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Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Being Thankful Even During Times of Strife

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Being Thankful Even During Times of Strife

   In the midst of the Civil War, Pres. Lincoln set aside “ a day of Thanksgiving and Praise to our beneficent Father.”  We’ve been celebrating Thanksgiving ever since in order to reflect on his solemn expression of faith and gratitude [during a time of great civil strife].

I am thankful to be here and healthy [especially after several heart operations]. I am thankful I have a loving family and a great ‘retirement projects. I mean, I get to talk with survivalists, preppers, and self-reliant folk from all over our great country.

People, like yourself, are what make all of this worth it. It brings me so much peace of mind to know that I am helping folks become more self-reliant and secure.

The impeachment hearings drag the American people through levels of political hysteria not previously thought possible…perhaps we should impeach everyone!

What if the unthinkable happens? What if Trump loses, and a Democrat [socialist] takes over the office of the President of the United States?

Well, things are going to be much, much worse.

Some democratic presidential hopefuls have plans to tax every financial transaction (including those in your retirement accounts), or worse yet, arbitrarily decide to “tax the wealthy”, which if they include the value of your retirement savings you could inadvertently deemed wealthy enough to tax.

And guess where are those dollars would go? Straight into their pockets and socialist agendas. Things like free healthcare or free college for all Americans!

The anti-capitalist crowd [socialists]never seem to want for their next iPhone, Starbucks latte, flatscreen TV, $75 manicure, etc. [WEIRDS=Western Educated Idle Rich Democrats]. 

Our nation has been despoiled by unsustainable levels of government growth at all levels costing taxpayers an arm and a leg.

The Socialist-Democrats & their media so-conspirators, represent a national danger. Many of us fought against Socialists & Communists & now find we must destroy it in our own country.

When men are in chains, they are aware of their slavery. But few understand the superior power of deception. Most people can be persuaded to do almost anything to their own detriment.

Free born citizens turned into slaves of the Nanny State [giving up their rights, money independence for a little freedom].  No thank you!

All of us should be thankful for the freedom that remains and be willing to do whatever it takes to secure it against an onslaught of socialism!

Finally, most of my friends and customers seem to share in common a thought for this season-it sure seems retailers push Christmas sales earlier each year.  In some cases we saw thrift stores putting out Christmas merchandise prior to Halloween!  That, my friends, is disgusting.

In any event, try to avoid the over commercialization of life and share the meaning of the holidays with all of those you love.


Yours for a Socialist-Free America!

Bruce ‘the Poor Man’



Overspending, however, is too easy. In fact, about 48 million Americans are still paying off credit card debt from last holiday season, according to a NerdWallet survey conducted by The Harris Poll.

In a society where transactions are driven by credit cards and the occasional use of cash, barter seems like a quaint recollection of the past. But in many economies around the world, barter is still a very active method of commerce and trade.

 Many of these cultures are rural, somewhat primitive and, in some cases, plagued by civil war or economic collapse. It’s easy to think, “It can’t happen here," but it could. 

 Barter is a transaction defined by the exchange of goods or services in trade. It’s referred to in Latin as “Qui Pro Quo” or “This for That.” When two parties agree that the exchange is fair and of relatively equal value, the transaction is complete. But there are variables that come into play depending on the need that one party has for a certain item or service, or its rarity...

Rabbit Hunting-Useful Skill for Survival

As you wade through the thickets and brambles that dot the landscape before you, as if from the very ground beneath your feet, a cottontail rabbit emerges, sprinting toward the next available source of cover.

In a flash, you shoulder your shotgun, swing to the target, and capitalize on the opportunity at hand.

With yet another fine specimen to add to your bag limit, you find yourself ever closer to the wonderful meal that awaits should the day’s hunt find much success.


How to start a neighborhood barter club


Soap making is not as hard as you think. Although it might sound complicated, it’s a skill our ancestors took for granted. The pioneers and trailblazers of the west knew the value of cleanliness, and the value of knowing how to make their own soap.

 Soap destroys germs, prevents bacteria from thriving, and contributes to our overall health. It is also something that every family needs, and it's surprisingly straight forward to make.

 Soap making is a skill. Once you learn a skill you will always have it. You can make soap instead of buying it and give it as a gift, use it for barter, or use it for yourself. Once you know the basic method and recipe for crafting soap, you can vary it, adapt it, and turn out your own fun soapy creations...

Wilderness Survival Skills: A Guide To Identifying Poisonous Plants

We all like to keep a few plants around the house to help “brighten things up” We try to make our insides look a bit more like the outside in an effort to make our humble abode seem more cheerful and fresh inside.


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Eva said...

Very nice sentiments & I agree that retailers push holidays each year earlier and earlier; rather disgusting. Hope your holidays are splendid and thanks for helping our VFW group!

Stephanie said...

We enjoy newsletter a lot [for several years] and always find your resources useful...have a blessed week.

Jan said...

Nice message. Also, wanted to thank you for the emergency radio AND all of the great bonus items [this is how I learned of your blog]

Sam said...

The older I get, the more thankful I've become for the good times & the bad and for still waking up each morning! Happy Turkey to you!

Mary Ann said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you. Thanks for all the the great info you post.