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Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Chaos: "This is What Democracy Looks Like"

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Chaos: "This is What Democracy Looks Like"

“Democracy and liberty are not the same  Democracy is little more than mob rule, while liberty refers to the sovereignty of the individual.”
- Walter E. Williams

We are facing the specter of a strange new phase in our nation’s history,” Mark Mitchell writes in the book, Localism in the Mass Age.

“Through massive spending we are embarking on an age of concentration, an age where economic and political power are not only allied, but centralized, an age where the two will become increasingly intertwined and difficult to distinguish.

“The long courtship is over. The ill–starred marriage has been consummated. The Wall Street bailout and stimulus package are the grotesque progeny of this unholy union.”

Mind you, this was written years ago about the aftermath of ‘08… but could easily have been penned last weekend.

Mark, if you don’t know him, is a member of the Front Porch Republic.

He and his rocking chair anti–comrades advocate for a turning away from the so–called “enlightened” doctrine of democracy in favor of what he calls “humane localism.”


“Though the folks of Front Porch Republic come from different backgrounds, live in different places, and have divergent interests… we’re convinced that scale, place, self–government, sustainability, limits, and variety are key terms with which any fruitful debate about our corporate future must contend.”

Today, with this in mind, we take a peek out of our windows…

Not at the immediate chaos, destruction, and incessant gaslighting happening in our cities…

But, instead, at the centuries of political circus acts which have constantly fomented and fueled such flames.

(So, of course, directly at the chaos, destruction, and incessant gaslighting… right into the abyss.)

And, to boot, we’ll also show you why it should be clearer than ever that…

(Hold on to your hat…)

Democracy is a failed experiment.


The False Dichotomy

In the biggest boxing ring on earth, we have a blue corner and a red.

At the risk of under–simplification:

The Democrats are suspicious of big business, but trust wholeheartedly in big government to rein in abuses (with some obvious, but counterintuitive, exceptions). The donkey’s apparent goal is to bring about, at all costs, the liberal cosmopolitan utopia.

The Republicans don’t trust Big Gub, but largely trust economic centralization to solve social and economic instability. The elephant is rigidly suspicious of any utopian claims –– often to the point of believing the only social progress possible is, at all costs, the (token or actual) maintenance of law and order.

Both sides, however –– without getting too deep into the complex math involved in this equation –– are half right, half dumb, and half blind.

“Here,” says Mitchell, “is a principle that we would do well to grasp: concentrations of power in any form are a threat to liberty.”

Unfortunately, says Mitchell, “It may be too late for this generation to see this vital truth or, if seeing, to do anything about it. But nothing is inevitable, and there are hopeful signs that people are beginning to think seriously about the importance of localism, human scale, limits, and stewardship, the very things woefully lacking in the current spending orgy.”

The Third Way

Growing up, we’re told a series of BIG lies.

We’re told the most important and powerful ways in which we can change our own world for the better... express our individual uniqueness... fight corrupted power structures… and correct injustice…

1] Is by demanding tiny, dissociated centers of power “do something” for us...

2] Is through the blinding “power of choice” in the ritualistic voting booth...

3] And is by indiscriminately patting our own tribes on the back.

And what keeps you from getting what you want, need, and care for? What holds you back from doing what you need to do?

The people “over there” (oftentimes thousands of miles away) who...

1] Don’t demand the right things from those same power centers…

2] Don’t check the proper boxes…

3] And, of course, who pat the wrong backs.

Obviously, this is a recipe for disaster.

(Not only because it leaves us wide open to manipulation and taps right into our Reptilian tribal instincts.)

If you’re thinking there must be a better way, you’re right.


“There is a third way, and although mainstream Republicans and Democrats generally fail to see beyond their false dichotomies and on–going animosities, it is just this alternative that animates the FPR project. What we might call ‘human localism’ appreciates the variety of local communities and resists the homogenizing impulse that is so strong in modern liberal democracies.”

Call it whatever you will… we’re talking about a return to original principles.

Principles which recognize, says Mitchell, “that the language of the global village represents an abstraction that will never satisfy human longings... characterized by a love for one’s particular place, yet at the same time it is not animated by fear of the other, for by an act of imagination it sees through the inevitable differences and recognizes the common humanity we all share.”

It recognizes each individual as a living soul with needs and longings that bind us together, “even as the particulars of our own places reminds us of our distinctness.”

It is a movement rooted in respect, not homogeneity.

Furthermore, it’s the recognition that liberty can be sustained only alongside respect for limits, “and,” says Mitchell, “in the realization that human flourishing is best realized in the company of friends and neighbors sharing a common place in the world.”

The Disaster of Democracy

In order to truly understand the importance of this ‘third way,” however…

We must understand the Matrix which blinds us of its simplicity.

Today, we are joined once again by our friends at Classical Wisdom.

In the featured piece below, contributing writer Van Bryan peels back the centuries to reveal the ancient warnings of this strange experiment called democracy…

How we’re being tricked to give up our sovereignty…

And, even more, why we keep making the same mistake.

Read on.

[Ed. note: Sometimes, to secure a better future, you have to peel back the past. You have to understand what has been forgotten, as there’s often, as it has been said, nothing new under the sun. If you (like me) get excited by the prospect of using ancient wisdom to deal with today’s crises -- and of rediscovering the roots of our modern minds in ancient ideas -- then you’re in good company. Our friends at Classical Wisdom have recently released the ancient antidote to today’s crises. It’s called, The Essential Classics. Take some time to tune out the mainstream media’s madness. We’ve secured a special deal just for LFT readers -- all of the details are right here at this page.]


Other Bits n Pieces

The world is going to emerge much stronger as a result of this crisis.

Innovation is not thwarted by challenges, but promoted by them.

And anyone who thinks the government is going to take care of everything has already had their rude awakening…mantra of many of these anti-American Dems seems to be: "Please Loot Responsibly.'

Whether you're a homesteader or lifelong prepper, or someone learning about preparedness for the first time because of the Covid-19 pandemic, there is no better time to set yourself up for success in case things get even worse.

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Here's his list...

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President Trump wants justice for all, with no exceptions. The actions he announced last night will bring order to our streets and get us closer to making sure that happens.
Vox chooses to lie about the President instead of shining a light on violence.



If you're like me, you're wondering if you've done everything you can do to protect your home and your family from violent mobs.

And you're not alone.

Here's one tip you can use right now: There are all kinds of "news map apps" you can install on your phone that will give you a heads-up for things going on in your area.


You should also be 
monitoring hashtags on Twitter, even if you don't use Twitter yourself.

Make a throwaway account and track some of the hashtags used to 
coordinate rioting and looting -- you'll be able to tell which those are because they'll be listed as "trending" on the Twitter search page.

Your local news pages on Facebook are also a good place to look for local updates on where rioting and looting are happening.

there's a LOT more you can be doing, and it goes way beyond just monitoring the news for a heads-up to the violence.

This video will explain some very important mistakes to avoid while protecting your home and family from violence and social chaos.


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Sam said...

A voice of reason in a sea of stupidity...This nightmare of 'civil protest' has been a wakeup call to the failed policies of socialist-dems...I will never vote for any libtard again...same BS promises to help America & Blacks NEVER delivered; just lies which many will always swallow [why it's called commie Kool-Aid]

Barry said...

Right on cue to socialist-dem scabs have come out blaming Trump; fail to accept responsibility for their failed policies in these cities they've run into the ground.

Sandy said...

You've been busy; sounds like your arms are healing...