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Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Water-How to get it during an emergency PLUS more survival skills

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Water-How to get it during an emergency PLUS more survival skills

On this site, we have a lot of articles about skills. Basic skills, rare skills, survival skills, bushcraft skills, first aid skills, street fighting get the idea. But since most of you live in cities and will probably be in one during the next major disaster, the type of skills you might want to focus on is urban survival skills.

 I could have included dozens of skills in this list, but I narrowed it down to 11. Keep in mind that this list is by no means comprehensive, and they aren't listed in any particular order. Now on to the list.

 1. Water Collection and Purification - Of course, the ability to collect and purify water is an invaluable wilderness survival skill. But finding and purifying water in the city comes with a completely different set of challenges...


How do I get the water out of the hot water heater when water becomes scarce?

- Jon C

Answer: Water heaters can be a great source of water during an emergency. The first thing you would want to do is turn off power to the heater.

Typically, water heaters are either electric or gas, but either way, you want to make sure they are turned off. There should be a switch to turn off the power or you can turn off the circuit breaker.

Next, if you are worried about a tainted water supply, you want to turn off the valve that lets new water into the tank. This valve should be at the top of the tank near the pipe that brings in new water.

Finally, at the bottom of the tank you should see a drain and valve. Some of these drains have garden hose connections so you can hook a hose up and drain the water into another container.

Even though water from a water heater should be safe to drink, I would still recommend using a water filter such as the SurvFilter to filter the water before drinking.


Every drop of water you’ve ever drunk, swam in, bathed in, or watered your plants with was once a drop of rain falling from a cloud. Of course, those drops of water were probably purified at your local water treatment plant.

 But what if the treatment plant shuts down due to a major disaster? Is it safe to harvest rainwater and drink it? The answer is yes, but you have to do it right.

 Instead of placing a thousand cups out in a rainstorm, you should build your very own rainwater harvesting system. This system collects rain and stores it safely for you to drink at your convenience. For sustainability and economic purposes, harvesting rainwater is an ability any long-term prepper should have...



Growing greens indoors is quickly becoming one of the best ways for consumers to keep fresh produce on hand, so new solutions like the 'aspara' smart indoor garden are being developed with this in mind. The hydroponic garden system works with seed kits that can be quickly set up in the unit before being supported by specialized LEDs and an automatic watering system. Advanced sensors within the unit also work to keep track of the nutrients in the water, while also ensuring they are getting the right amount of light required for optimal growth.

The 'aspara' smart indoor garden also works with an accompanying smartphone app to capture pertinent data from the machine for you to look over as well as making it easier to access supplies, when required.

The 'Planty Cube' is a smart vertical farming solution that has been developed by the South Korea-based agriculture and IoT startup n.thing as a potential solution for cities to help them grow produce in small spaces. Shown off at CES 2020, the vertical farming solution keeps the functionality of a 40-foot smart farm concealed in a shipping container-like enclosure. The interior has shelves and rows filled with capsules called Pickcells that can be used for growing high-quality vegetation in an automated hydroponic manner thanks to a computer-operated system.

The 'Planty Cube' won an Innovation Award at CES 2020 and is capable of being remotely controlled to further enhance the hands-off functionality of the farming system.


These days, 53% of people buy ammo online and this is a good option if you are looking for inexpensive bulk ammo.

One of the places I’ve purchased ammo at decent prices is Cheaper Than Dirt and also the website Bulk Ammo.

No matter where you buy your ammo, I would stay away from the cheap brands such as Wolf or TulAmmo.


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Wendy said...

Thanks to reading your stuff for so many years, we do stockpile water in a variety of sizes & always keep 500 gallons in supply!

Mike said...

Another great read-I'll keep this in my USEFUL RESOURCES file...