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Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Renting the American Dream; New Prepper Resources

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Renting the American Dream; New Prepper Resources

A Man came into a Wood one day with an axe in his hand, and begged all the Trees to give him a small branch which he wanted for a particular purpose. The Trees were good-natured and gave him one of their branches. What did the Man do but fix it into the axe head, and soon set to work cutting down tree after tree.  An old oak, lamenting when too late the destruction of his companions, said to a neighboring cedar, “The first step has lost us all. If we had not given up the rights of the ash, we might yet have retained our own privileges and have stood for ages.”–Aesop Fable

Harry Truman was right.

The only thing new in the world is the history you don't know.

Most people think of Aesop's fables as children's stories, and dismiss them otherwise. Yet, here we have a 2,500 year old example of a very steep "slippery slope" — the first step lost everything for the trees.

This is a concept the elites and the Left desperately do not want you to realize exists.

Renting the American Dream

2008 changed a lot of things — especially with real estate.

For instance — once upon a time, single-family homes were almost always owned by their occupants. Or, in just a few cases, owned by individuals or small corporations that would rent them out.

No more. Today, 35% of rentals are single-family homes. And — after all the bankruptcies and foreclosures from last decade — an increasing share of those homes are owned by large corporations.

One study estimates around $220 billion has been transferred from former or would-be homeowners to those corporate behemoths.

In a post-apocalyptic world, value will not be defined by money but by things that are in short supply or simply don’t exist. So what defines the value of something?

 Is the item necessary for survival and is the item something that will help with long term survival, or does it just meet immediate needs? Is the item a luxury item? These are items that make life easier or may come in handy but are not necessary for surviving. However, these types of items will still have value.

 Trading or barter will become the new standard for commerce. But it does bring some danger, which is why you should never trade alone. In this video, Serious Survivor discusses the ten categories of things that will remain valuable even after the end of the world as we know it...



Yours for better living,

Bruce ‘the Poor Man’


News of Note

According to reports, Democrats are holding up passage of the US-Mexico-Canada (USMCA) trade deal due, in part, to provisions that would bring Mexico’s and Canada’s rules on intellectual property protection for certain kinds of drugs more in-line with those in the United States.

In fact, these rules were passed in 2009 as part of Obamacare – which received unanimous Democratic support. The fact that these rules are now a problem just shows how far to the left Democrats have lurched.

When some good economic news comes along, we should be thankful for it, because such moments are becoming increasingly rare.  On Friday, the Labor Department announced that the U.S. economy added 128,000 jobs last month, and that definitely exceeded expectations…

The Disturbing Secrets of the Dark Web
Chances are you have heard of the "Dark Web," alternatively known as the "Deep Web." But, does it really exist, and if so, what exactly can be seen and purchased there? ...More


Best Hunting Rifles for Women

Unlike men, women have shorter arms and relatively less upper body strength. What I’m saying is that hunting rifles for women should ideally be lighter, shorter, and less recoil. However, these aren’t always the case with hunting rifles so you would have to substitute one aspect for another. So what rifles would meet these criteria?

2 Tips For Navigating A Society That Is Full Of Propaganda And Manipulation


·      The Snowflake Test


Poll Results: Do You Think Voters Will Dump Trump in 2020?

88% of respondents say Trump will win again/do not support impeachment and feel Dems are using this approach because they can’t win in 2020.


There are many ways to multiply your money, but some will work better for certain people. Find out a few of the main options.


“There is no moral, ethical, or legal reason to have the police locator button on the app,” the sheriffs’ association wrote in 2015. “We are concerned that terrorists, organized crime groups, and gangs will find this a valuable tool to further their illegal activities.”
Google has always responded by saying that drivers slow down and strictly obey the law when they know that law enforcement is nearby.


Home Survival Plan


People need to become more self-reliant, not more dependent on government.

How to Survive the War on the Middle Class

 Download at:!AgMpmQI6plfXh0T3zKGDM-c3PUnr   or here:

Although some survival supplies can be pretty expensive, most of the things people will need after the SHTF are dirt cheap. For example, right now toilet paper only costs about 50 cents a roll. But once the store shelves are bare, most people will trade a lot for a single roll of toilet paper. And that's just the beginning.

 When you think about disaster preparedness, keep in mind that a lot of cheap stuff we take for granted in today's world will be extremely valuable and desirable after SHTF. This is the stuff you want to stock up on now. Not only will you need it for yourself and your family, but you may also need it for bartering.

 Here are just 40 examples of cheap items you'll want to stock up on while they're still available. I'm sure there are plenty more...


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Holly said...

Terrific resources-wish I had known about earlier.

Bob said...

Always worth reading and the way America might go if the socialists get complete control, we'll need this info!