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Tuesday, June 23, 2020

The breakdown of the Rule of Law

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The breakdown of the rule of law in the United States is a fact in this year of 2020.

There is a rule historically that when the national debt approaches some 90 percent of gross domestic product (GDP) the rule of law breaks down. Well, this sort of thinking makes Ph.D.s think that they are accomplished researchers.

Actually the timing of rule of law breakdown is arbitrary according to how well the propaganda ministry can cover it up. I measure it according to my observation of what I term "the paper money syndrome." After all, paper money is the rot and decay of the modern world. Unbelievably some people are catching on to this. Bernie Sanders caught on to it, and — although he is a communist and no one who cherishes personal liberty would want him running the United States — all his promises to reform the Federal Reserve were rewarded with him getting drubbed out of the presidential race in favor of a man whom, it appears, is not in full control of his faculties. Better that than anyone looking into the Fed's dealings.

Why then is the breakdown of law and order in the U.S. not an open book? Simple, and the answer is that the U.S. has the most sophisticated propaganda machine in history. I have said that our propaganda system makes Herr Goebbels look like a piker. Governments, and especially the U.S. and British governments, rule by propaganda. They actually create our thinking. We do not think our own thoughts.

If people were generally aware that the breakdown of law and order is already a fact, it would guarantee immediate revolution and chaos. It would reveal many things:

1) That government is organized crime. Organized crime must not appear to have "arms and legs" and above all organized crime must never appear to be organized.

2) That the debauchery and the depreciation of the currency is the means of the greatest transfer of wealth in history from the middle-class producers and savers of wealth to the money creators.

3) That the government is changing the U.S. demographics with "illegal immigrants." They make it appear out of control when it is in fact a government agenda. There are many angles here. But simply, an impoverished food stamp class can outvote the American middle class, making it all appear spontaneous.

4) That the political class i.e. "elected representatives" represent no one and consider themselves "leaders" and "authorities" instead of mere servants of the will of the people. They are paid to rubber stamp the Deep State and the elites. Yes, the Federal government pays them, not the individual States. Nothing is left undone to make the political process look and appear to be democratic.

5) "Healthcare" in America has finally been transferred to the pharmaceuticals and insurance companies. This is a new and huge wedge driven between the food stamp class and the small business and middle class. This is hidden and subtle class warfare made to appear as a democratic process.

6) And there is Wall Street. The CARES act piled $20,000 in debt onto the head of each American, gave it to Wall Street and the corporations it props up, and returned a check for $1,200 to half of all working Americans. This is always the script: To bail out Wall Street, the big banks and at the same time dilute main street's money in history's greatest ever transfer accomplished by simple currency depreciation.

All of the above and much, much more are symptoms of the breakdown of law and order, and fiat money is the quicksand foundation.

The breakdown of law and order goes hand-in-hand with the fiat paper money syndrome. Depreciation of the currency undermines law and order. But it is all invisible until toward the end and final collapse.

So what is the difference between the breakdown of law and order in the U.S. and Nazi Germany?

Germany had the overt symbols of tyranny and the transfer of the democratic process to the police state. There was the jackboot authority shrouded with the occult swastika. It was despotism in full regalia. Institutional life took on militarism and the harsh discipline of a police state.

When mandatory "COVID" vaccinations begin, and you need a "COVID Card" to move freely, only the perceptive will see the police state trampling on the rule of law. The inured will be happy the government folks came to help and protect them.

America still has all the symbols of liberty and all the trappings of human freedom. It is what I term benevolent totalitarianism. It is totalitarianism made palatable with a democratic aura. Benevolent totalitarianism does not kill with the firing squad. Instead, it kills with things like the "healthcare" System, vaccines, fluoride in the water, cancer-causing cancer tests and treatments, and every other kind of medical test and procedure you don't need.

Benevolent totalitarianism evolves into the breakdown of law and order through a synthetic and secretly directed make-believe democratic process. I leave to you the breakdown of the legal system in Harvey Silverglate's book, Three Felonies a Day: How the Feds Target the Innocent.

It is a very sophisticated camouflage for the breakdown of law and order. The breakdown of law and order is political cancer that must be concealed in order to extend the system until the rape is over. Concealing the breakdown of the rule of law in the U.S. is of the very highest priority. It is the hidden national agenda.

Yours for the truth,

Bob Livingston
Editor, The Bob Livingston Letter


INTOLERANCE has become the business model for leftist media/pundits; they discourage freedom of expression and debate.

The collapse is here. America is now a failed state, where there is no rule of law, no due process, no free speech, no functioning markets, no political leadership, no equal protection under the law... and what comes next will be infrastructure failures and food supply disruptions.

It's time we all honestly embraced the reality of where we are in the great arc of history. Otherwise, we won't be able to defeat the evil forces that are trying to destroy this nation.


Decision Day For Civil War Between Far Left and Establishment




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Like: "How does the financial system get so bad that a virus can collapse the entire U.S. economy?"

Or: "Will one-time stimulus actually fix the economy – or just make Americans even more dependent on the government?"

Or even: "What is the Dollar actually worth if we can print an unlimited number of them?"

But none of this seems to matter...

Everyone wants a quick fix. An easy handout. And politicians are happy to oblige.

Unfortunately, this will cause even greater damage to the Americans they are supposed to help.

So please, as a citizen of this country, pay attention to what your government is doing right now.

The people running our country today are living in a fantasy world.

And if you're not careful, YOU could be the one who pays the price.

Yours for a Socialist-Free America!

Bruce ‘the Poor Man’



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