going on too long.”

The current president knows how to tap into that sentiment — perhaps because he knows it helped him get elected.

Rolling Stone writer Matt Taibbi recalls Donald Trump testing out applause lines at his rallies in 2015, seeing whether war weariness would sell. It did — even in military-heavy South Carolina, where he won a crucial early primary.

After Trump’s victory in the general election, researchers at Boston University and the University of Minnesota took a deep dive into the results from three key states that were “blue” in 2012 and turned “red” in 2016.

Their conclusion? Communities whose sons and daughters suffered a disproportionate level of military dead and wounded appear to have flipped the election to Trump. Those voters took to heart his campaign-trail rhetoric about an end to “stupid wars.”

“There is a significant and meaningful relationship between a community’s rate of military sacrifice and its support for Trump,” the researchers wrote. “Our statistical model suggests that if three states key to Trump’s victory — Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin — had suffered even a modestly lower casualty rate, all three could have flipped from red to blue and sent Hillary Clinton to the White House.”

Trump is again tapping into that sentiment during the 2020 campaign cycle.

Speaking at a rally in Dallas last month, he said, “American combat troops should not be at the center of ancient sectarian conflicts all over the world. Bring our soldiers back home. Bring our soldiers back home.”

The crowd broke out in a chant…


And that’s the message a group of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans is bringing to Washington, D.C., this week.

They hail from 24 states, organized by a group called Bring Our Troops Home. Its founder is a former Idaho National Guardsman who served in Afghanistan, Dan McKnight.

McKnight quickly found support in nearby Wyoming from the majority whip in that state’s House of Representatives — Republican Rep. Tyler Lindholm, a Navy veteran. Lindholm reached across the aisle and found further support from Democratic Rep. Andi Clifford.

In all, state legislators from seven states will join the veterans for briefings and panel discussions tomorrow morning at the National Press Club. Then in the afternoon, the group will fan out across Capitol Hill to press their case with their home-state federal lawmakers.

They’re keen to make the point that they’re not Vietnam-era hippies. Or as former Army Ranger James Lechner tells the Washington Examiner, “It’s not Code Pink or any crap like that.”

"We have a simple message,” Wyoming’s Lindholm tells the Rawlins Times: “Support the president’s efforts to withdraw American troops from war zones in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen and elsewhere, and bring our troops home.

“Then, before American troops are sent into combat overseas in the future, return to the constitutional standard of requiring a formal declaration of war by Congress, as stipulated in Article 1 of the U.S. Constitution."

Lindholm’s encounter tomorrow with Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyoming) ought to be, ummm, interesting.

Cheney shares all the most hawkish impulses of her father, the former vice president. After Iran shot down a U.S. drone last June, she called for Washington to bomb Iran.

“That’s insane,” said Lindholm on a radio talk show in Casper. “We essentially lost a pickup truck. It's folks like Rep. Liz Cheney who are keeping us at war even though she has never been at war herself."

(And yes, the buzz in Washington is that Cheney has her eye on becoming House speaker if the GOP regains the majority. Unless she runs for the Senate…)

It’s one thing for the veterans to seek redress of their grievances in Washington; we suspect they won’t get far. But it’s their efforts back in their home states that open up the potential for our chilling scenario.

Bring Our Troops Home has drawn up model legislation for all 50 states. It forbids a state’s National Guard units from being deployed to combat zones unless Congress approves a formal declaration of war.

The imperative for such legislation is not only constitutional… but practical.

Thanks to Dave Gonigam, editor of the 5 Minute Forecast

Yours in Freedom,

Bruce ‘the PoorMan’


In 2019, Trump has attached his administration completely to the performance of markets with endless Twitter comments, taking full credit for the financial bubble that he once criticized. He has also now called for the Fed to bring interest rates down to zero to artificially support the economy once again (Obviously we have to ask the big question – If this is the “greatest US economy ever”, then why would Trump want the Fed to introduce more stimulus to prop it up?).

Note: From what I read & hear it seems unlikely an impeachment hearing will make it out of the House.  If Dems are stupid enough to proceed it highly unlikely the Senate will remove Trump from office.  If they did, there will be a lot of unhappy citizens marching in the street, or worse.

Cities are taking over the world, so to speak. More people live in them than ever and more of them are popping up all over the world. Learning to survive in a dense urban environment is becoming an ever more important skill.

 To help you better prepare, we have put together this civil war preparedness series to give you a quick down and dirty overview of what survival in a city will entail. This is the third part and it deals with your physical security.

 "The heightened importance of urban spaces results from demographic developments, with the global population advancing toward 70 percent living in urban areas by 2050, and from recent trends in terrorism, counterinsurgency and stabilization efforts. Both people and the fight are converging on cities..."


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Poll: Majority expect Trump to win in 2020

The president’s reelection prospects appear to be a motivating factor for potential voter turnout.


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Dave said...

I hope it never comes to a point where America experiences another Civil War but Dems are sure pushing it [or more accurately, the socialists] with their attempted Coup. Thank you for an excellent series this week. Your post on how Communists infiltrated Hollywood was great!

Grant said...

Thought provoking with plenty of useful preparedness resources & tips-outstanding!

Roger said...

Each day I see more dumb crap the Dems pull on America & what bothers me most is how so many are OK w/ their BS; that no matter how often they fail to prove anything against Trump [even after multiple thorough investigations] they won't let up & many mindless bozos still shout for impeachment...America has gone crazy w/ the Leftist/Socialist dimwits.
The more successful Trump policies [jobs, economy], the more unhinged the Leftist Dems get.