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Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Why I Won’t Vote for a Democrat-Socialist


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Why I Won’t Vote for a Democrat-Socialist

Dems=The ruination of our nation…if you believe in American self reliance; don’t vote Democrat

·        Their policies have gutted many once proud cities [Chicago, LA, Chicago, Baltimore, etc.]

·        They’re trying to erode/gut the Bill of Rights & Constitution, especially the 2nd & 4th Amendment.

·        They’re the party of excessive regulation & Big government, promoting a Nanny State.

·        Many now favor a ‘No Police’ policy, favoring lawless looting & pillaging

·        I won’t stand for their ‘No Borders’ or Medicare for all doctrine

·        They promote immorality, endless welfare programs [vs. self reliance]

·        They promote hate, division, intolerance, and victimhood

·        They’ve made a mockery of our legal system whether confirmation hearings or the Russia collusion or impeachment nonsense.

·        Many Dems in government [at all levels] have been funded by anti-American groups [George Soros, Justice Democrats, Lincoln Center, etc.]

·        Refusal to condemn antifa or looting, rioting

·        Against Opportunity Zones & Charter schools [mainstream Blacks WANT these].


Despite decades of failed policies which destroyed cities, businesses, our rights and lives, you’re suggesting we reelect Socialist-Dems?  Proving that you can’t fix stupid.


Dems will do anything to oppose President Trump...even if it means lying to Americans and cratering our economy.

We need to fight back against this Marxist insurrection!



Freedom-loving Americans should be fuming right now.

We have long understood that America’s largest media outlets have been promoting a political agenda under the guise of objectivity. This isn’t new. Every newspaper in the country is happy to repeat whatever the DNC talking point of the day is.

But none of us thought the corruption ran this deep.


Liberal politics has corrupted everything.

KGB: How to Brainwash a Nation – And How it Worked


Poll: American Pride in Steady Decline Since Democrats Took Back the House in 2018



 Americans need to boycott intolerant anti-free-SPEECH firms Papa John’s, T-Mobile, Disney who pulled ads from Tucker-these socialist slugs show their anti-American BS


Biden Family Scandal Exposed — $6 Million Dollar Bribe Intercepted



Other Bits n Pieces

If and when the government declares martial law after a disaster, it will be under the pretense of safety and security for the general public. And I'm sure that for many authorities, that will be their sole intention.

 However, if the disaster is something that causes severe food and water shortages, the government could start confiscating supplies from "hoarders." They will demonize people who have stockpiled lots of food and call them "selfish" or "unpatriotic." They could even go door to door looking for hidden food stockpiles.

 So you have to ask yourself: If the authorities searched my home, how quickly would they find my emergency supplies? Would they find them right away, or would it take a while? Would they find everything, or would they overlook a few things...?

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Sally said...

Dr. Carol Swain, a highly educated Black woman & former Dem railed against the socialist-dem party on a recent airing Mark Levin-he & his guests are fantastic.

Beth said...

I agree with all your points-for the life of me why would anyone support Biden or the Dems? They're morally bankrupt & useless.

Mike said...

Everyone in my family fought against communism-I'll be doing the same!