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Monday, November 11, 2019

Signs of Tribalism in America

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Are Excessive Body Piercings & Tattoos Signs of Tribalism?

   This past Friday’s segment of Ancient Aliens [I’m a fan] featured a short history of body art among various nations and tribes ranging from elongated skulls and necks to highly stylized body art and piercings dating back to prehistory.

Where I grew up excessive tattoos were associated with circus performers, gangs and prison inmates.  Tattoos are excessively used among Hispanic gang members, Russian mobsters and the Japanese underworld.  Of course, excessive body art has gone mainstream even among women who went from dainty, unobtrusive tattoos to full sleeve markings.

My deadbeat brother-in-law [who has never worked in his adult life] is an example. His body is covered in piercings, tattoos and body jewelry.  At a Thanksgiving dinner one year my son, who was eight at the time, whispered into my ear “Dad, what’s wrong with B___?”  I wasn’t sure how to respond.

Another show I enjoy [except for the overuse of the word ‘awesome,’] is American Pickers.  One of the people featured in each episode is the office manager, Danielle.  I used to find her somewhat attractive but over the years she’s added so much body art, even to her knuckles, and her chest area has been glossed over with some kind of yellowness that she appears to have jaundice.  I find it repulsive and often wonder why people need to go overboard to the point of distraction.

With my background in cultural anthropology I’ve long associated excessive tattooing with tribalism and now think today’s generation is doing the same.

I have an unconfirmed, un-scientific theory that as a rule, the more excessive the tattoos a person has, the more likely they identify with being a progressive/socialist.  The more conservative or religious one is, the less likely you are to find a lot of body art.  Of course, life is like the English language in that there is an exception to every rule…I have some ex-military friends who sport large amounts of tattoos…however, when I served, our CO warned us NOT to get them.  As he put it, “what’s the first thing every cop asks for when compiling a file on a suspect or fugitive-Any known identifying body marks?”

Finally, one of our single friends who uses online dating sites has remarked how he automatically deletes any candidate with obvious, excessive tats or piercings…

For an interesting article exploring this further:

Yours in Freedom,

Bruce ‘the PoorMan’



Conservative victories

This past week, millions of voters went to the polls to vote on state and local races and a slew of ballot measures. There were some important conservative victories worth noting.

→ Colorado taxpayers rejoice: Liberal big spenders pushed a measure that would have allowed the state government to keep excess tax funds it collected – in violation of the state’s Taxpayer Bill of Rights. Thankfully, voters 
rejected it and told the government to send the money back where it belongs – with taxpayers.

→ Common sense on immigration: A resounding majority of Tucson voters – 71% of them – 
rejected a measure that would make Tucson a sanctuary city. In blue New Jersey, Sussex County residents voted to support federal immigration officials in the state.

→ No taxes in Texas: Texans 
supported a constitutional amendment this week to make it even more difficult for lawmakers to impose a statewide income tax in the future.


Secret Scores: See the Data They Have On You

Does your past online behavior make you a candidate for automatic discounts and better customer service? Or, are you charged more and put at the end of queue when calling customer service? Those decisions are made by some companies based on data that has been amassed about you as a customer. Now you can see the data that some of them have captured about you. For examples of lower prices/better service for "special" people, check out this report.


Make sure you to thank a veteran today [& every day] for their service to keep our freedom alive…and pray we continue to keep our nation free from Socialism!

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What factors to look for when considering relocating?

Likely a symptom of growing social unease, we're seeing a surge in interest amongst our readership in relocation. Many are folks living in urban and suburban areas worried that local resources and/or rule of law will not hold up well during a serious economic crisis, civil disorder or natural disaster. Others have watched Peak Prosperity readers successfully transition to more resilient destinations or even build their own self-sufficient homesteads. Specifically, we're seeing a hunger for guidance on the key factors to assess when asking:

  • How resilient is my current location?
  • Should I relocate?
  • If so, where to? And what criteria should I prioritize in making my decision?


Savings rate jumps to 6-month high.


Hunting is not all about the taking of game but it is certainly the main goal of most hunters.

Nothing really beats having a great hunt and then being able to enjoy it in the months after the hunt when you sit down to a great meal.

However, not all hunters are successful.



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A basic personal finance question everyone should ask themselves is "Do I need to make more, or simply spend less.” We can give you an answer and also help you decide if you'd rather be rich or wealthy.


Poll: Majority expect Trump to win in 2020

The president’s reelection prospects appear to be a motivating factor for potential voter turnout.


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Bob said...

It seems a lot of people like to go overboard w/ fads; see it everywhere. Personally, I find it distasteful & would not date anyone who went crazy w/ body art [arrested too many Mexican gang members covered with tats]

Rona said...

An interesting perspective and no doubt, holds a lot of truth. Americans always seem like lemmings to me in how they adopt fads; for example, have you noticed how many men have facial hair on TV ads & shows? It's well over 90% because it is a fad. I'm waiting for art directors to put tatts & beards on children too:)