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Monday, January 13, 2020

Americans Plan to Sell Stuff and Accumulate Less

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Mercari Says Americans Plan to Sell Stuff and Accumulate Less

Americans are planning to sell stuff and accumulate less, according to Mercari. Thirty-eight percent of people it surveyed said that simplifying their life and “accumulating less stuff” is one of their New Year’s resolutions for 2020.

That may be good for the mobile-selling app, but for serious online sellers, it could pose challenges if consumers are buying less, as well opportunities – for example, picking up items cheaply to resell elsewhere.

Mercari commissioned YouGov PLC to conduct a survey of approximately 1,000 American adults to learn more about their thoughts on tackling clutter in the New Year.

Some of its findings include the following:

·         Over six in ten Americans (63%) say they “have too much stuff” – about the same percentage who say they have at least one closet, drawer, or room in their home “filled with stuff I no longer want or need” (59%).

·         More than one-third of Americans (37%) say they’ve experienced “extreme anxiety” due to a messy or disorganized home, closet or garage. More than one in five (21%) said they’ve actually lost sleep for this reason.

A key takeaway, according to Mercari: most Americans are stressed out by clutter, but how they choose to address it varies by generation. It cited the following statistics from its survey:

·         More than one-third (38%) of Americans said that simplifying their life and “accumulating less stuff” is one of their New Year’s resolutions for 2020.

·         Three in 10 (30%) Gen Z Americans plan to sell their unwanted gifts, more than triple the percentage of Baby Boomers (9%) who say they plan to do so.

·         Gen Xers are a little more likely to “regift” their holiday gift rejects — 32% plan to give unwanted holiday presents as gifts, vs. 28% of Americans overall.

Gender is also a factor, according to Mercari:

·         Women are slightly more likely than men to regift: 30% said they’d regift unwanted presents, vs. 25% of men.

·         Men are more likely than women to just hold onto unwanted gifts: 26%, vs. 19% of women.

CEO John Lagerling said younger consumers’ attitudes about clutter and sustainability is driving the “surging popularity of resale in the US.”

“Their mindset as consumers contrasts with their parents’ views, and their relationship with their possessions is changing,” he said.


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The “what if” game is certainly more fun to play if you think you could survive a shock to the global system. What would happen during an asteroid strike or a zombie apocalypse? While those scenarios are highly unlikely, something that isn’t unlike is a second Great Depression.

 Life has changed so much over the past century that imagining what a 21st century Great Depression might look like is challenging. Here are some reasonable predictions.

 Massive Unemployment - We spend a lot of time imagining disaster scenarios, but one of the first things to happen in an economic crisis–like the one in 2008–is mass-layoffs, resulting in mass-unemployment...

Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan says inflation "is inevitably going to rise" as the deficit balloons over $1 trillion. This according to an article on

 What can you do if you expect inflation (and I do)? The first thing is to have some assets that will appreciate in an inflationary environment. Metals and real estate are the traditional inflation hedges. There are many ways to own both. Everything from coins and investment properties to mutual funds and REITs.

 You'd also be wise to review any debts you have. Fixed rate debt (like a fixed rate mortgage) aren't so bad. But any variable rate debt (like credit cards, home equity loans, etc., can become painful if rates rise. That's why this article caught my attention. It's headline: "Personal loans are 'growing like a weed,' a potential warning sign for the U.S. economy" (source: Those are the exact type of loans that will become a problem if/when inflation returns.

 So now is a great time to review your debts and make appropriate change


How do you know what you have and what you need to buy?


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Sam said...

I've tried selling off my excess but eBay, Craigslist & other sites seem to suck during the past year; unsure of what do as I really don't want to give away stuff at garage sale prices.