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Monday, January 20, 2020

False Flag by Democrats Planned Against 2nd Amendment March in VA

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WARNING:  False Flag by Democrats Planned Against 2nd Amendment March in VA

The treasonous Virginia Democrats are planning to pull off a bloody false flag event on Monday, Jan. 20th, in Richmond, Virginia.

According to report, Antifa terrorists are dressing up as "patriots" and plan to start a mass shooting or other violence... "Charlottesville 2.0"

The goal is to ignite mass chaos and possibly a civil war in America, while declaring all gun owners are terrorists.

This is an urgent warning about an imminent event.


Crisis actors recruited to stage violence in Virginia for CNN's cameras

In a series of bombshell media reports, we are now learning that "crisis actors" have been recruited to pose as both terrorists and IED victims in Virginia during tomorrow's gun rights demonstrations.

Seven bus loads of Antifa terrorists are being dressed up as NRA supporters to attack other groups so that CNN can broadcast a narrative of "right-wind violence" during the event.

Their goal is to pull off a "Charlottesville 2.0" event that might change the course of history by demonizing Second Amendment supporters.

You are watching pure treason unfolding in America today, and the media, the FBI and the Democrats of Virginia are all complicit.


If you are anything like me, you’re scratching your head wondering how the liberals got where they are in the race for the White House.  The answer is the socialists have taken control of the Democratic Party, but they aren’t going to stop there.
As the video below shows, the socialists want to control your paycheck, how you eat, what you drive, and most importantly the results of the next election. Rather than leave it up to voters, socialists are smart enough to realize their failed ideology doesn’t stand a chance at the ballot box – that’s where impeachment comes in



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Democrats Hatred for Trump Just Put American’s Lives In Danger

Dysfunctional donkey dung Dems are a destructive element working against American interests.


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Mike said...

Given what we know about George Soros, Bloomberg & other anti-gun Dems, this would not surprise me...they often pay for 'agitators' to disrupt any pro-freedom style or pro-Trump gatherings.

Martha said...

Listening to an area call-radio show it seems most of us don't trust Democrats on this impeachment crap or to uphold our rights. They pose a huge danger to our country.

Cindy said...

Thankfully, Dems were proved wrong [despite the exaggerated whining by the likes of CNN & that idiot governor]...gun owners even CLEANED up after themselves unlike many Dem marches & protests.