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Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Preparing for War, Sharia Police in NYC Clash-WTF?

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How to Prepare for a War

With the recent killing of Iranian General Qassem Soleimani, tensions are at a fever pitch with Iran. Regardless of where you fall on the political spectrum, we can all agree that war is more likely today than it was prior to his death. Do you know what to do to prepare for war?

When Wars Begin, First Strikes Happen Unexpectedly ...

How many readers here remember the surprise attack of Pearl Harbor by the Japanese on December 7, 1941? What if a second Pearl Harbor takes place one day unexpectedly? What if one day the sky is filled with foreign fighter planes screaming overhead as one missile after another rains down across your region, state, or even hometown in a first strike attack?

 Across the sky it would be a scene of "world war" magnitude as down below business districts, government buildings, and military bases are obliterated by one strike after another.
We have too many on the far Left siding with terrorists AND not America-it's disgusting...


In case you missed it, here's a link to watch an important clip from my interview with Mark Levin on Life, Liberty, and Levin


Bloods & Sharia Police Clash In De Blasio’s NYC As Diversity Fails

Who is allowing 'Sharia Police' in America?!

A notorious New York City street gang and the Islamic community in New York City are coming closer to open warfare with each other.

Thanks to an idiotic Obama administration policy that is still bearing rotten fruit, and the mismanagement of 2020 presidential candidate and current NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio, it doesn’t look like the NYPD will be able to contain the situation much longer. And once again, we see that the American left’s platitude that “diversity is our strength” is a complete and total falsehood that is incompatible with basic human nature.

The latest flareup was sparked when a young African American teen spoke to woman in a head-to-toe burqa outside the Masjid Taqwa mosque in New York City. We don’t know what he actually said to the woman. Perhaps it was a Romeo-and-Juliet situation, or he simply asked her what time it was.

What we do know is that Muslims in the mosque claimed that the boy had “disrespected” the woman, which prompted them to call the local Sharia police to rough the boy up.

For those who don’t know, the “Muslim Community Patrol” (MCP) in New York City was a program formed by the United Nations and former Attorney General Loretta Lynch. Better known as the “Sharia police” by folks on the right, the MCP has its own patrol cars which look almost exactly like NYPD cruisers.

The MCP “officers” wear little uniforms that look similar to NYPD officers’ uniforms, although they are supposed to be unarmed.

Their job is to patrol heavily Islamic neighborhoods and watch for any infidels violating Sharia law, so they can jump out of the patrol car to lecture and intimidate them into compliance. The Obama administration thought this would be a good idea to implement in America, and the “diversity is our strength” city of New York agreed.

The result has been MCP “officers” who look similar to police roaming the streets, harassing gay New Yorkers, lecturing revelers for drinking alcohol in local bars, and calling American women whores for not covering themselves up from head to toe.

Mike Bloomberg: Employers Should Hire ‘The Best’ Foreigners Instead Of Americans


With the start of a new decade, we are now entering a new era in world history. Of course, ever since the invention of the computer, the world has been changing at a blistering pace. For better or for worse, this trend of rapid, unprecedented change is one that is almost certain to continue as we enter the 2020s.

 In a world that is changing so quickly, it can be difficult to predict what might be in store for the coming decade. However, there are some events that the new decade is very likely to hold in store.

 In this video, Canadian Prepper talks about the kind of changes we can expect over the next ten years. These include things such as...


Yours for a Free Nation,

Bruce ‘The Poor Man’


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Mario said...

Sounds like that idiot Obama is the source behind allowing Sharia police in NY-they shouldn't be anywhere in this country; the DOJ should remove them.

Bob said...

I'm astonished that America has Sharia Police but shouldn't be surprised they have a nest in NYC; home of anti-American politicians.

Amy said...

The more I see & hear about Bloomberg [especially his unfounded lies/attack ads on Trump & how wonderful he thinks he is] the more I can't stand him...I like Judge Judy but her endorsement of him seems typical of New Yorkers.