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Tuesday, November 3, 2020

The Coming Collapse of the Republic


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The Coming Collapse of the Republic

What Brought Us Here Where Were Headed and Why You Must Prepare While You Still Can

We’re just one election away from full-blown socialism, a man recently said to me during a short conversation. This sentiment has become increasingly common lately. Even among the previously apolitical. Yet something is overlooked:

In keeping with President Reagans observation, Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction, being one election away from tyranny means that not enough people noticed and took action when we were one generation away or two or three.

Also perhaps overlooked is that being one election away from tyranny now means well be one election away after the next election whatever happens November 3.

The point is that, with politics being downstream from culture (and, really, from morality, faith and philosophy), whats occurring in the country isnt merely a moment. Its not a fashion. It wont just pass.

We thus need to be prepared for things to come.

Stacking the Deck for Political Victory

Ive often cited late Soviet defector Yuri Bezmenov in my writings over the years. In 1980s interviews, he warned of demoralization an undermining of a nations morality that makes it ripe for leftist revolution in America. [Editors note: If youre unfamiliar with Bezmenov, he revealed the precise step-by-step process communists were using to subvert nations. Selwyn has an instructive article on how this method is being applied today that you can find here.]

As a young man in my late teens or early twenties, I was unaware of Bezmenov (no Internet back then). But having become more intensely politically aware, I quickly realized, and began telling people, that the West and the U.S. were in decline and gravitating toward tyranny. Oh, I did realize the republics demise was decades away. Now I suspect its years away.

General Michael Flynn, whom, its clear, was targeted by the Creep State for being a good man, warned in a June 29 op-ed that if we dont act, two percent of the people are about to control the other 98 percent. But Im here to tell you: Long term, voting won't save us.

Even a Trump victory in November, and a partial GOP control of Congress, would only amount to a stay of execution. Because the civil unrest we are seeing today is not a brush fire its a wildfire. And for a host of reasons, this inferno cannot be extinguished.

A Revolution,Decades in the Making

Look, for instance, at todays cancel culture, which is the metastasized form of 1980s political correctness. People are now afraid to speak their minds, rightly fearing career and reputational destruction. Social media censorship, meanwhile, intensifies by the month. An iron muzzle has descended upon America yet what cant be spoken against can’t be effectively combated.

Anti-Trumpers Plot Coup to Shutdown DC in Leaked Zoom


In 2012, I warned that there no longer is a culture war. Rather, what was occurring was a pacification effort. Its progress is why corporate America, including the now-absorbed Chick-fil-A and NASCAR, has shifted decidedly to the left. Its why prominent people, including Republicans such as Indiana senator Mike Braun, are bowing before Black Lives Matter. Its why mobs are enabled and good people hobbled for defending themselves from the mobs. Its why were seeing a complete cultural collapse portending a political collapse.

This is partially due to a new woke generation having entered the corporate sphere and others of influence. But what did you expect? The apocryphal saying informs, The philosophy of the school room in one generation will be the philosophy of government in the next. Did you really think the Left could completely control academia for generations and that, somehow, it all would stay in college?

Leftists have also controlled entertainment, which could even be more significant. A (perhaps loose) paraphrase of ancient Greek philosopher Plato warns, When modes of music change, the fundamental laws of the state change with them.

Now, though, we have television and the Internet, which dwarf musics influence. Then theres the media (conventional and social). This culture-shaping media/academia/entertainment triad has long been leftist-controlled, the result of the long Gramscian march through the institutions, the rotten fruits of all our squandered yesterdays.

Being a culture-shaper also ultimately means, again, being a politics-shaper (and civilization-shaper), and this brings us to conservative rationalization. Even if we could somehow seize control of the media/academia/entertainment axis, sorry, it takes generations to thus reshape society, and the time for that was 60 years ago. That ship has sailed (and sunk).

Then theres our 1965-born immigration policy, which, Ive estimated, gives Democrats 300,000 new voters yearly, three million a decade. And when the Democrats assume full control, theyll legalize the illegal aliens among us and open the floodgates further (goodbye, wall), giving themselves perhaps tens of millions of new voters in short order.

Democrat presidential sock puppet Joe Biden not long ago said we had to fundamentally change America. But that fundamental change has already occurred. Does the 2020 U.S. even remotely resemble its few-generations-back former self?

Where Were Headed & What Can Be Done

So the question isnt whats coming, but this: Will you be ready? When leftists take full political control federally, theyll mercilessly impose their agenda as they always do.

For not only is there the critical-mass factor, but Machiavellian leftists have convinced their useful idiots that conservatives constitute a hateful, racist, fascistic, White Supremacist threat to civilization. They thus have an ideal pretext for iron-fistedly crushing opponents. When Nazis threaten your civilization youre faced with desperate times requiring desperate measures, right, comrade?

So how do we proceed? This isnt a defeatist screed. Im not saying keep a cyanide capsule handy. But knowing tomorrows strategy requires knowing tomorrows battlefield. So what can be done when, after this election or the next, the federal government becomes a complete leftist Leviathan wholly unmoored from constitutional constraints?

Ive long advocated nullification meaning, in this case, the ignoring of unconstitutional federal and judicial dictates something Thomas Jefferson called the rightful remedy for all federal overreach. This should have been embraced long ago, but will become more conservative states only recourse in the not-too-distant future. Note, too, that wed just be doing what leftists do with their sanctuary cities and their defiance of federal drug laws.

In this vein, you cant win a contest being a connedservative who insists on fighting by Queensberry rules while your adversary operates no-holds-barred. Remember that, more and more, were living in post-constitutional and post-rule-of-law America. Were now increasingly subject to the rule of men and, in the coming conflict, its only a matter of which men will win.

America is irremediably divided if a marriage, she wouldve dissolved long ago and the above resistance would, of course, make that division more official. This brings me to what I believe will be our fate.

After having my 80s insights, I concluded that wed just continue descending into autocracy, as burgeoning laws, regulations and mandates gradually extinguished freedom, placing us in the iron grip of a central government Behemoth. But I long ago changed that view: I now believe our country will dissolve, as the USSR did before us.

Assuming this happens, the question is: Will at least one emerging land be a new shining city on a hill?

Thats up to us. And wed better be ready for things to come, now because its later than you think, and inside-the-box thinking wont cut it in an outside-the-box future.

[Editors note: If youve been delaying taking action on recommendations weve made over the years actions that would make you more resilient and self-reliant you must get started NOW. Because the takeaway of Selwyns article should be a sense of urgency. Have you got physical gold? Its up 37% since Jim Rickards told you to buy in the April 2019 issue. (Heres our favorite way to purchase gold.) Do you have a firearm and know how to use it? Many models have gone out of stock and ammo, too, is now becoming difficult to get a hold of. (Heres a useful firearms guide that we shared recently.) Theres far more to do than just this, of course but the point is to get moving.]

Gramscis Long March

We started the Laissez Faire Letter nearly a decade ago to foment honest, independent discussion; to bring you ideas and actions you can take that will provide a lasting positive impact on your livelihood, your wealth, your retirement and your family.

The ideas we write about are intentionally alternative. They are not always welcome. But theres a method to our madness a depth to our perspective as evidenced during an interview we recently conducted with Jim Rickards.

There's a Marxist and cultural revolution going on, Jim told us. More precisely, we are suffering through Antonio Gramscis version of the Marxist Revolution: The Gramscian Revolution.

Whos Gramsci? Whats the difference?

Gramsci was an Italian intellectual, Jim helps us again. He agreed with Marx on class warfare; the bourgeois and the proletariat; the exploitation of everyday workers. But the revolution of position in Gramscis view must include a mass democratic movement, an ideological struggle.

Gramsci argued, during the Great Depression, that the Russian Revolution of 1917 worked because the time was right. Back then, the state was everything, civil society was primordial and gelatinous. Once the Czar was shot, there was no civil society to hold up the state. Gramsci called this frontal attack a revolution of movement.

In the modern democracies of the West, Gramsci preferred what he called a revolution of position. He recognized the state is only an outer ditch behind which lies a robust and sturdy civil society. To prepare civil society for a socialist revolution, theyd have to take a long march through the institutions education, religion, the family, and, ultimately, democracy itself.

What is commonly referred to as the culture wars is largely a collection of battles between Gramscis philosophy and the norms, values and customs of traditional America with the end-goal being full control of the political system.

The real Marxist Revolution in the West never happened, Rickards observes. But with Gramscis long march, the first thing they sought to do is take over the schools. As such, they could brainwash entire generations. That generation would go out in the world carrying this intellectual and ideological virus with them. Next they took aim at government agencies the so-called deep state.

When Gramscis long march through the institutions have had their way with you, you're not just uneducated, you're miseducated, Jim suggests. But you don't even know it because you have not been taught critical thinking. First, they take away the tools you need to know that youre being brainwashed. Then they brainwash you.

So it goes.

And so here we are to discuss these ideas and present active alternatives.

Addison Wiggin Founder, Laissez Faire Letter



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Dennis said...

We must fight back against the disease of socialism-vote GOP today; drive demonic Dems out of office, media and schools.

Mike said...

Vote for America, Vote for Trump!

Mick said...

Dude-Who's Stealing Our Country? Hint: the socialist-globalists have spent record astronomical sums to buy the media, the election & idiot kool-aid guzzling morons who seem to embrace Marxism over their own nation or capitalism. Scum like Bloomberg, Soros, Zuckerberg [notice a common element here] & socialists like Obama poled their riches to gut America.