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Monday, November 23, 2020

Beating Facial Recognition, The Folly of Collectivism


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Beating Facial Recognition, The Folly of Collectivism

Collectivism is so well accepted that well-known "conservatives" and "family values" leaders now accept the idea that rights and liberties are handed down from the government and not from God.

If this election has taught us anything, it's that the constant fight between the branches of collectivist politicians is over which group of them is going to increase the power of the state, not who is going to limit state power and how.

In this fact alone, we find the explanation for why freedom has disappeared in the world. Virtually everyone is a collectivist now.

Collectivism is but the political outcome of moral degeneracy. Case in point: No modern politician is elected without the support of the homosexual lobby. It has a new name — the LGBTQ lobby — because nothing can be called what it actually is for fear someone will be horrified at the truth.

"Flower power," "feminist power," "power to the people," or "pink power"... under these various banners collectivism recruits the masses into globalism. Even those "conservative national leaders" who campaign on a "family values" platform inevitably fold to the pressure of the so-called LGBTQ lobby once they arrive in Washington, the District of Corruption…

The politicians have taught Americans to tolerate everything except that which is Godly. The Christian must just "grin and bear it," while the liberal/progressive has their cake and eats it, too.

For all politicians, tolerance is merely a branch of atheism. Dostoevsky warned that without God, all bad things are possible.

The political vision of the "family" is no more virtuous or accurate than their vision of the "community." As the entire world is a global "community" comprised of innumerable multicultural "communities," so is the "family."

It does not matter what kind of "values" the politicians espouse, whether "conservative" or "liberal," when their intent is to subordinate all values and ideas and people and things to the power of central government.

How do we reverse this and recapture not only our morality but our right to live with liberty under God?

  • We must be intolerant when the change agents operating on behalf of those in power try to change our perceptions with words and phrases intended to deceive. Have you noticed how all forms of homosexuality, pedophilia and other sinful and abusive behavior are labeled "lifestyle choices"? Do you see how "the greater good" means surrendering your liberty to group control by the state?
  • Fight the growing attempts to medically control your body with fake processed foods, vaccines, drugs and unnecessary tests, procedures and surgeries recommended by unwitting establishment doctors controlled by the pharmaceutical corporatists in their ivory towers.
  • We must not allow our families to be destroyed through "same-sex marriage," murdering of the soon-to-be-born by abortionists and murder of the elderly through euthanasia.
  • You must not allow yourself to be dumbed down by "public education" designed to control the public mind, confuse and make people forget history, and what their rights are — and that they come from God, not the state.
  • We must fight the prosecution of Christians who choose not to participate in the immoral activities being forced into their lives. Do not let them mold your Christian beliefs into their "one world" multiculturalism. That means Merry Christmas and not "happy holidays."
  • It's imperative to protect yourself and your loved ones from plunder — that's physical harm and wealth seizure through taxation and other forms of financial manipulation by the powers that be.

Yours for the truth,

Bob Livingston, Bruce the PoorMan
Editor, The Bob Livingston Letter

I suffer under no delusion that this election is over. In fact, this might drag out to Christmas... or beyond.

And truth is...

No matter who wins, they may have to deal with a developing situation that could cause markets to shut down, and maybe, in the short term, much more civil unrest.

An epic battle is being fought right now at the highest levels of the U.S. government. It's being described as The Great Reset vs. the Great Awakening.

The Great Reset is the plan to enslave humanity, exterminate billions with deadly coronavirus vaccines and collapse fiat currencies to confiscate all the live savings of everyone. The Great Awakening, on the other hand, is the pro-Trump, pro-America, pro-liberty movement that is rapidly rising and countering the deep state and the treasonous Democrats who are trying to bring this nation to its knees.

Today we have new intelligence to share in a detailed article, with accompanying videos. This includes new information from Sidney Powell about Trump's pending victory in the election, too.

See the full details here.

The 4-Dollar Trick That Defeats Facial Recognition

There are 30 million surveillance cameras in the United States, according to one report.


Disturbing as that is, it's NOTHING compared to the per-capita number of cameras in the UK.


But citizens in the UK, tired of Big Brother spying on them all the time, have decided to do something about it.


They're painting their faces.


That's right: They're creating patterns of lines and geometric blocks on their faces, which interferes with the ability of facial recog to clock them and compare them to a database.


The group in the UK calls itself the "Dazzle Club," a reference to "Computer Vision Dazzle".


“You’re trying to obscure the natural highlights and shadows on your face,” a member of the Dazzle Club told the outlet Vice in the UK. “Cameras will reduce you down to pixels. They’ll pick up the bridge of your nose, your forehead, your cheekbones, your mouth and chin. So you have to flatten your face and obscure it.”

In other words, all it takes to throw a wrench into the bazillion-dollar tech industry's surveillance state... a four-dollar camouflage makeup kit.


(We even recommended, years back now, that you put one of these in your bug-out bags and survival kits so you could use it for disguise - so you might already have one!)


Now, if you weren't worried about facial recognition before, that's okay.


I wasn't worried about it either, until I started investigating these infringements on our freedoms and our privacy.


But this type of technology is not the ONLY way that "Big Tech" and "Big Brother" spy on you, steal your data, and use it against you.


I know, because...


I did my own research.


I talked to digital experts (skip-tracers, hacking experts, federal whistleblowers, Constitutional attorneys, etc.).


And I was SHOCKED at what I discovered!


But then I took action...


Based on certain cyber-security experts' advice, I deleted certain apps on my phone... I learned how to put a "force-field" around my phone and computer... how to be "invisible" when I buy gear and supplies online... and I even learned how to actually USE information they collect against them to take back control of what they see!


And trust me, even though I have a website and "online stuff", I am NOT a "tech-savvy" dude by any stretch of the imagination! 


In other words, if I can do it, you can do it.


Some simple, additional steps YOU can take are outlined in the book Avoiding The Eye.


It's a step-by-step guide to protecting yourself from the "all-seeing eye" of Big Brother.


In other words, it explains, in language anybody can understand, just how you can STOP Big Tech and Big Brother from poking around in your business.


Look... none of us wants to be under surveillance, right?


But it's up to US - you and me - to protect our movements, our freedom, and our data, especially with our government, these giant tech companies, and even hackers and online criminals looking to snoop into our lives.


Don't take this lightly.

The threat to your information and your identity is only going to get worse, and you and I need to change the way we do things to stay off Big Tech's radar.

It's not hard, but you do need to start now - so check out how to protect yourself now.


We all need to be extra careful these days, you know?


Prepare. Train. Survive.

We don’t need another election-We need another revolution!



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Dennis said...

We certainly live in scary times-appreciate your keeping us informed.

Jason said...

Your posts have proven to be a beacon in a nation increasingly dark...

Ryan said...

Can't beleive the SOBs pulled off a takeoever-masses of morons asleep at the wheel-over indoctictinated by socialist schools & media...disgusting!