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Monday, June 15, 2020

Ultimately, You're responsible for your own safety

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You are responsible for your safety

I've had the honor to work as a volunteer Deputy Sheriff and to work with beat cops... SWAT trainers... special agents... and first responders of all kinds... so I say this with all due respect.

When it hits the fan you must assume... the cops won't be able to protect you.

I'm not saying anything that law enforcement hasn't already made perfectly clear. When mobs of people take to the streets, they can't possibly stop the crime wave that inevitably follows.

Take American entrepreneur Luis Tamay for example. He's a restaurant owner in Minneapolis who lost everything after, he said, trusting law enforcement to protect his business.

According to Fox News, during the recent rioting in Minneapolis, Tamay guarded his restaurant for the first few nights. But on Friday he remained at home following the city's curfew.

He assumed his business would be safe considering that city cops and the National Guard were out safeguarding the streets.

Later Luis watched on Facebook as rioters burned down the small market he had built over the last 17 years. He tried desperately to get law enforcement on the scene through 911 calls, but they did not respond to his pleas.

"It's done", he said. "In one night, it’s over".

Small business is the lifeblood of this country, and my heart goes out to Luis. Fact is, maybe he's still alive today because he stayed home that night.

But my bigger point to you is this.

First responders aren't standing on every street corner waiting to dive in and help you out of a jam.

Which means YOU are responsible for the protection of yourself and your family. We live in volatile times. Pandemic, civil unrest, and an economy that's hovering on collapse. 

If there was ever a time you needed some simple, easy-to-learn and devastatingly effective skills... it's now.

And I've just made that easy for you.

 Following the tragic death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, the Left - led by domestic terrorism organization Antifa - engaged in riots in dozens of American cities (including some in Florida).

These riots were destructive and lethal. They resulted in burning hundreds of buildings, homes and businesses- largely in black neighborhoods. Over 150 people died, including two dozen police officers. Over 100 more officers were hospitalized with wounds.

The attacks were brutal and barbaric.

Police are looking for four men who assaulted NYPD cops in two separate Manhattan incidents amid the George Floyd protests this week - including one suspect who threw a brick at a lieutenant and another who tossed a fire extinguisher at a cop.

The NYPD said the lieutenant and another officer were trying to arrest protesters Sunday around 10:30 p.m. outside the Strand Bookstore, two blocks from Union Square, when two men threw a brick at the lieutenant and hit the second officer with a stick, cellphone video shows.

Lt. Jorge Rodriguez told NBC 4 News on Tuesday that he "felt like I got shot."

Another cop was lit on fire by rioters. Three black cops were killed by rioters, which I guess means that black lives really didn't matter to the rioters.


You cannot rely on the police to protect you.

Because it's still in its infancy, most people don't yet really recognize what's happening in America right now...

In short: a new war is erupting.

Volunteer Policing



FEMA is a somewhat controversial government agency. Some people love FEMA because they bring food and supplies after a disaster. Other people hate them because they don't bring enough food and supplies after a disaster (or not quickly enough).

 Some people say FEMA is inefficient and a waste of tax money. Other people argue that they wouldn't be so inefficient if they were properly funded. But whatever you think of FEMA, the people working there want you to be prepared.

 Why? Because the more prepared you are, the less you'll rely on them for help when disaster strikes (and they can only help so many people)...

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Wendy said...

Dems are desperate-always trying to divide us. Hell, 800,000 applied for tickets to the OK Trump rally!

Mike said...

Dems are a virus